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Rack Management System with EMKA Agent E locking handle

We recently informed that our new Rack Management Systems are installed worldwide in data centres and server parks of banks and co-location centres where a combination of electromechanical handles, software and radio technology is considered the best choice – such as the “Agent E” type handle, which offers personalised access to the cabinet as well as permanent monitoring and control of the opening and closing processes. Moreover, the system monitors all physical parameters in the rack and thus increases the operational reliability of the entire installation. It consists of database-driven control software, high-capacity modules and electro-mechanical handles.

These EMKA Rack Management systems are accommodated by a high-capacity wireless network which enables direct access to a virtually unlimited number of server racks, while the complete logging documents all access-relevant information and guarantees the possibility of unambiguous backtracking of the events. In case of irregularities, alerts are automatically transmitted.

Stand-alone systems are suitable for access control of individual racks that do not require central monitoring. Depending on the chosen lock the opening is either affected by RFID cards or by entering a PIN code on a keypad. Systems with RFID cards are especially easy to install as no further wiring in the rack is required.

Outdoor installations are covered by the recently introduced swinghandle for the iLOQ S50 profile half cylinders which expands operational possibilities by using an energy-autonomous, digital locking solution. The system can be unlocked using a smartphone or digital key and, at the same time, is powered wirelessly by the same transmission.

This new closure solution works without a battery or other stationary power supply, which makes the lock particularly interesting for the telecommunications industry, e.g., for outdoor housings or telecommunications cabinets which are also frequently found in remote locations. In this case, the system receives the energy required for unlocking via NFC from the Android/iOS smartphone.

Smart access with a mobile phone app is the latest EMKA development in this arena, a move which promises to enable the benefits of new technology across all industrial enclosure/cabinet applications.

This newly introduced app transforms the mobile phone into a digital key for the sophisticated locking solution so that it is possible to trace, manage, and access allocated handles with various levels of permission determined by specified user profiles.

Fresh vegetables from the vending machine – and on a grand scale. This was the task facing the French system manufacturer BERTHOLON SA. From scratch, the family-owned company designed and built one of the biggest food vending machines in the world with 160 compartments. However, in order to guarantee the reliable opening and closing of these compartments even at low temperatures of 4ºC, the engineers relied on the locking solution of the industry expert EMKA. EMKA Single-point latch with emergency opening



The individual compartments are secured with the electronic single-point latch system with emergency opening (3000-U301-02). In the “Basic delayed Re-Lock” version, the compartments only open when external power is supplied.

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Data Centre Security with the EMKA Agent E wireless system and iris scan

Our MD Andrew Clutterbuck confirmed that the Agent E Wireless locking system has been developed for high-security installations around the world, and has especially demonstrated its flexibility in a converted civil defence bunker application at the Stollen Lucerne Data Centre, in combination with an iris scanner incorporated at the customer’s request.

Andrew raised the question “What added value can an aging bunker complex still offer in this day and age?” This was also the question energie wasser luzern (ewl) asked itself – talking about the old civil defence bunker in the Wartegg hill near Lucerne. Their response was to build one of the most sophisticated data centres in Switzerland. Today, the Stollen Lucerne Data Centre boasts five major tunnels, each allocated 200 square metres for IT system hardware. In addition, there are eight auxiliary tunnels, referred to as Private Rooms, these are allotted 50 to 100 square metres per room for IT system hardware. The CO2-neutral facility, operated by ewl Rechenzentrum AG, combines state-of-the-art technology with sustainability and an optimal connection to the communication and energy networks.

To keep data stored on-site from unauthorised digital access, firewalls and complex encryption solutions are used by data centres but of course the same degree of security should also be applied to physical access. The Stollen Luzern Data Centre already offers a high-security level simply because of its underground location but additionally, the operators required the ability to monitor the activity of each individual at any given time in the various sections of the data centre. As the facility contains servers from several companies, individual racks must be secured independently, a requirement which led the team at ewl Rechenzentrum AG to seek suitable solutions from the early planning stages of the project – alongside stable server racks, they also emphasised the need for a dependable locking solution.

ewl Rechenzentrum AG developed a detailed plan for the sophisticated locking system they wanted to install in the bunker. Critically, the biometric access control had to be secure and the wireless communication with the rack and database had to be seamless, with a quick and simple setup. While searching for a suitable supplier, ewl Rechenzentrum AG contacted EMKA at an early stage. Their “Agent E Wireless” system fit the criteria exactly with its wireless locking system enhanced by an iris scanner upgrade. By leveraging a combination of electromechanical handle, software and wireless technology, the security system allows individualised access to all cabinets and perpetually supervises the opening and closing processes. In addition, the handles can be easily and quickly adapted to cabinets from different manufacturers. This system had already been tested and proved successful in similar projects in Switzerland. ewl Rechenzentrum AG attached particular importance to a biometric system that regulates access to the server cabinets. Typically, EMKA provides authentication with an RFID card and Agent E. In this instance, there was a unique requirement that called for an iris scanner that can open the server cabinets remotely. Since the eye profile cannot be mistaken, this authentication method was understood to offer maximum security.

The Swiss company Touchless Biometric Systems AG (TBS) provided just the right system for this project. To manage access, all authorised individuals and personnel in the computer centre save a scan of their iris in the database, this individual pattern of iris is then encrypted and safeguarded from misuse. To open the desired server cabinet, the personnel or customers at the data centre must use the iris scanner to identify themselves. The scanner sends the data to the database and evaluates the information against the pre-existing patterns and authorisation profile. All authorised rack doors are now shown and can be selected on a display. The selected handles are transmitted to the control unit of the EMKA system and from there the activation is triggered wirelessly. Simultaneously, ewl Rechenzentrum AG receives up-to-date information regarding the server rack doors. Through personalised access control down to the cabinet level, Agent E thus enables clear logging and tracing. The entire system thereby consists not only of an iris scanner and electromechanical handles, but also includes database-based control software and powerful modules.

EMKA T handle

This new T-handle from our EMKA team offers maximum safety and ease of use. It can be used to close flaps, lids and doors of construction machinery, trailers, generators and caravans in a completely dust and watertight manner. The flush-mounted design and favourable handle size are significant advantages of the handle design.

The handle is recessed into the door and can even be operated with gloves. It is extremely robust and therefore also suitable for applications where high forces occur when locking and unlocking. Thanks to the compression stroke of 6 mm, significantly less force is required to open the lock than with comparable locking systems with a conventional 4 mm compression stroke. The push-to-close function further increases ease of use, as no key is required for locking. The locking hook engages automatically.

This recessed T-handle is suitable for all standard door thicknesses and is designed for protection class IP 69K. The industry-typical hole pattern and the wide range of available locking cylinders allow the new lock to be used in a variety of ways. For example padlocks or security inch cords can also be attached to the eyelet provided. Possible areas of application include construction vehicles, as well as the lids and flaps of toolboxes and boxes on lorry trailers. It is also suitable for emergency power units and generators in outdoor use.

EMKA sealing profiles made of EPDM fire protection compound

We are pleased to advise that our engineers are specialists in the processing of sealing materials which are certified according to currently valid fire protection standards for rail vehicles – this includes  DIN EN 45545-2, ASTM E1354, ASTM E662, ASTM C1166, BSS 7239, SMP 800C. which are supplied to railway engineering companies internationally. Conformity with Read more

We have recently issued an update on our standard program of low profile swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets covering the benefits of this design technology, these include smooth doors with no marked protrusions offering increased safety as there is no danger of snagging on clothes as people pass by. Also, in the production/installation stages they Read more

ROWEKO and EMKA – 30 years of partnership

The partnership between ROWEKO and EMKA has existed for over 30 years and is more successful today than ever before. Today, the entire ROWEKO product range includes solutions developed by the closure team of engineers at EMKA. What is the secret behind this longstanding cooperation? The answer lies in the consistently high quality of the Read more

Transport hardware for Specialist vehicles

The team here at EMKA advise that our electronic locking systems are also of value for sectors far removed from electrical and electronic cabinets, in applications such as commercial vehicles and caravan manufacture. In these situations, we can offer a way that closure and locking systems may be completely mounted internally and therefore not visible Read more

Our deep historical involvement with customers for enclosure and cabinet hardware allows us to understand changing market requirements and to feed these changes back into standard ex-stock products – it also enables us to develop high quality application specific, ie custom products, to suit new production or installation needs. In fact many of our standard Read more

In the field of train technology, EMKA has sought collaboration on a number of successful projects: whether in the Munich Underground, the Bangkok Metro, or the London Tube. And the next project has long been in the pipeline. EMKA locking systems will be used again by Siemens in the new Mireo Plus H (hydrogen-powered) and Read more

EMKA Panel Building Hardware for Road and Rail specialist vehicles

In specifying panel building hardware for road and rail specialist vehicles the team here at EMKA recognise that customers frequently require higher performance than might be available from other generic components. To this end we have developed application focussed products such as the Double-Red, ePush and eCam lock mechanisms which are coupled with various stainless Read more

New multiple interlocking systems with flat rods and cams from EMKA offer an excellent solution that can ensure large doors are locked evenly over their entire height or circumference. This means that with up to seven closure points – or more with extensions, so that when operating just one handle, several locking points are locked Read more

EMKA Quarter turn locks for specialist panel builders

The team here at EMKA explained recently that our expanding program of quarter turn locks and latches are very much targeted toward specialist panel and vehicle builders where rugged high performance is required – a good example being use on railway panels both lineside and on rolling stock, many of which are also required to Read more