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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – “everything but the enclosure” for HVACR

EMKA Air Control

EMKA not only provides every kind of gasket but also locking systems and hinges, i.e. complete HVACR door systems from a single ex-stock source – a program that stands out for its high quality and modular versatility in compliance with the relevant standards of the industry plus custom solutions for industrial applications.

From the beginning we at EMKA have sought to meet the needs of the HVACR industry – a process which has culminated in availability of this complete program dealing with thick doors, IP65 sealing, personal safety (inner door handles etc.), large handles (for gloved hands), corrosion-resistance, heavy door weights, external viewing requirement, multi-level access (e.g. padlocking), inset handles, compression locking, pressure relief prior to opening, corner frame pieces, lifting lugs and much more.

EMKA HVAC cabinet hardware for insulated productsThe EMKA HVACR program deals with thick insulated doors and panels requiring plastic handles to give a more comfortable grip, and plastic components to eliminate thermal bridging from one side to the other. Large operating elements such as handles allow for thick gloves and specialist safety features, such as the ability to open doors from inside.

The range derived from these requirements features long bodies for ¼ turn as well as traditional T and L compression handles with full 6mm gasket pull down facility. Where complete panel removal is required then a bridge clamp system is offered, along with lifting handles. Heavy duty and adjustable hinges facilitate door fitment – while frame components include corner pieces and heavy duty lifting/transport lugs.

Specialist compression locking hinge

Compression Latch-Hinge Locked
EMKA Compression Latch-Hinge Locked EMKA Compression Latch-Hinge Locked
Latch-Hinge with pressure relief, handle unlocked
EMKA Latch-Hinge with pressure relief, handle unlocked EMKA Latch-Hinge with pressure relief, handle unlocked
Latch-Hinge Open Hinge 180° opening angle
EMKA Latch-Hinge Open EMKA HInge 180° opening angle

The EMKA specialist compression locking hinge for HVACR installations provides manufacturers with a full multi-function hinge/latch/lock for securing of big air conditioning units and similar. It provides door adjustment for correct sealing, 5mm gasket pull down with pressure relief for safe opening and the ability to be used as both door lock and hinge.

This remarkable new locking hinge provides an independent 3D adjustable hinge facility integrated into a compression latch/lock with decompression function. Users can thereby adjust door alignment and open the door, either right hand or left hand hinged – or remove completely. The decompression feature is important for HVACR allowing any over/under-pressure to be vented safely before opening. Locking options include standard round cylinder options.

EMKA 1091 handle for HVACR applications

The EMKA series of specialist handles for thick doors are designed to accommodate thermally insulated or sound proofed panels of unusual thickness. They are also designed with large handles for operation with gloved hands, for example in cold rooms, or HVACR air conditioning installations – and are suitable for package generator sets, sound proofed rooms, as well as other thick panel applications such as specialist trailers and vehicle bodies or for agricultural use in situations where gloves are normally worn. This range of thick door latches and L handles also includes padlockable versions, recessed pull handles and hinges.

EMKA Modular 1091 handle for HVACR applications

Heavy duty program 1046 weld-on or bolt-on hinges with concealed fittings and removable hinge pins accommodate both the weight of large doors and the need to remove them quickly – factors which can also call for adjustable hinges. Frequently the 1054 3D hinge is required to deal with this situation.

To assist design engineers in their task EMKA provides a simple, and efficient service including free samples where possible. Standard product solid modules may be downloaded from www.emka.co.uk for insertion into designs, either in STEP or IGES formats and are searchable either by part number or product group – they are generated in Pro/Engineer for widest possible compatibility and may be downloaded from www.emka.com/uk_en/products/cad-files/.

Sealing doors and panels
EMKA specialist gasket profiles for enclosures, cabinets, vehicles, HVACInstalling panels that do not leak is probably the main challenge of the HVACR industry. EMKA has solutions for both positive and negative differential pressure demands and are gasket experts providing custom fit solutions to a wide variety of applications. We provide Silicon, EPDM, and PVC gaskets, in a wide variety of profiles and are able to produce 90° corners with mitre cuts for complete no-gap seals. Pre-assembled gasket frames with sealed mitred corners and sealed joined ends are available to maximise sealing for pressurised systems.

Accessory components
EMKA Frames and Rings - Gasketing for HVACR applicationsEMKA Frames and Rings - Gasketing for HVACR applicationsThe HVACR standard component range includes a viewing window with clear polycarbonate glass and annular spacer in black polyamide, using a black galvanised steel fixing ring and foamed seal. The viewing window is adjustable to fit from 35 to 55 mm door thickness by rotating the spacer ring, while excellent sealing is ensured by foamed in place gaskets – so there are no loose O-rings or Silicone sealants required.

Other accessories complete the program – such as Crane brackets or transport lugs in steel or stainless steel for safe transport of completed units. They are easy to assemble and to disassemble and may be designed to customer specification. Recessed pull handles to fit thick door panels, specialist door stops and many more fitting accessories for locks and handles such as ramped cams and an anti-rotation device for fitting long bodied quarter turn locks into sandwich construction door panels.

The new EMKA HVACR Brochure – free from EMKA UK – also contains details of a variable locking L handle, pull handle, surface mounted 10mm compression locks, 2D hinge, 3D hinge, 180° screw-on hinge and a range of sealing profiles.

HVAC Handle System
EMKA HVAC compression handle system product sheet
HVAC Compression Latch-Hinge
EMKA HVAC compression latch hinge product sheet
EMKA 2018 HVACR brochure EMKA 2018 Air Control Brochure