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EMKA Videos

EMKA Gasket Products

EMKA supply standard ex-stock and custom industrial gasket profiles for sealing of enclosures, cabinets, vehicle doors and other applications where it is important to exclude dust and or water.

EMKA Electronic Lock – eCam

The eCam from EMKA provides a secure electromechanical locking system to prevent opening of a manually operated latch/lock even when forced from the outside. The eCam is designed especially for trailers, mobile homes and RVs where it enables multiple locking/unlocking from a remote central point.

EMKA Cabinet Sentry – Biometric Data Centre Security System

The EMKA db Cabinet Sentry system provides an extremely effective and efficient way to secure physical access to server cabinets and protect vulnerable data, using biometrics, iClass cards or proximity cards.

EMKA Transport locking solutions with ingenious locking technology

EMKA locking technology and products available for the road, rail and special vehicles industries.

IP65 Stainless Steel Compression Latch

Stainless steel compression latch for railway use – illustrates the operation principles.

Round Rod Guides

Round rod guides from EMKA – demonstrates the quick way to install these ingenious devices.

1022 Quick Locking System

How to install the IP65 1022 Program Quick Locking System from EMKA UK without tools.

1056 U68 Clip-in Hinge

Demonstration of assembly/installation of the 1056-U68 clip-in hinge from EMKA UK.

Rod Guide for Flat Rods

Fast fit flat rods – a short demonstration of the ultra quick EMKA 1121-135.

1500 IP65 Quarter-Turn Lock

Animated demonstration of the EMKA 1500 IP65 Quarter-Turn toolless lock installation.

3500 Program Biometric Locking Swinghandle

Demonstrates operation of the EMKA 3500 Program Biometric locking swinghandle for Data Centres and other high security access control equipment.

Clip-in Hinge

EMKA’s Clip-in –hinge – how to assemble and fit this novel enclosure hinge.

Double Red Compression Latch

Explains the operation of EMKA’s Double Red compression latch for caravans, motor homes and other specialist vehicles.

Aluminium Die-Casting

Explains the process of manufacture from melting the aluminium ingots to machining the finished part, with examples of components for a range of industries.

Friction Welding

Demonstrates this unusual process and the very special machinery involved in the production of high specification components in aluminium, copper, steel and various alloys.

Extrusion of Profiles

Deals with extrusion of profiles in rubber, neoprene, PVC, EPDM etc. for sealing of cabinets, vehicles, doorways etc., also vulcanization of joints to ensure “no-gap” sealing of rings and frames. A variety of structural arrangements are demonstrated.

Profiles and Sealing Systems

Deals with sealing systems, offering an overview of the design process and tooling, through to production of extruded sections from raw material. This includes testing/quality assurance and logistics in the EMKA factory.

Plastic Injection Moulding

From granules to high quality parts in many plastics for high strength functionality.

Zinc Die-Casting

From melting raw zinc to finishing of the die-cast components – a range of examples are shown.

Punching, Bending, Forming

Explains the EMKA factory process which turns steel strip into high tolerance locking cams, hinges, lock bodies etc.

Machining Technology

High precision machining with automated equipment of car components, lock bodies, keys, connectors, hand knobs etc.

PUR Foam Sealing

Explains how automated injection of PUR foam provides high quality seals on lock bodies and vehicle components.

Surface Technology

Describes how EMKA apply tough and attractive finishes to locks, hinges, keys and car parts.

Best of EMKA

A comprehensive tour through the many production processes of EMKA group – casting, injection moulding, machining, friction welding, purchasing, bending, forming, finishing, extrusion of sealing profiles and foam sealing injection.

Bosnian Factory

An overview of the EMKA group manufacturing facility in Bosnia, tool and mould making, zinc die-casting, stamping, thermoplastic moulding, finishing, PUR foam sealing and final assembly.