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Torque friction and adjustable cabinet hinges

EMKA Adjustable and friction cabinet hinges

As leading manufacturers of enclosure hardware we are pleased to offer our specialist program of robust Torque Friction Hinges, which can serve the function of a door stay and beneficially save the cost and installation of a separate stay component, even allowing up to 180 deg. of door opening. In addition, the adjustable torque feature also allows support at variable door openings, which is convenient where clear access is required in windy locations. These hinges are manufactured in black finished zinc diecast material and offered in sizes of 40X40mm with up to 2Nm torque, 50X50mm up to 4Nm and 60X60mm up to 6.5Nm which allows use on many sizes of enclosure or cabinet doors.

In similar vein specialist panel builders may require to make additional door alignments and where this is the issue then 2D and 3D adjustable hinges can provide the answer, with 180 deg. opening. The EMKA program now has these in zinc die or stainless steel with pin adjusters and plate mounting slots, allowing detailed re-alignment during production or at the installation stage where on-site adjustments are required. For enhanced aesthetic appearance and corrosion protection, there is also a variant with an optional plastic clip-on cover to conceal the mounting screws.