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Specialist handles for HVAC panels from EMKA UK

Read the full whitepaper here: www.emkablog.co.uk/hvacpanelhardware.

The global HVAC industry is rapidly changing with a trend to natural refrigeration systems, although these still need controls and compartments. Such systems match the needs of a growing building industry worldwide including stores and offices with a parallel demand for large HVAC installations.

This, together with constant upgrading of old systems with more efficient, lower energy equipment, means that the specialist hardware for HVAC packages is in increasing demand. EMKA therefore manufacturers a continually expanding range of products for the HVAC industry and much of the range is modular, thus offering the designer and end user many options. This covers products that meet the relevant European standards such as: DIN EN 1886 and VDI 6022.

Traditionally HVAC cabinets have had a unique combination of requirements which call for a specialist mix of hardware accessories. From the beginning we at EMKA have sought to meet the needs of the HVAC industry – a process which has culminated in availability of a complete program dealing with thick doors, IP65 sealing, personal safety (inner door handles etc.), large handles (for gloved hands), corrosion-resistance, heavy door weights, external viewing requirement, multi-level access (e.g. padlocking), inset handles, compression locking, pressure relief prior to opening, corner frame pieces, lifting lugs and much more.

For EMKA this has culminated in a very special package of panel hardware – in fact “everything but the enclosure” for the HVAC panel builder. Designed for HVAC installations to meet the needs and regulations of HVAC enclosures and cabinets.

This includes thick insulated doors and panels requiring plastic handles to give a more comfortable grip, and plastic components to eliminate thermal bridging from one side to the other. Large operating elements such as handles allow for thick gloves and safety features are needed, such as the ability to open doors from inside.

The extensive range derived from these requirements features long bodies for ¼ turn locks as well as traditional T and L compression handles with full 6mm gasket pull down facility. Where complete panel removal is required then a bridge clamp system is offered, along with lifting handles. Heavy duty and adjustable hinges facilitate door fitment – while frame components include corner pieces and heavy duty lifting/transport lugs.

In particular we have recently launched an innovative new compression locking hinge for HVAC installations which provides HVAC manufacturers with a full multi-function hinge/latch/lock for securing of big air conditioning units and similar. It provides door adjustment for correct sealing, 5mm gasket pull down with pressure relief and the ability to be used as both door lock and hinge.

Read the full whitepaper here: www.emkablog.co.uk/hvacpanelhardware.

Quick assembly IP69K quarter-turn latch from EMKA

Our new quarter-turn latch combines the ruggedness of zinc die with robust engineering grade polyamide in an IP69K quick clip-fit assembly which enables time and cost savings in the production phase of enclosures, housings and access panels, while ensuring an exceptionally high degree of sealing for harsh environments.

Insert/escutcheon assemblies are available in zinc die/polyamide, polyamide/zinc and zinc/zinc with rear assembly and cam in polyamide – they are suitable for panel thicknesses of 1.0mm to 1.5mm using a standard EMKA cut-out.

Contact us for details.

EMKA Website front page

We are delighted to have a new look ( and mobile friendly) website – live today our new site can be found here giving a stylish new look to the quality EMKA range of cabinet and enclosure hardware – as always we aim to supply ” Everything but the Enclosure” with specialist locks, handles, swinghandles, hinges and gasket sealing profiles for your cabinets and enclosures.

Specifically here in the UK at our Coventry warehouse we are ramping up stock to support our manufacturing industries – the buzz at trade shows and among customers suggests that we are seeing an upswing generally across the board so we look forward to customers finding just what they need on our new site and talking to our experienced team for anything else.


EMKA toggle latches and lifting/pull handles

Call them toggle latches, over-centre catches, wire latches, hook clamps, latch clamps – whatever you call them, here at EMKA we have a great selection in plated steel and stainless steel for industrial and general purposes – most of us have seen them used on packing cases but they are widely used for closing panels, such as on specialist vehicles or for holding equipment in place or as temporary fixings for jigs and fixtures in the manufacturing and assembly process.

They have the benefit of being quick to operate and fit tolerant – especially the spring loaded and adjustable versions – which are also vibration tolerant and ensure appropriate pull weight in varying conditions. Special purpose versions have quick twist adjustment while others have locking facilities for padlocks. Striker plates for straight pull or right-angle pull are available to match the particular requirement.

New locks, hinges and sealing options

It feels like Manufacturing industry has been out of sync with the high street for a very long time - since the 70s this has been the case - there seems to be a lag whereby when the high street is squealing about "lack of interest" - and even the stock markets are bemoaning "lack of sentiment" - Read more ...

EMKA vehicle door sets

EMKA vehicle door sets

Hardware fittings for specialist vehicles such as caravans, trucks, horseboxes, coaches and similar have very particular requirements in terms of, for example, safety flush fitting and ease of use, or the need to fit within very thin panels - our range of vehicle hardware addresses these requirements. A good example is the 9301 recessed circular - Read more ...

Low cost FORT locks

EMKA FORT budget locks

We are delighted to have in our portfolio the FORT range of general hardware low cost quarter turn locks for office furniture, cupboards, alarms, lockers, toolboxes etc from the EMKA global group of companies. The Fort range includes barrels, cam-locks and special locks with the unique and flexible Fort key system and using standard UK mounting - Read more ...

EMKA BioLock – biometric technology at the handle for server security

If you manage your own data centre, colocation facility or technical data repository, then you know how important security is. It is essential that you safeguard sensitive information from physical theft, hacking, data breaches and human error. Fortunately, much has already been written about this topic, but this article is intended help you strengthen your - Read more ...

EMKA special rail transport locks

The lock program at EMKA focuses on many niche sectors - a significant one is the rail transport industry which has some specific needs - for example high speed lock protection, slam locks for internal doors, flush mounted locks for slim doors, locks with visual indication, corrosion resistant locks - eg high performing reinforced polyamide - Read more ...

EMKA cabinet and enclosure hardware developments

Much has happened since the Millennium where the feedback over those years from developing products to keep pace with industrial needs has driven the development of ubiquitous items like quarter-turn locks and latches which form a core range with companies such as EMKA (UK). In the 1990’s a typical ¼ turn lock was IP54 rated - Read more ...

EMKA 1155 combination swinghandle

Our program 1155 swinghandle is an IP65 three-digit combination lock and cylinder key system which offers simple security on two levels. Applications for the 1155 program include storage lockers in factories, schools and colleges as well as outdoor storage facilities and standard electrical enclosures and cabinets. This extremely useful and simple swinghandle unit can be - Read more ...

Stainless steel precision casting for EMKA enclosure hardware

“Everything but the Enclosure” hardware from EMKA is set to be lighter, stronger and better finished in stainless steel thanks to new processes introduced in our manufacturing systems for locks, hinges, swinghandles etc. Precision lost wax casting uses a very fine grain sand and ceramic matrix to faithfully recreate small details and to reduce wall - Read more ...

EMKA HVAC cabinet hardware for insulated products

In support of our widening capability in the HVAC related industries, EMKA recently took part in the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas where we showed our range of locks, handles, hinges and gasket designed to meet the present trends in this fast developing marketplace. This meant we were able to exhibit to the 60,000 - Read more ...

EMKA cabinet hinges

Ease of working and accessibility are major factors in the installation of electrical systems in enclosures. Consequently as the UK's premier supplier of enclosure furniture to specialist manufacturers we have made a point of featuring simple door removal in the design and fitment of our many ranges of hinge styles. The comprehensive EMKA hinge program - Read more ...