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EMKA hinge without a hinge pin

This new product is a clever addition to our hinge portfolio – a screw-on hinge from the 1056 program without a separate hinge pin .

On the one hand, this results in significant cost advantages compared to conventional screw-on hinges with hinge pins. On the other hand, the design enables tool-free assembly within a few seconds. To do this, the two identical hinge halves are first inserted into each other in the 270° position.

Then the fitter brings the assembled hinge halves into the intended 180° position. Both halves are already firmly connected to each other, even without a hinge pin. In the 180° position, the hinge is now fixed to the intended application area with countersunk screws.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can supply the hinge already pre-assembled or as individual hinge halves for the self-assembly – it is available in three different sizes: 60 x 60 mm (M8), 50 x 50 mm (M6) and 40 x 40 mm (M5).

EMKA Smart lock management for outdoor cabinets

SICHERT is a company that produces outdoor and multifunctional enclosures as part of a secure system for complex infrastructures. They focus on development of intelligent enclosures that are individually tailored to their customers, and are specialists for Serving Area Interface (SAI) cabinets. That is to say multifunctional cabinets (MFC), pop systems and fibre optic network distributors. One focus is on establishing future-oriented market trends such as the construction of fibre optic, 5G and LoRa networks for the integration of future smart cities.

To achieve proper access control, SICHERT and EMKA have combined their know-how – resulting from many years of good cooperation between these two partners. Fundamental to the development was considering how to combine EMKA’s locking technology with SICHERT enclosures to increase the security of the outdoor enclosures without affecting the convenient operation “look & feel”.

The result of this development was KeyLoS, short for KeyLocation System, which allows the enclosure to be locked mechanically without a physical key. It is an electronic access system consisting of three components and the enclosure: Hub, electronic swinghandle and power bank. Since the FCC series are purely passive fibre optic network distributors, inductive charging is particularly important here.

These systems are referred to as fibre to the home (FTTH). The aim is to ensure fast data rates for consumers and businesses in the long term. Fast internet and interference-free telephony: ensuring this is again the work of outdoor switch cabinets or multifunctional cabinets. The physical infrastructure required for connection of companies and households to the fibre optic network consists of a digital network of nodes. More precisely, key locations such as data centres, PoPs and outdoor enclosures in the field. These enclosures are part of a vital infrastructure: their network covers telecommunications – telephone, internet and TV for individual households – in large areas.

With its FCC system family, SICHERT addresses the expansion of FTTH networks. The company has developed six housing sizes for pre-assembled fibre optic network distributors: a uniform series for any expansion with just one system. Having thus created the standard for network distributors, the company has now added the KeyLoS solution to the system family. KeyLoS is a stand-alone product that can be used in all types of enclosures – including infrastructures such as server cabinets, for which EMKA also manufactures smart handles.

The idea behind KeyLoS emerged from a fundamental problem: ­because the maintenance of distribution cabinets depends heavily on their security which includes dangers such as vandalism and damage through accidents, thunderstorms or floods. The management of the associated physical keys is of crucial importance. This is complicated for staff as well as for service providers and causes problems time and again. Monitoring the enclosures does not occur and represents a massive security problem for the critical infrastructure. These manual systems are very labour-intensive and costly and can be a significant challenge for the company.

The KeyLoS HUB provides the connection to the management software. Access rights are managed centrally in these systems, locations are monitored, and all activities at the enclosure are registered and reported. In addition, administrators can issue and revoke keys in real-time. The enclosure is accessed via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE 4.0). The app is used to request keys and to open and lock them digitally.

The responsible employee can monitor the status of all cabinets via real-time monitoring, manage central access rights, create all locations, monitor these systems, and receive an immediate notification of activities at the cabinet. Keys are also issued and revoked in real-time. Another highlight: as the power supply for passive locations is induction-based from the outside, there is no need for a battery in the enclosure that has to be maintained and thus no physical key to open the enclosure when the battery is empty. In addition, as a white label solution, the system is open to other applications.

The result is an outdoor lock management system with huge potential. Thomas Fila, CEO of SICHERT, explains: “In the future, SICHERT would like to use KeyLoS as a universal management system to drive forward topics such as sensor technology and the Internet of Things – for example, for air quality measurement.” Andy Billingham, MD EMKA (UK) agrees “we are always delighted to partner on large scale projects such as this wherever they are”. Contact EMKA here.

EMKA folding T recessed handles

Following our announcement of the newly upgraded retractable handle, we should also mention the recent new variants of this folding T handle now available.  These locks are extremely robust and dedicated for use on heavy or oversized doors or flaps with a thickness of up to 4 mm. Therefore, we have also designed these systems to be much larger and stronger than the recently revised basic version.

These new robust dish handles are available in two different materials. In the first material variant, the dish and the handle are made of zinc die. Both components can be supplied chrome-plated or powder-coated – or in combination – depending on the customer’s requirements. The second variant comprises a stainless steel dish combined with zinc die or stainless steel T-handles.

EMKA - standard enclosure hardware to suit specialist engineering sectors

Our team here at EMKA have noted that the market for standard enclosure hardware has blossomed into multiple sectors, so ensuring that housings of all types can be fitted with the most appropriate, up to date and cost-effective components to directly suit the application. For example, in addition to offering protection against the ingress of dust and water, standard modular locks, handles, hinges, gaskets and swinghandles are frequently needed with grounding protection, vibration resistance or a lock position indicator. We contend that specialist enclosure hardware for mechanical engineering should also meet specific challenges regarding fire protection, compression, ease of use and multipoint closure e.g. in tall doors or through large sheet thicknesses.

UK MD Andy Billingham has pointed out that allied to use of quarter-turn latches, we now offer a new eCam electromechanical cam lock which provides a universal, electromechanical latch with small internal footprint for new and existing systems. This Innovation Award Winner 2019 incorporates locking/unlocking as a stand-alone solution with keypad or RFID card reader – it may be integrated into access control systems or machine controls and has a mechanical emergency opening​ function.

​For high-end Biometric security we now offer an “at the door” Data Centre Biolock system with introductory demonstration kit, which allows engineers to explore and evaluate a physical, hands-on example. This innovative EMKA Biolock system for server racking enables interested security engineers to see for themselves how the system works.

On the other hand, gasket sealing is perhaps the closest a product gets to being universal, so the we present a comprehensive collection of technical information plus an illustrated listing of sealing profiles showing standard ex-stock sections – downloadable at www.emka.com/uk_en/services/download/industry/.

Gasket seals in EPDM, NBR and silicone are appropriate for use on specialist/general-purpose industrial enclosures and cabinets such as electrical and electronic housings, also for the arduous environments found in the food and agriculture industries. Sealing profiles are illustrated for specialist vehicles used in sport and leisure, e.g., caravans, motor homes etc also for rescue and service vehicles, railway carriages, indoor and outdoor, offshore and underground which may require fire-resistant and EMF screening. These are complemented by our gasket joining service which provides complete machine sealed and joined assemblies of rings and frames for quick installation.

Railway related products include compression locks and latches, safety latches with visual open/closed status indication, low profile flat design swinghandles, RIC compliant quarter turns, flush mounting quarter turns, floor-mounted latches, stainless steel components, protected latches for high-speed trains, special cams and escutcheons, slam locks, and deadbolts. Our catalogue is available online as a PDF for download at https://www.emka.com/uk_en/services/download/transport/.

Locking solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVACR hardware solutions from EMKA) are designed to deal with indoor or outdoor installations, with appropriate degrees of sealing and corrosion resistance. They can suit internally pressurised systems with internal safety handles on heavy, thick doors where operation may be needed with gloved hands. They comply with the special requirements of the HVACR sector and meet the relevant standards such as DIN EN 1886 or VDI 6022.

EMKA custom product sampling

As a global leading supplier of standard hardware, we are also acutely aware that much of our customer needs are for custom items – whether slightly modified or completely original. This means that a very quick turnaround development track is required which parallels our normal processes from concept to production/delivery. Key to this is that Read more

EMKA – hardware for specialist high speed water shuttle

When thinking of French luxury brands, Chanel or Louis Vuitton come to mind. But what about EMKA? Well yes, when it comes to our partnership with Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels, a manufacturer of catamarans for passenger transport. EMKA hardware components reliably close the entrance doors, flaps, and entrances to the engine compartment – among other things Read more

EMKA silicone gasket – FDA compliant

We now have standard sealing profiles in FDA compliant blue silicone for gasketing enclosure doors and for locating inspection windows.  The enclosure gasket is a self-clamping “P” design while the window seal has a clamping action fixed in place with a locking profile Read more

The EMKA integrated system

We are well known as manufacturers of enclosure hardware – hence our slogan of  “everything but the enclosure”, in fact we pride ourselves on our position as an international market leader for locks, latches, hinges and seals used in switch and control cabinets. So it is interesting to realise that behind the huge range of Read more

EMKA Outdoor lock management intelligent control

Fast Internet and interference-free telephony is the purpose of many outdoor control cabinets or telecommunications enclosures. Their outdoor installation at the roadside sometimes makes them a target for vandals and hackers. In order to protect the sensitive electronics and only allow access to authorised persons, EMKA has developed an outdoor lock solution: Our Low Power Read more

EMKA retractable handle on power generator

                New developments on the retractable handle that we reviewed in November – our website now lists a range of new variants and updates. This handle style finds wide-ranging applications on flaps, lids and doors. They are to be found on trucks, dump trucks, cranes, excavators, special vehicles Read more

Clip-on style gasket profiles for specialist enclosures and vehicles

As manufacturers of “everything but the enclosure” here at EMKA we focus carefully on each aspect of industrial enclosure design – nowhere more so than in the production of gasket sections which are absolutely vital in the provision of effective door seals. Exclusion of fingers, tools, dust and water are essential features for all electrical Read more

EMKA mould and tool making

We are really proud that our in-house operations include all the factors that are needed to initialise and produce a component from your drawing to your workshop door. In particular, EMKA manufactures our own tooling and moulds for  custom products in:     Plastics Zinc Aluminium Stainless steel and sees this very much as a Read more

Biometric locking from EMKA for server racks and electronic cabinets

EMKA continues to lead the cabinet security industry with our biometric “at the door” system for data centre racking and other sensitive data applications across the financial and public service environments, as well as for vulnerable industrial situations. Andy Billingham, MD here at EMKA UK, points out that “Biometric locking is recognised as the ‘gold Read more

We have become increasingly aware of the need for anti-vibration capability in enclosure/cabinet hardware and have responded with a variety of product solutions in our standard ranges. Materials include zinc die in black or chrome finish and stainless steel for all types of doors and panels – plus our specialist compression hinge/latch with pressure relief Read more