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EMKA retractable handles

Our New IP65 retractable “chest” handle represents a breakthrough for the EMKA standard hardware program, especially in terms of the haptic characteristics for closing comfort, with modern design details, which feature an optical opening indicator for greater convenience.

This new retractable handle has a modular design, so customers can choose between several locking devices and locking media: whether hook, turn or height-adjustable conical roller cam up to round cylinder, square or double-bit operation. Our entire range of locking devices is available to the user which makes this handle unique in the market.

Retractable handles have long been standard and are well proven in the field of transport locks for flaps and doors. They are especially popular for use on pickup trucks or vans, e.g. in storage compartments and boxes. While this style of handle has been distinguished over decades mainly by their flush-fitting functionality, the challenge was to get a grip, literally, on function, design, and flexibility as a combination. With this new retractable handle in a user-friendly T-shape made of plastic and zinc die-cast components, we believe our engineers have succeeded in this breakthrough.

It has been noted that compared to the old model which has been an integral part of the EMKA portfolio for many ­years, this new version impresses with its modern appearance in hybrid material mix, with components made of zinc die-cast and plastic. The T-grip recess is much wider and therefore more comfortable to use, even for people with larger hands and when wearing gloves.

EMKA Railway hardwareEMKA is continuously developing its product range to serve specialist sectors such as the railway industry and has become a leader in the field of industrial hardware components. such as locks, latches, handles, hinges, swinghandles, and gaskets. The EMKA solutions created are in perfect harmony with the development philosophy of many customers, creating new projects that are reliable and innovative. Two examples of this are described on our website with one, in particular, stretching back more than 30 years, demonstrating a significant customer-focused relationship of continuous development.


Enclosure sealing from EMKA for specialist enclosure manufacturers and vehicle builders

By Andy Billingham – Managing Director EMKA(UK)Ltd

Extruded rubber profiles are used for sealing doors and panels in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, lighting, appliance, electronic, construction, marine, medical and general industrial applications. This section can be quite simple, i.e. circular, annular, rectangular profiles, or very complex (window profile, rubber car seal). Some common materials used in rubber extrusion include EPDM, SBR, (CR – Neoprene), Silicone, (NBR – Nitrile), and (NR- Natural rubber).

They are of particular value in connection with applications such as:

– Edge protection profiles, sealing profiles with and without metal carrier

– Sponge rubber profiles with and without bonding (Self-adhesive foam)

– Rubber glazing and filler profiles

– Dual Hardness rubber profiles

– Door sealing profiles

– Custom-made products, frames, rings, lengths, butyl, mastic, flock coating, notching, gluing, slip coating, etc.

For optimum effectiveness, the compression of a typical sealing edge protection profile should be a maximum of 50% as otherwise the compression and recovery can be adversely affected. It is recommended the profile should be compressed 30-40%.

An excellent solution to the common problem of sealing corner joins is the use of spliced joints, this process effects a joint that is particularly effective where there is a requirement for a continuous ring or frame such as windows or automotive applications. Spliced joints ensure that the resilience and dynamic properties of the profile are maintained throughout the joint. Frames and rings can save greatly on assembly time while significantly enhancing sealing performance.


The what, why and how of rubber specifications for sealing profiles - a whitepaper from EMKA UK

Specialist gasket sections are offered by many manufacturers in flame retardant, low smoke, low tox materials compliant to relevant standards while extruded gaskets for enclosures and other purposes are available in self-adhesive, self-grip (clip-on), channel fixing and window type (with expansion insert). The range includes EPDM, NBR, CR, PVC and silicone, as well as fire protection specifications and many with EMC compatible coating.

Specialist installations such as coaches, motor homes and caravans also require moulded sections to suit doors, windows and ventilation panels, as well as external storage compartments and often require specialist materials or finishes:

Flock coating – a scratch-free coating to provide a smooth sliding action popular for windows.

EMC (coating) – for electromagnetic compatibility to maintain or increase the protection of sensitive equipment from external EM radiation.

Vulcanising – a tough resilient way to form joints, frames and continuous sections.

Slipcoat – a simple coating process to redress the effect of friction.

Silicon – high temperature, fire resistant for rail, tunnels etc., also food industry.

In selecting the right mounting type for every installation situation we find that this is a decisive factor in a successful installation:-.

Self-clamping profiles have an internal steel or wire clamping band and thus ensure that the seal is held securely on the sheet edge.

Stamped or wire spiral carriers use steel or wire clamping strips, this enables edge protection profiles to retain well even without adhesive bonding. Steel strapping generally shows a higher clamping effect than wire strapping.

Plugged or insert profiles do not have a metal insert and are not glued, being self-retained. They are plugged into a gap or channel between two edges and safely seal the cavity in this way.

Clamping profiles are ideal for screwless insertion of windows. The use of a rubber clamping profile guarantees a firm, durable and rattle-free connection in many types of special panel, vehicles, mobile cabins and large machines.

Self-adhesive technology is particularly suitable for economical and quick fastening seals where the profile is glued onto a flat section with an adhesive strip which contains integrated cotton threads for a stretch-free installation.

With sealing profiles and clamping profiles made of 100 % EPDM EMKA have successfully enhanced gasket quality with high resistance to weathering, also UV radiation and acids, which makes them particularly durable – at no extra cost.

For further information regarding use of gaskets please see here.

For information regarding standard sections please see here

EMKA Plugin gasket section

Plugin or insertable profiles are the ones that may be pushed quickly into a channel where they self retain and seal in the channel by virtue of their tooth section design, leaving the bubble or other section protruding to seal against the frame or door depending on the configuration of the cabinet or enclosure.

These profiles are predominantly in standard EPDM or fire protection grade EPDM plus some sections are available in silicone for even harsher conditions.

Many other standard sections and custom sections are available – contact us to discuss.

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