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EMKA quarter turn locks

Most people , it may be argued, know us best for our quarter turn locks which have been a mainstay of specialist enclosure builders component kits for as long as many of us can remember – so our quarter turn overview page will probably be quite useful to a lot of engineers and installers. Page 1-100 of our catalogue is available online where customers can see the range of types, protection levels, dimensions and accessories that relate to these mainstream cabinet locks.

EMKA solve the prominent door hinging dilemma

“How do I hinge my prominent cabinet door robustly and aesthetically?” is a question often faced by specialist enclosure/cabinet builders. Usually asked along with the caveat that it must be quick to fit and at reasonable cost. Well, typically, we have a solution in our modular range of prominent door hinges to suit standard 20mm or 25mm returns, and even down to 6mm.

10 programs of hinge design cover requirements from concealed-with-removable hinge pin through simple lift-off butt hinges. Captive pins simplify door removal without the potential concern of losing the pin – while others make the installation process really quick by utilising the pivot pin as a concealed retaining device.

Prominent door hinges in this range are available in steel, zinc die, reinforced polyamide and in stainless steel which offer door openings of 115° to 180° with nested doors. Where colour matching is required, then weld-on hinges offer a low-cost and very robust solution.

EMKA compression locking hinge for HVAC installations

Our range of Air Conditioning HVAC specialist panel hardware comprises a full program of heavy duty latches, lift and turn latch, pull handles, pull with quarter turn and 180° hinge coupled with P type gasket profiles  which may be provided in continuous sealed rings to ensure unbroken sealing,  which permits over pressure systems with minimal leaks.

Self-gripping gasket profile strips from EMKA seal doors and panels

Specialist handles for thick doors from EMKA (UK) Ltd

EMKA 180 degree 2D and 3D adjustment screw-on hingesLong shaft latches and extra large handles for gloved operation suit thick insulated panels as do large format hinges.

EMKA Rod Lock systems maximise cabinet sealing and door utility

Our rod locking systems operate with traditional round or new flat rod designs sited within the door gasket area where they enable multi-point closure for optimal gasket pull-down. They can help in achieving IP65 levels or higher if matched with a suitable lock mechanism from EMKA’s modular program of swinghandles, quarter-turns and traditional L/T handles.

The EMKA system maximises usable door space by virtue of its narrow design whereby rod fixings and actuators are slimmed down to fit close to the door margin, thus freeing up the remaining area.

Round and flat rods are quickly installed by use of easy clip-in rod guides. Typically round rod systems enable 2 or 3 point closure, whereas a flat rod design incorporates the possibility of additional closure points along their length which is especially useful on very tall cabinets.

EMKA invisible pressure caravan lock

The Caravan Salon 2017 showed that door closures without handles are increasingly required for flaps and doors of mobile homes. This is a trend which has spread across the industry and presents new challenges for manufacturers. To meet these challenges our lock specialist designers and production engineers developed an invisible pressure lock which was recently – Read more …

EMKA gasket of EPDM with sealing area of foamed rubber (front) and clamping area of soft rubber with metal core (back)

The EMKA group is pushing development of our Gasketing division because of the high demand for gasket sealing profiles world wide – as the world market leader for cabinet locking systems we are delighted to be doubling  production capacity. The rubber plant in Arnedo, in the region of La Rioja, Spain, in particular, is going – Read more …

EMKA 1390 lifthandle fits exceptionally small spaces on specialist enclosures and cabinets

Our EMKA 1390 lifthandle is a mere 38mm wide and 260mm long, yet offers full multi-point rod lock security for specialist cabinets and enclosures. The 1390 series internal mechanism operates two flat rods for an especially narrow installation using cut-out or roller latching at unusually low cost. It is expected that this novel package of – Read more …

EMKA, lifthandles, escutcheons, rod locking, cabinet handles, handles;

Our novel 1190 lifthandle series offers a particularly narrow handle escutcheon and rod lock mechanism which enables mounting outside the door sealing area with an especially narrow margin. This ensures a completely free equipment mounting area on the cabinet door and by taking the lock mechanism outside the seal, it rationalises functionality while reducing cost – Read more …

Most comprehensive swinghandle system from EMKA for cabinets large or small

As a leading enclosure/cabinet hardware manufacturer we are delighted to announce that the 1150 program of industrial swinghandles is the most comprehensive in our range. With IP ratings of IP40, IP54, IP65 and IP66, these rugged locking handles offer the OEM panel builder a complete package from the 80 and 120mm versions for enclosures through – Read more …

EMKA IP65 swinghandle range includes vandal resistance and electronic operation.

Our 1317 program of IP65 swinghandles offers a single design concept for exterior or indoor use providing the security of dual locks, RC2 level vandal resistance, remote electronic operation and a padlockable option. The 1317 is a suitable heavy duty choice for outdoor service cabinets, e.g. telecom and similar street furniture, as well as for – Read more …

Swinghandles, lifthandles, escutcheons from EMKA

Specialist cabinet and enclosure panel builders are frequently in the position of asking “which locking system should I use?” Well as market leaders here at EMKA we have accumulated an extensive portfolio of modular design swinghandles, lifthandles and escutcheons for enclosures, cabinets, access panels and general industrial use to make life easier for specialist panel – Read more …

EMKA new bridge pull handle

This new bridge type pull handle with cover can be installed easily, is shaped ergonomically, is available in various colours and can even be adapted to the corporate identity of the company using it. It consists of two parts: the actual grab handle and a cover which can be clipped on by the fitter without – Read more …

Check out our extended search on the new EMKA website! Customers can now use the extended search on our website as an advanced product finder. Well-arranged categories and filters for technical product features make it easy to quickly find the correct quarter turn, the perfect hinge and the ideal gasketing. Discover the broad product portfolio – Read more …