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In addition to our general industrial catalogue covering all the locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles, sealing profiles and accessories for enclosures and cabinets we also have a range of downloadable catalogues dealing with products for specialist areas:

Electronic Locking Systems for Cabinets and Housings

EMKA Rack Management 

Software Control Cockpit

Agent E Wireless and Wired

Railroad Industry

Mobile Homes and Trailers

Rail and Road

Production expertise

EMKA CAD for locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles, gasket.

For panel builders and design engineers our EMKA website offers a special, time saving service to make design and production of enclosures and cabinets simpler, quicker and more accurate :

Design data is available for online download in the internationally used exchange formats, STEP and IGES. Search functions are available according to part numbers or product groups.
All 3D formats generated by Pro/Engineer can easily be taken over into any designer software.

As ever if you need further help please do contact us.

New locks, handles, hinges and gasket website at EMKA UK

Once again in keeping with our motto “Everything but the Enclosure”, as market leader we here at EMKA have relaunched our website covering enclosure and cabinet hardware – from locks and swinghandles to hinges, handles and gasket sealing profiles.

The fresh new design website at www.emka.com is technically state-of-the-art with search engine optimisation and presentation in 10 languages to ensure that customers can find it and navigate easily.

We have ensured that the full range of functionality is available including download of CAD drawings for direct integration into customers’ designs and download of catalogues, including those for specific industrial sectors.

In addition this new design is responsive to desktops and all mobile devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

An augmented search facility is provided to enable customers to quickly and easily find what they need.

EMKA enclosure hardware

Now with our new website in operation it is a good time to check out the new products which we have introduced recently, for example –

  • a short swinghandle series 1325 for confined spaces
  • Clip-in quarter turn for quick assembly without tools
  • HVAC locking hinge with pressure relief
  • Wing knob compression latch for low security, high sealing protection roles
  • Program 1020 quick locking 1/4 turn system with high sealing level

And as always of course please do contact us to discuss your enclosure or cabinet hardware needs.

Biometric Access Control

EMKA Biometric Access Control – Compliance, Audit, Integrity

For datacentre managers and others with an interest in physical protection of cabinet and enclosure content either to protect critical data or simply to prevent tampering with control systems we have provided a new page on this site dedicated to our systems offered in conjunction with Digitus Biometrics. The EMKA biometric systems operate under the four - Read more ...

Enclosure hardware security from EMKA UK

In this white paper Andy Billingham discusses how new demands in the area of industrial security drive a continuous development process in tandem with new materials and production technologies. He suggests these demands may be most easily categorised as: Very low level – no access restriction but protection of personnel and equipment required – a - Read more ...

New EMKA Catalogue has even more ingenious locking technology – locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles and gasket

We now have available our 2017/2018 general catalogue packed full of established products and many new ones. These include quarter-turn locks and latches, an extensive modular program of swinghandles with matching rod locking systems and enclosure/cabinet sealing gasket profiles. Substantial space is given over to hinges for prominent and flush doors. The catalogue is available free in - Read more ...

EMKA hardware for industry

Wherever you find a cabinet or enclosure you can also find EMKA providing access control - securing people and equipment across industry - like this production line where we see numerous desks, cabinets, enclosures, boxes and specialist control panels. "Everything but the enclosure" has been a continuing theme for us in provision of locks, swinghandles, hinges - Read more ...

Specialist handles for HVAC panels from EMKA UK

Read the full whitepaper here: www.emkablog.co.uk/hvacpanelhardware. The global HVAC industry is rapidly changing with a trend to natural refrigeration systems, although these still need controls and compartments. Such systems match the needs of a growing building industry worldwide including stores and offices with a parallel demand for large HVAC installations. This, together with constant upgrading - Read more ...

Quick assembly IP69K quarter-turn latch from EMKA

Our new quarter-turn latch combines the ruggedness of zinc die with robust engineering grade polyamide in an IP69K quick clip-fit assembly which enables time and cost savings in the production phase of enclosures, housings and access panels, while ensuring an exceptionally high degree of sealing for harsh environments. Insert/escutcheon assemblies are available in zinc die/polyamide, polyamide/zinc - Read more ...

EMKA Website front page

We are delighted to have a new look ( and mobile friendly) website - live today our new site can be found here giving a stylish new look to the quality EMKA range of cabinet and enclosure hardware - as always we aim to supply " Everything but the Enclosure" with specialist locks, handles, swinghandles - Read more ...

EMKA toggle latches and handles

Call them toggle latches, over-centre catches, wire latches, hook clamps, latch clamps - whatever you call them, here at EMKA we have a great selection in plated steel and stainless steel for industrial and general purposes - most of us have seen them used on packing cases but they are widely used for closing panels - Read more ...

New locks, hinges and sealing options

It feels like Manufacturing industry has been out of sync with the high street for a very long time - since the 70s this has been the case - there seems to be a lag whereby when the high street is squealing about "lack of interest" - and even the stock markets are bemoaning "lack of sentiment" - Read more ...

EMKA vehicle door sets

EMKA vehicle door sets

Hardware fittings for specialist vehicles such as caravans, trucks, horseboxes, coaches and similar have very particular requirements in terms of, for example, safety flush fitting and ease of use, or the need to fit within very thin panels - our range of vehicle hardware addresses these requirements. A good example is the 9301 recessed circular - Read more ...