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New friction hinge with adjustable torque

Friction hinges with adjustable torque from EMKA UK

Our new 1056 friction hinge is a 180° adjustable hinge unit which provides a simple support for lift up covers and doors in place of a separate cover or door stay.

1056 friction hinges thus save time at installation and in operation, at the same time providing safe control of hinged panels while servicing or adjustment is made inside the cabinet, typically on horizontal covers or doors in windy conditions. Applications therefore include horizontal covers, doors or flaps on control pedestals, enclosures or instrument housings – or on outdoor cabinets for power, data or telecom purposes.

The 1056 friction hinges hold any position with constant opening and closing torque which is adjustable with hex key. They are robust zinc die castings with polyamide friction surfaces and are direct replacements for other hinges from the 1056 range with identical cut outs.