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Most comprehensive swinghandle system from EMKA for cabinets large or small

Our swinghandle range extends over 9 different product series and many variants of each to ensure that customers can find exactly what they need in sealing levels and handle format to suit the specific application envisaged.

Swinghandles were an EMKA development as a simple practical way to provide secure access control with minimal protrusion from the door – so offering the safety benefits of a clean installation which does not snag on clothes as well as the leverage required to operate a normal multi-point rod lock mechanism for larger cabinets.

Over the years since we originally developed this design we have incorporated the full range of cylinder locks, railway and automotive locks, insert locks, multiple lock configurations, as well as digital lock and padlock provisions.

Typically most industrial applications call for a glass reinforced polyamide escutcheon and handle for their excellent strength and corrosion resistance, coupled with good IP sealing at low cost. Where greater rigidity is desired then traditional zinc die versions are offered and for ultimate strength/corrosion resistance then stainless steel is usually the answer.

EMKA 1095 program - bow/bridge, tubular and chest handles for industry

The ubiquitous need to allow an interface for the human hand with industrial equipment of all sizes has led us to offer the 1095 program of handles which provide an easy solution – easy to use, easy to install.

Known variously as bow handles, bridge handles or simply as pull handles, the versions from EMKA in comfortable round or oval grip styles, are readily fixed from front or rear depending on type, with sizes suitable for single hand use from 120mm up to 500mm in length.

Longer handles to span wide panels or for double hand operation of heavy lids, for example, are designed as tubular module installations with end brackets and intermediate supports as required.

For equipment carrying or for packing cases, this 1095 program includes chrome plated or stainless steel handles – also a recessed version and an edge/corner mounting tubular handle which also serves as a convenient corner stand and protection device.

EMKA quarter turn with custom appearance

We have recently extended our range of quarter turn latches for quick mounting with the option to change it’s appearance to suit the application. This new quarter turn has been especially designed to incorporate a housing plate with a custom-made foil that shows e.g. a company logo or a material imitation like matt chrome, brushed stainless steel or any other visual design. An In-Mould-Labeling process (IML) is used to firmly connect the foil with the housing plate in just one operation during the plastic injection molding.EMKA quarter turn with custom green appearance

The results of the IML are custom-made foiled plates for the polyamide quarter turns with surfaces that are both sturdy and eye catching. The quarter turn latch can be snapped-in in only 2 steps within a few seconds and also change its locking direction easily from left to right.

Product features at a glance:​

  • Pre-assembled insert unit – housing plate of polyamide GF, insert of zinc-die​
  • Quick snap-in assembly without tools saves up to 80% assembly time
  • On request, housing plate with freely designed foil e.g. company logo and/or material imitation
  • Various inserts in stock (further inserts on request)
  • Housing with integrated com of polyamide GF​
  • Self-sealing construction with integrated TPE seal onto the back of housing plate (IP 69K)
  • Suitable for door thickness from 1.0 mm up to 3.0 mm (Ts including surface coating)
  • Standard cut out  ⃞  20.1 rounded up 22.5, as per our Program 1000
  • Patented​ design.
Vibration proof and adjustable compression latches from EMKA

Our range of compression latches covers the needs of many industries where anti-vibration properties are required – also of course their gasket pull down characteristics which ensure improved enclosure sealing. Many styles are available including  standard quarter turn compression latches with insert locks and  T handle or L handle – also with cylinder key locks. Flush mounted inset T handle format is often used on specialist vehicles  as is the Caravan Compression swinghandle – while the HVAC compression locking hinge incorporates many novel features especially for that industry.

EMKA Gaskets supplement EMC protection

EMC protection against transmission of electro-magnetic interference is a major design consideration for manufacturers of susceptible equipment, however this sometimes requires supplementation. The sheathed EMC gasket offered by EMKA can be a solution to this problem. EMC 1011 versions of our 1016 gasket program in EPDM have a conductive external skin in order to attenuate – Read more …

EMKA hygiene gaskets for HVAC and Food industries

As leading gasket providers to specialist panel builders for the HVAC and Food industries we at EMKA UK offer a range of gasket profiles to meet the particular requirements of these industries in terms of their sealing capabilities and their specific hygiene characteristics. These profiles are covered by guideline 6022 issued by the VDI association – Read more …

EMKA eCam electronic locking system

A note from our colleagues managing the EMKA exhibition stand at Hannover this year – with the slogan “Connect & Collaborate” EMKA is putting its portfolio of electronic locking systems on centre stage at the Hanover Fair (HMI) 2018. At the stand M07 in hall 3, EMKA is also presenting the new system “eCam”: An electronic – Read more …

EMKA specialist gasket profiles for enclosures, cabinets, vehicles, HVAC

As a specialist hardware company we are pleased to carry extensive stock of standard gasket profiles for enclosures, cabinets, vehicles, HVAC and similar. Extruded sections provide a simple and effective means of sealing to common IP ratings such as IP44, IP55, IP65, IP66. EMKA gaskets seal against ingress of dust or liquids when installed face-to-face – Read more …

Heavy duty rod controls from EMKA

EMKA Locking Systems include both round and flat Rod Controls – with both screw on and weld on possibilities, multiple length options and quick installation designs. Rod systems enable multi-point door closure together with our full range of swinghandles as well as T and L handles if required. Rods may be cut to required length – Read more …

The EMKA Pin Hinge solution for specialist enclosure doors and panels

Our engineers here at EMKA have put together a quick, simple, low cost and reliable pin hinging solution for specialist enclosure doors and panels. This range of pin hinges offer a quickly demountable installation with no loss of the pin – which is retained and spring loaded. These hinges are suitable for light panels where – Read more …

EMKA Hinges for flush cabinet doors offer smooth appearance and better security

Our EMKA range of hinges have been designed specifically to include many for fitment of flush doors to specialist enclosures and cabinets, so as to enable a smart clean look coupled with improved security, since the close fit of an inset door minimises access for tools and other pry bars. The full range allows 90° – Read more …

EMKA quarter turn locks

Most people , it may be argued, know us best for our quarter turn locks which have been a mainstay of specialist enclosure builders component kits for as long as many of us can remember – so our quarter turn overview page will probably be quite useful to a lot of engineers and installers. Page – Read more …

EMKA solve the prominent door hinging dilemma

“How do I hinge my prominent cabinet door robustly and aesthetically?” is a question often faced by specialist enclosure/cabinet builders. Usually asked along with the caveat that it must be quick to fit and at reasonable cost. Well, typically, we have a solution in our modular range of prominent door hinges to suit standard 20mm – Read more …

EMKA compression locking hinge for HVAC installations

Our range of Air Conditioning HVAC specialist panel hardware comprises a full program of heavy duty latches, lift and turn latch, pull handles, pull with quarter turn and 180° hinge coupled with P type gasket profiles  which may be provided in continuous sealed rings to ensure unbroken sealing,  which permits over pressure systems with minimal leaks – Read more …