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EMKA vandal resistant locks

Our team at EMKA have noted the growth of social and industrial dependence on internet cable connectivity – and the way that the roll out of superfast broadband has led to a greater number of cabinets on our streets. At the same time, it seems that there has been an increase in the scope of “street culture” which sees these cabinets as naturally vulnerable features of the public environment.

This has led to us focussing on the issues of vandal resistance for locking outdoor cabinets which has (sadly) become a significant issue. We have therefore responded with a range of swinghandles capable of resisting vandal attack to level RC2 (DIN EN 1630) and other solutions including electronic lock and release mechanisms which allow the door lock to be completely concealed within the cabinet.

For less exposed areas this RC2 capability is complimented with a wide range of swinghandles which meet the need for slightly lower resistance levels, a situation where the swinghandle design is intrinsically appropriate to the task, by virtue of the way the pop out lever is recessed into the escutcheon body with naturally small clearances. This level includes product solutions with double profile half cylinders or with padlock facility – also in tough reinforced polyamide, high quality zinc die or stainless steel.


Smart lock management by EMKA

Smart Lock Management for Outdoor Cabinets – an intelligent all-in-one solution consisting of locking technology and outdoor housing was the goal of the joint development by SICHERT and EMKA. It is intended to replace the management of physical keys through a digital tool and thus combine security and central monitoring in one system. Problem solved: EMKA’s electronic swinghandles enable the mechanical locking of distribution cabinets without a physical key as part of the KeyLoS solution.

EMKA custom product sampling

Initial sample production for custom designs of hardware such as handles, hinges, latches, locks and swinghandles is carried out in-house directly after mould making on one of our many high-quality production machines which are also used for series production. In this way we are able to offer from one single source: initial sample production in a real-life production environment, with no time lags that would otherwise be involved in the loops between mould making and production, otherwise experienced elsewhere.

Contact here to discuss your custom requirements.

EMKA Biolock demonstration kit

In some cases there is no real alternative to a physical, hands-on demonstration or test run. The innovative EMKA Biolock system for server racking is one such example – so to enable interested data centre security engineers to see for themselves – EMKA have created a demo-in-a-case which can be sent out on request.

Clearly seeing a system demonstrated is one thing, operating a system as a client is often quite another. This new kit enables a potential user to see and to operate, and allows EMKA to offer a follow-up system optimally tailored to the clients requirements subsequent to the demonstration.

The Biolock demonstration kit comes complete with hardware as decided upon during the initial consultation housed within a heavy-duty aluminium case, together with a laptop which contains the user software with the demo system already registered onto it. All that remains to be done is for the client to add some users and then start to get used to it.

Benefits to this approach include that the client can use and become compliant with the system in a controlled environment at their leisure with a simple introduction to the complete suite of items – including a parallel phone or online conversation with the demonstrating EMKA engineer.

The kit also presents an opportunity for the client to get to see not just the software but the hardware and how they integrate into the anticipated installation.

The “demo-in -a-case” approach enables the benefits of face-to-face working which allows for complete interaction with software and hardware together with On-Line operation which has its own benefits – such as screen sharing and control of the system by the host which allows the client to control the software and hardware in the same way as they would remotely when deployed in the field.

Contact here for your demo booking.

EMKA gives back to the community

EMKA’s awareness of our social responsibility is demonstrated by attention to issues such as a clean water supply project in West Africa, and the support of women and children in sport. Our involvement at this level enables EMKA to give something back to the wider community on the world and local stages. To this end Read more

EMKA announce new enclosure gasket sealing brochure

Our new EMKA gasket sealing brochure presents a comprehensive collection of technical information plus an illustrated listing of sealing profiles showing standard ex-stock sections – downloadable at https://www.emka.com/uk_en/services/download/industry/. Gasket seals are appropriate for use on specialist/general-purpose industrial enclosures and cabinets such as electrical and electronic housings, also for arduous environments such as in the food Read more


We are delighted to launch our new virtual showroom which enables visitors to quickly find products of relevance to their area of interest and then to explore those products in a similar way that one would if actually visiting an exhibition stand. At the moment we have: Switch cabinets HVACR Systems Railroad Industry Commercial Vehicles Read more

New Railroad components catalogue from EMKA

In line with our policy of providing specialist industries with guidance and support our team here at EMKA have recently issued a new Railroad Industry catalogue detailing the extensive range of locks, handles, hinges, gasket and accessories specifically suited to this industry. The catalogue is available online as a pdf for download at https://www.emka.com/uk_en/services/download/transport/. Railway Read more

Plug in sealing profiles

EMKA hollow section enclosure gasket to fit door channel

Plugin sealing profiles simply insert into a U shaped channel designed to support the rubber section which generally has a series of ribs or ridges moulded along the outside so that they can grip the inside of the channel. This enables the profile to be fitted quickly and securely with only quite light pressure and Read more

New Main EMKA Catalogue

Our new main catalogue is a “must-have” reference for any specialist panel builder or custom vehicle manufacturer – this new 2020/2021 version is now available to download online from the website at https://www.emka.com/uk_en/services/download/industry/. This new edition includes the extensive range of EMKA locks, handles, hinges, gasket, swinghandles and accessories – demonstrating a wide selection of Read more

EMKA custom HVAC locking system

Ventilation and air-conditioning installations have an important task in hospitals, in food processing and in manufacturing industries, for example, they make an essential contribution to the quality of the environment. At the same time, they are required to run efficiently and to withstand high stresses. Sometimes, therefore, it is important that a custom design be Read more

EMKA hinge range

It is difficult to imagine a mechanical device simpler than a hinge – just two plates joined with a pin – so it is amazing just how sophisticated hinge designs have come. To the point that now we are able to offer multiple hinge types enabling customers to find one for almost every industrial application Read more

EMKA Locking solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Our engineers have recently added to their online Guidance notes for particular conditions – in this case dealing with locking solutions for HVACR – i.e. heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. As a market leader with great experience in the area, this is one of the most important industries for the team here at Read more

EMKA IP testing

Before we deliver finished products to the customer, they are put through their paces in the accredited EMKA test laboratory (EMKALab) – where 30 employees work on the creation of new designs as well as prototypes, but above all on the quality management of the products Read more