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EMKA Adjustable and friction cabinet hinges

As leading manufacturers of enclosure hardware we are pleased to offer our specialist program of robust Torque Friction Hinges, which can serve the function of a door stay and beneficially save the cost and installation of a separate stay component, even allowing up to 180 deg. of door opening. In addition, the adjustable torque feature Read more

EMKA hinges for flush enclosure doors

We are delighted to offer our program of visible and non-visible hinges for flush enclosure doors. Flush doors often require hinges which are hidden or have hidden fixings for greater security so as to eliminate or conceal an obvious target area. Flush door design is inherently security conscious as it naturally calls for narrow door-to-frame Read more

EMKA 1056 hinges for Covid barriers and shields

Construction of Covid protective “spit screens” or barriers is made easier with our robust 1056 program hinges. Supermarket checkouts, shop cashpoints and other public service positions can add the flexibility of hinged protection panels by use of these surface mounted hinges in stainless steel, zinc die or polyamide, metal finish or black. Specifically, the 1056 Read more

Friction hinges with adjustable torque from EMKA UK

Our new 1056 friction hinge is a 180° adjustable hinge unit which provides a simple support for lift up covers and doors in place of a separate cover or door stay. 1056 friction hinges thus save time at installation and in operation, at the same time providing safe control of hinged panels while servicing or adjustment Read more

EMKA hinges

For the specialist electrical or electronic panel builder our hinge program addresses the various issues around door operation – covering both prominent doors and flush doors with external and internal designs as well as the external but concealed installations. Stainless steel hinges are of course more popular as rugged hardware and stainless steel cabinets are specified Read more

Specialist vehicle hinges from EMKA UK

Hinges for vehicles of all types is a specialist area addressed within our transport solutions program of standard products, allied to a custom design service. It is perhaps most of interest to manufacturers of specialist vehicles such as caravans, trucks, vans, horse boxes, coaches, railway carriages, boats and ships. The full range encompasses hinges for Read more

EMKA hardware for Machine Building and Production Engineering industries

Our team of EMKA engineers has stayed at the forefront of hardware developments by maintaining a close relationship with our customers – which has led to an appreciation that closure components of control cabinets and enclosures in mechanical engineering must meet the most diverse requirements. Quick assembly and simple installation, convenient operation, and above all Read more

EMKA - Mechanical Engineering enclosure hardware

In our latest website guidance upgrade we are delighted to address the closure issues of control cabinets and enclosures in mechanical engineering, where they must meet the most diverse requirements, primarily of course the criteria of safety, locking and operating convenience as well as durability even under demanding conditions. Specialist panel builders serving this industry Read more

EMKA cabinet and enclosure hardware developments

Much has happened since the Millennium where the feedback over those years from developing products to keep pace with industrial needs has driven the development of ubiquitous items like quarter-turn locks and latches which form a core range with companies such as EMKA (UK). In the 1990’s a typical ¼ turn lock was IP54 rated Read more

Reell friction hinges from EMKA

We are very pleased that our previously disclosed co-operation with Reell Precision Manufacturing Inc. has continued to develop in the UK and that we are now in a position to supply standard catalogue products from the Reell range. Reell is already well known on a global basis for its high quality innovative design capabilities, creating industrial hinges Read more