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White papers from EMKA UK

Enclosure hardware security issues. Published June 2017
In this white paper Andy Billingham discusses how new demands in the area of industrial security drive a continuous development process in tandem with new materials and production technologies. He suggests these demands may be most easily categorised as: very low level; general access limited and equipment protection needed; restricted access and equipment protection; higher risk or value; very high risk/value.

Specialist Enclosure locks, handles, hinges and gasket for HVAC panels. Published May 2017
The global HVAC industry is rapidly changing with a trend to natural refrigeration systems, although these still need controls and compartments. Such systems match the needs of a growing building industry worldwide including stores and offices with a parallel demand for large HVAC installations. This, together with constant upgrading of old systems with more efficient, lower energy equipment, means that the specialist hardware for HVAC packages is in increasing demand.

Enclosure Security and Vehicle Components – EMKA production technologies revealed. Published February 2015
Discusses how a range of advanced technologies have come together under the EMKA umbrella to meet the needs of applications as diverse as Data Security and vehicle manufacturers – which nonetheless share many common areas of background expertise.

Extrusion Processes and Terminology used in specification of Standard and Custom Sealing Profiles. Published April 2014
This whitepaper sheds light on the extrusion processes and terminology used for the benefit of specifiers looking for standard or custom extruded profiles.

The What, Why and How of Rubber Specifications for Sealing Profiles
Published April 2014
An overview of the materials and specifications commonly found in dealing with extruded sealing profiles.

Materials, Properties and Testing of Sealing Profiles. Published April 2014
Detailed information regarding the various materials used, their properties and the various national and international testing methods and standards relevant to sealing profiles.

Structural Aspects of Sealing Profiles. Published December 2013
Covers the many structural concerns in the specification and installation of gasket sealing profiles.

Locking Technology Update. Published April 2013
Describes the continued development of locking systems for specialist enclosures.

Swinghandles – a customer/manufacturer design interaction. Published June 2011.
Once upon a time there was – the L handle and the T handle – which had been around forever and worked OK but had their limitations. So the people at EMKA who understood this considered an alternative approach.

Compression Latches. Published 2009
Compression lock technology has seemed to be rather confined to a limited range of applications until it recently came out of patent protection and now a much wider market is finding it beneficial.

Greater security for sensitive areas in financial services. Published 2005
For most banks of today it’s not enough to have a burglar proof safe. What happens if unforeseen events come about? And who – for instance – has to supervise the flow of control data for the building service.

Mechatronic Symbiosis with Bus. Published November 2005
Mechatronics is a term perhaps most associated with automotive applications. In reality, however, mechatronic solutions are found in almost all areas. Thanks to EMKA this is now increasingly true for the security of switch cabinets.

Cabinet security –  the development of an industry. Published June 2005
The first 20 years of EMKA and its products in the UK.

1/4 turn locks – where did they come from, where are they going? Published June 2005
The rational for 1/4 turn locks – compared to threaded fasteners or L and T handles.

The World of EMKA. Published April 2005
Describes technology developments in locks, handles, hinges and gaskets.

Locks, Latches, Hinges, Handles, Gasket and Electronic Security. Published February 2004
Development of the modular approach to enclosure hardware.