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EMKA self-adhesive gaskets now certified for hygiene applications – also as punched sheet gaskets

Our Gasket Sealing Profiles for enclosures and other purposes are available in many thicknesses and widths of self-adhesive closed cell EPDM or Chloroprene rubber (CR) backed with non-stretch self-adhesive tape.

We are pleased that now, as part of our ongoing development program, these self-adhesive gaskets have recently received certification to hygiene standard VDI 6022.

These sections also suit specialist vehicles and electrical/electronic cabinets, as well as street furniture with standard stock dimensions available from 30mm width to 80mm and from 5mm depth to 40mm in coils or strips dependent on thickness.

For custom applications then punched flat form gaskets may be offered to specific drawing shapes suitable for wider applications in hygiene related areas, also for motor vehicles, railway carriages, and off-road trucks and machines such as agricultural equipment and fire trucks, coaches and motor homes. Our EMKA team of engineers offer a bespoke custom design service – where there is a requirement for a really different profile then the team are delighted to design, develop and produce to suit specific needs.

Contact us to discuss your hygiene gasket application

Supermarket screens with EMKA hinges

Compliance with hygiene measures has been a top priority in the Corona pandemic – especially in the retail sector, where flexible hygiene protective walls have been protecting customers and employees in the checkout area since the beginning of the pandemic.

So when 200,000 hinges were needed urgently to secure hygienic protective walls for cash desks EMKA were geared up to support our customer with detachable 180° screw-on hinges.

The main requirement was for easy disassembly of the system. On the one hand, the hinges should securely connect the individual segments of the acrylic glass hygienic protection walls, on the other hand, they should be easy to unhinge – if possible, also by the cashier – for example in a low-infection period such as summer. The detachable 180° screw-on hinges 1056-U55 and 1056-U56, consisting of two hinge halves in die-cast zinc, a black polyamide disk and a hinge pin made of stainless steel, were selected.

A total of 14 hinges per hygiene protection wall are now used at each checkout unit. They ensure that the system is extremely easy to disassemble and that employees can quickly detach individual segments if necessary.

EMKA - Brexit planning

As enclosure hardware market leaders, EMKA are looking forward to the new year and have concluded that the worst-case final outcome of Brexit is well known so it is possible to minimise problems by organising for WTO terms in the same way we already do for the rest of the world. This is not new, but it is a change when dealing with continental suppliers. The best case of course will be that if a deal is done with the EU then there will be only minor changes.

Interestingly, every change presents opportunities, so by looking ahead we can also maximise benefits – for example by “doing deals” we can increase stockholding and stabilise prices.

The present situation encourages us all to a co-operative “win-win” approach as suppliers and customers at all levels in the chain organise around the issues.

We should never forget that each company faces both ways as both customer and supplier – there needs to be a common understanding of what it takes to deal with Brexit. Now as we draw near to the final, final, deadline it is interesting to review the response of EMKA to the forthcoming situation. Key to this response is good communication and sharing of goodwill based on historical inter-company and individual relationships.

For EMKA such communication is based on the following steps:

  • To identify key fast-moving product lines across the business and adjust stock schedules accordingly to maximise availability.
  • Optimise the movement of already held buffer stocks between UK and EU facilities.
  • Recognise that those materials imported from mainland Europe and non-EU countries come via a well-established process with robust supply chains and work closely with key suppliers to safeguard supply chains and ensure continuous availability.
  • Encourage customers to review their stock levels and ensure orders are placed ahead of normal timing to protect against delays.
  • Establish a conversation with customers establishing a strategic approach to Brexit and detailing current lead times, estimated customs delays. Subsequently to ask for specific forecasted needs so as to develop stocking of any key items.
  • Ramp up discussions with key Freight Forwarders to mitigate the risk of customs delays into the UK and make preparations for increased customs administration.
  • Continue to review the political landscape on a daily basis, consult with customers and suppliers as well as industry peers as to the best way to mitigate the negative effects of Brexit.
  • Constantly update an analysis of the financial impact of a no deal Brexit, including increased duty and tariffs, increased cost of freight and customs administration, foreign exchange fluctuations and to look at ways to mitigate these factors to ensure minimal impact on customers.
  • Please contact us if you are concerned about continuity of supply or would like information on a forthcoming project.
EMKA rail lock application

EMKA compression locks find application on converter housings and fire-­protection equipment of train systems. Our locking devices are today used worldwide in vehicles for metro systems, for trams and light rail vehicles, for local and regional traffic, in passenger coaches and also for intercity and high-speed traffic.

For EMKA locks we exclusively use materials which are certified according to the currently valid fire protection standards for rail vehicles. The product range includes closures and sash fasteners for the exterior as well as the interior of rail vehicles. Therefore, their use is suitable for all installations of converters on and in the train. These are used for example where it is a requirement that the user must be able to open and close the covers of the converters as quickly as possible.

EMKA hygiene lock installation

EMKA IP69K stainless steel hygiene compression latches with rounded/double flat or triangular key inserts are EHEDG Certified to make equipment in food processing and other hygiene areas more secure against unauthorised access. They are specially engineered to offer tamper and vibration resistance for most industrial installations and are able to withstand frequent high pressure washes Read more

Custom tooling at EMKA

If the huge range of standard products and variants in our EMKA catalogue do not work for your application then we can offer a graduated custom solution from adaptation through to complete original design of all types of hardware from our specialities of locks, handles, hinges, gaskets and swinghandles. We are experts in the casting Read more

Visual indication IP69K stainless steel compression latch

We are always pleased to develop innovative new products for different market sectors – in this case an IP69K compression latch in stainless steel with visual status indication to suit railway and other special vehicle applications. This allows for distanced observation of the lock status – whether the lock is open or closed – If Read more

EMKA cabinet and enclosure hardware developments

It is easy to be taken in by the internet frenzy of retail and tech marketing to think that only the latest and most revolutionary product will do – the latest style, the latest materials, the lowest cost – or the highest. All implying that product life cycles are measured in just a few years Read more

EMKA 1056 hinges for Covid barriers and shields

Construction of Covid protective “spit screens” or barriers is made easier with our robust 1056 program hinges. Supermarket checkouts, shop cashpoints and other public service positions can add the flexibility of hinged protection panels by use of these surface mounted hinges in stainless steel, zinc die or polyamide, metal finish or black. Specifically, the 1056 Read more

New gaskets video

EMKA sealing profiles

https://youtu.be/Q8-7LJh9XsE EMKA supply standard ex-stock and custom industrial gasket profiles for sealing of enclosures, cabinets, vehicle doors and other applications where it is important to exclude dust and or water.   Read more

IP66 and IP65 sealing from EMKA

With a manufacturing site here in Birmingham, EMKA (UK) are well placed to offer excellent delivery of high-quality EPDM gasket profiles whether as self-adhesive cellular foam or P type edge clip-on with spring steel spine, hollow plug-in profiles, window rubbers and edge protection in many standard sections and sizes readily available from stock. Here in the Read more

EMKA Sealing Technology made to measure catalogue

Our New EMKA Sealing Technology 2020 Catalogue covers made to measure Profiles and Frames which greatly enhance the performance and reliability of enclosure gasket installations – this new catalogue contains a wealth of technical information and is downloadable for free on the EMKA website. The EMKA Sealing Technology Catalogue for standard or custom profiles, including Read more

EMKA Railway swinghandle

Open sesame: one swinghandle, multiple security levels! As an experts for hardware components in the rail sector our engineers have reacted to the changing requirements of the rail industry and developed a flat swinghandle with interchangeable components. On the one hand, the new handle creates flexibility for the customer and, on the other hand it Read more

New EMKA 2020-2021 catalogue and supplement

We have again been able to demonstrate our commitment to the arena of industrial hardware components with this new Main Catalogue 2020/2021 which covers our comprehensive range of ingenious locking technology for cabinets and enclosures. A range that has earned the description of “everything but the enclosure” for the way in which specialist panel builders Read more