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EMKA enclosure accessories

EMKA’s theme of “everything but the enclosure” is certainly an excellent aspiration and for many applications seems to be a practical offering. So, when it comes to enclosure component hardware, we have expanded into the space of the enclosure/equipment interface. A place where useful items such as a protective escutcheon, panel mounting brackets, cable shunting rings, cable grommets, drawing pockets and inspection windows can make life so much simpler for specialist panel builders.

This accessory program derives from the experience of our engineers over many decades in the industry and is carried in stock at Coventry to ease those occasions where those vital details just have to be completed urgently.

EMKA 3D CAD downloads

For the convenience of our design engineer customers and to ensure you save time on each project we provide a special, practice-oriented service of design data downloads available in the internationally accepted exchange formats, STEP and IGES. This includes search functions available according to part numbers or product groups.

All 3D formats generated by Creo Parametric can easily be taken over into any designer software. This provides you with digital data to create the most accurate 3D model possible for use in your application.

The EMKA design office regularly optimizes individual components of its hardware assemblies and completed items to ensure you get up to date information for integration into your designs.

EMKA cover stay and door stop solution to wind and gravity problems

We are aware that the generic problem with many doors and access panels is often that they have a large surface area – easily caught by wind and able to generate a lot of force. This makes maintenance or installation/updates a difficult problem and potentially a painful one. Similar problems exist where a door/panel is opened against gravity or perhaps is in a position where passers-by may knock it closed.

In these situations, we offer a program of cover stays and door stops in a variety of configurations including manually operated locking or self-operating as the panel is opened/closed. A simple stay may be a folding type or a sliding type door stop with a moving prop. Otherwise, telescopic types offer a longer mechanical prop and so spread the loads involved over a wider range. Button release or push-click operation is available.

Ingenoius locking and hinge technology from EMKA

EMKA are market leaders in ex-stock and custom provision of specialist enclosure and cabinet hardware for the electrical, electronic, data centre, HVACR and transport industries. This is covered by our philosophy to provide “everything but the enclosure” including locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles, gasket from stock in depth at our Coventry warehouse. 

“Everything but the enclosure” grew out of our commitment to modular standard products for the specialist panel industry – based on customer responsiveness to user requirements. Concepts such as “Ingenious locking Technology” grew from our in house team of experienced designers, developers and engineers focused on ensuring individual customer solutions – whether ex-stock or custom, matching design ingenuity with extensive manufacturing capability. 

So as they say – if you don’t see what you want, contact us to see what our ingenious designers can do for you.

This new range of stainless steel quarter-turn catches now includes the Program 1000 System incorporating a sealed cover. This is especially valuable for railway applications or other situations where a floor mounted latch is required and there is a need to exclude the infiltration of dirt and moisture into the latch mechanism.The threaded cover may Read more

Our capacity for high quality mould making to suit a range of material technologies enables us to make high-precision tooling for EMKA group standard products while also  facilitating special designs in series products for external customers –  particularly from sectors such as:Automotive industryElectrical industrySports and leisureFor the production of initial samples and series following the Read more

EMKA offers extra stock of general hardware for doors everywhere

We are delighted that our extensive stock of general door hardware is available to help  customers maintain a continuous supply of components for the production of specialist enclosures/cabinets and vehicles at all times – saving time and worry over possible delays.The EMKA product program includes chest handles, compression handles, surface mounted locks, cam locks, button Read more

EMKA HVACR Air Control

Here at EMKA we seek to not only provides every kind of gasket but also locking systems and hinges for HVACR door installations from a single ex-stock source. From the beginning we at EMKA have sought to meet the needs of the HVACR industry – a process which has culminated in availability of this complete program Read more

IP66 and IP65 sealing from EMKA

We and our local sister company  EMKA Profiles Ltd, – both based in the Coventry-Birmingham area – are looking forward to promoting UK manufactured products at the RICOH Arena, Coventry on 20th June 2019 as part of the “Made in the Midlands Exhibition”.EMKA Profiles Ltd specialise in the manufacture of spring steel inserted profiles which Read more

EMKA 1095 program – bow/bridge, tubular and chest handles for industry

Common handles for doors and drawers come in a huge variety of styles and sizes under the labels of grab, pull, bow, bridge, tubular, drawer handles – we are all used to seeing and using them every day – if not at work then at home. So it is worth drawing attention to the idea Read more

EMKA Innovations for HVACR systems catalogue

We have recently detailed our latest HVACR related products under the “Innovations” banner and in line with the company philosophy of “everything but the enclosure” we again find product design and technological leadership. This approach benefits design engineers and installers alike with designed for purpose niche standard items which are easy to fit, fully meet Read more

IP65 quarter-turn locks for small cabinets from EMKA

It is good to remember that we specifically cater for small enclosures and panel doors with our quarter turn program of small and medium sized locks and latches including wing knobs and compression latches. So if you need the reassurance and practicality of a  robust security device with an insert or key mechanism then you Read more

EMKA testing laboratory

EMKA has always believed it is important to support our standard and custom products with a comprehensive in-house testing facility. This has been a significant part of EMKA engineering over many years and now our Technology Centre has been accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH – DAkkS) (The German National Accreditation Body) for ten selected Read more

EMKA 1087 Door Stop for cabinets and enclosures

Under our theme of “everything but the enclosure” this helpful new door stop – Program 1087 – offers increased fixing opportunities and a reduced rail leg, which enables more variable installations where a positive door retention is required for use in windy conditions or otherwise during maintenance situations. In particular the angular mounting rail provides Read more