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Specialist Cabinet Hinges

EMKA hinges

For the specialist electrical or electronic panel builder our hinge program addresses the various issues around door operation – covering both prominent doors and flush doors with external and internal designs as well as the external but concealed installations. Stainless steel hinges are of course more popular as rugged hardware and stainless steel cabinets are specified – multiple hinge pin configurations are also available to ensure retained but removable function for example, as well as quick door de-mount when required.

Emka hinge range

Naturally pin hinges are catered for and as with other designs there are many weld-in or push fit versions to suit production or end customer needs. For smaller enclosures the reinforced polyamide plastic designs provide a low cost and highly effective option in many sizes and for applications where the door or lid must be further controlled then friction/torque hinges are available by contacting us directly.

Reell friction hinges from EMKA