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christmas 2023
Standard program swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets from EMKA

We have recently issued an update on our standard program of low profile swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets covering the benefits of this design technology, these include smooth doors with no marked protrusions offering increased safety as there is no danger of snagging on clothes as people pass by. Also, in the production/installation stages they do not create transit damage as swinghandles remain within the packaging – plus they are comfortable to use and enable a high degree of different locking options – inserts, keys, digital combination, padlock, dual locks and electro-mechanical locking.

For example, the EMKA 1325 program is cited as having the most flexible specification and performance. The 1325 modular design offers interchangeable locking sets with cylinders, internal mechanisms, and a special low friction/low noise rod box in polyamide. The series is suitable for installation on flush doors and protruding doors, either inside or outside the seal. These standard swinghandles are available ex-stock with added components to suit different hole cut-out formats e.g., 150mm, 50/50/50 all of 25mm width – plus a simple a hook-in version. Most importantly options are offered to increase or decrease sealing to suit IP40 to IP65.

The companion 1150 program (IP 44 to IP 65) has variants with combination locking or padlockable facility, it also comes with built-in key locking and universal fixing. This is achieved with the same multiple punched hole fixing as the 1325 i.e., 50/50/50 and 150 x 25mm mounting. The program also offers a small version swinghandle and a small compression version. The 1150 program is upgradable to electronic/electro-mechanical release.

ROWEKO and EMKA – 30 years of partnership

The partnership between ROWEKO and EMKA has existed for over 30 years and is more successful today than ever before. Today, the entire ROWEKO product range includes solutions developed by the closure team of engineers at EMKA. What is the secret behind this longstanding cooperation? The answer lies in the consistently high quality of the components and the well deserved trust in EMKA’s ability to deliver.

A wide range of EMKA products is used at ROWEKO: besides quarter turns, the scope of delivery also includes cylinder locks and wing knob quarter turns, as well as keys, roller bars, and latches. However, the most frequently used locking solution is a safety quarter turn from the very extensive EMKA standard product range. The design of the safety quarter turn prevents it from coming apart automatically and thus meets the highest requirements for vibration and shock resistance.

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Transport hardware for Specialist vehicles

The team here at EMKA advise that our electronic locking systems are also of value for sectors far removed from electrical and electronic cabinets, in applications such as commercial vehicles and caravan manufacture. In these situations, we can offer a way that closure and locking systems may be completely mounted internally and therefore not visible from the outside – since surface interruptions in the form of handles or hinges are generally undesirable for the styling and utility of these vehicles. These application-focused systems ensure a functioning, reliable and secure lock which is difficult for unauthorised persons to open, coupled with other appropriate high-quality hardware components.

These EMKA locking solutions for many types of utility vehicles like trucks, buses, mobile homes or trailers ​stand ​out ​due ​to their ​modular​ structure, ​versatility ​and ​high ​quality. These solutions are all specifically designed to comply ​with​ the​ special ​requirements​ of ​the​ sector ​and ​to meet ​the​ relevant ​standards for industrial vehicles.

Our attention is drawn to the ePush Lock​ which is installed to be invisible from the outside,​ so that opening and closing are achieved by pressing the flap/door​ which ensures no interruption of the outer sealing due to mounting on the inside​. A related design is the eCam electromechanical latch for all types of cam locks​ which may be installed in new and existing systems.​ Locking/Unlocking may be achieved in a stand-alone guise also with a keypad or RFID card reader​ and for integration into access control systems or machine controls​.

A typical mechanical example is the Double Red compression latch, also available in white for a special look or in black made of eco-material. The rotary handle is only lockable in the closed state and provides a robust solution for many years of use – it is tamper and vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373.

Our EMKA engineers explain that they have a single-point latch​, a safety quarter turn, a 90° 3D hinge and a compression latch-hinge plus a 180° gear hinge, together with accessories such as a bow-type handle and an emergency hammer to complete the installation

Our deep historical involvement with customers for enclosure and cabinet hardware allows us to understand changing market requirements and to feed these changes back into standard ex-stock products – it also enables us to develop high quality application specific, ie custom products, to suit new production or installation needs. In fact many of our standard Read more

In the field of train technology, EMKA has sought collaboration on a number of successful projects: whether in the Munich Underground, the Bangkok Metro, or the London Tube. And the next project has long been in the pipeline. EMKA locking systems will be used again by Siemens in the new Mireo Plus H (hydrogen-powered) and Read more

EMKA Panel Building Hardware for Road and Rail specialist vehicles

In specifying panel building hardware for road and rail specialist vehicles the team here at EMKA recognise that customers frequently require higher performance than might be available from other generic components. To this end we have developed application focussed products such as the Double-Red, ePush and eCam lock mechanisms which are coupled with various stainless Read more

New multiple interlocking systems with flat rods and cams from EMKA offer an excellent solution that can ensure large doors are locked evenly over their entire height or circumference. This means that with up to seven closure points – or more with extensions, so that when operating just one handle, several locking points are locked Read more

EMKA Quarter turn locks for specialist panel builders

The team here at EMKA explained recently that our expanding program of quarter turn locks and latches are very much targeted toward specialist panel and vehicle builders where rugged high performance is required – a good example being use on railway panels both lineside and on rolling stock, many of which are also required to Read more

EMKA eCatalogue

Now you can always be up to date on what’s happening with EMKA by registering to receive our newsletter, also now with the exclusive special catalogue “Locking technology for railroad industry” as eCatalog – filled with innovative new products that meet the special technical requirements for the railroad industry. This catalogue is now available as Read more

EMKA catalogue download

EMKA catalogue download

For the convenience of our customers we offer the possibility for many downloads from our website – this includes our current main catalogue which covers the range of EMKA Ingenious Locking Technology for Cabinets and Enclosures plus a full coverage of hinges, handles, sealing profiles and accessories Read more

EMKA – Enclosure hardware for Air Conditioning equipment

We are aware that the heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry is one of the most important application areas requiring specialised locks, hinges and sealing profiles. For this reason, we are constantly developing our portfolio for this sector and optimising a separate sector range to meet the requirements of these HVACR customers. Among other Read more

We are pleased to advise that our expanding range of extruded gaskets for enclosures and other purposes are available for sealing of industrial cabinets and enclosures, also for use on commercial and specialist vehicles as well as street furniture. They include self-adhesive, self-grip (clip-on), channel fixing and window types (with expansion insert). The range includes Read more

EMKA digital security with mobile phone app

Our new “EMKA mobile” app, transforms mobile phones into the digital key for a sophisticated locking solution. In the future, it will be possible to trace, manage, and access allocated handles with various levels of permission determined by specified user profiles. This way, EMKA mobile secures personalised access and once again supplements the range of Read more