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Mould making at EMKA for injection moulding of plastics and metals

It was recently announced that we are one of the top three mould makers in Europe – producing 900 moulds a year for plastic injection, e.g. polyamide/glass and Grivery, as well as zinc and aluminium die casting. This is especially of interest to UK companies because of the many advantages to having a European tool maker now that re-shoring is a viable economic choice.

These local advantages include the requirements of development, servicing, adjustment, changing to accommodate new features, changing of injected material, repair in service and any correction that may be required. Naturally our factory builds tooling for their own production but customers also include well-known industry giants such as Hella, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and Fischer Sports (ski).

75 experienced engineers at EMKA are engaged in development, design and CNC programming of high-quality tooling for testing on our own machines under full production conditions. The output includes moulds for plastic injection moulding, zinc and aluminium die-casting, multi-component moulds (2K), moulds for internal gas pressure processes and moulds for IML foils. Complex moulds for insert injection moulding are handled, as well as Zinc die casting moulds – hot runner technology is catered for, as is punch deburring. The custom mould program includes pre-series moulds for all materials and family tools for small quantities all supported with a guaranteed service life.

Our UK sales engineers provide an experienced on-site link to UK manufacturing in order to manage the information flow and ensure correct progress from concept, through samples to sign-off and full-scale production which may also be at the EMKA facility.

EMKA safety quarter turn lock

Our program of Safety Quarter turn locks covers a wide range of materials and sizes with added safety features for a variety of situations. For example there are zinc die, stainless steel and brass with dirt excluding masks, key cylinders and insert locking, plus versions with earthing nut and locking nut. Optical status indicators and low profile head designs are offered especially for road/rail applications.

EMKA expands folding T handle range

Traditional folding T handles offer a popular slimline and very effective solution to locking of panels and doors in many situations where space is limited. So as a market leader of innovative hardware, we have developed our established products into a new range dedicated for use on heavy or oversized doors or flaps of up to 4 mm thickness This expanded range to IP65 now encompasses zinc die and stainless steel manually lockable units with high-security automotive barrels as well as a pad-lockable version and an electro-mechanical central locking system.

Our folding T handles are of robust construction with high-quality surface finishes that make them suitable for use in public visible areas on heavy flaps, doors, floor flaps, etc., for example on commercial and service vehicles, large HVAC units, generators, and automation equipment. Closure is achieved simply by pulling the T handle out from the body of the lock and turning, to operate the latching cam which can be either a roller design or a classic version made of steel or stainless steel in 5 mm material thickness.

The new robust dish handles are available in two different materials. In the first material variant, the dish and the handle are made of zinc die. Both components can be supplied chrome-plated or powder-coated – or in combination – depending on the customer’s requirements. The second variant comprises a stainless steel dish combined with zinc die or stainless steel T-handles.

The design of the opening mechanism offers user-friendliness, stability, and safety – in order to open the door, the T-handle is folded up out of the dish and turned 90°. There is a choice of two round cylinder variants – using either identical or different keys – furthermore, a padlock < Ø 8 mm and/or an enhanced 12 V central locking system can be used to lock the model series 10503. This ensures that essential doors can be secured with two or even three-factor security. For robust longevity and easy operation, the large locking forces are absorbed by solid steel or stainless steel cams in various crankings or alternatively by a 20 mm adjustable roller cam. In order to prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating through the T-dish handle, a foam rubber seal is incorporated inside the chest handle, making it compliant with protection class IP 65.

Because of its large, robust design and high resistance to adverse weather conditions, this new heavy-duty T-dish handle can be used in many areas. The modern design with the flush-mounted lock and the high-quality surface finish also perfectly suits its scope of application on high-end specialist equipment.

EMKA-flip catalogue

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EMKA precision fit closure technology secures robotic controls

For decades, the Robotics and Automation group KUKA has relied on EMKA’s precision fit closures and hinges. So, when they were developing new modular control cabinets for their robot controller and central power supply, the team at EMKA was an obvious choice. Security is vital on these control cabinets which protect the sensitive electronic system Read more

Enhancing aluminium casting capabilities thumbnail

The quality and cost of our Aluminium casting is critical to our custom series production capability and we are therefore delighted that the EMKA Group has acquired the specialist company GSB ­Aluminium GmbH nearby to our main factory. With around 80 employees, the company is an established player in the production of aluminium die casting Read more

Long term partnership reaps many rewards – EMKA locking technolology

For 25 years HANSA Klimasysteme has relied on EMKA for sophisticated locking technology and secure closure solutions. In fact, HANSA Klimasysteme and EMKA have been working together to reliably lock complex air conditioning and ventilation units with fittings and gaskets for over two decades. Their latest project focused on replacing existing components: aluminium parts are Read more

EMKA guarantees a on-time delivery of your enclosure hardware Efficiency and high standards are the key to your success and ours. So we are proud that EMKA has the experience to control logistics requirements into and throughout the UK. Short delivery times from individual parts to ready-to-install assemblies are further convincing arguments in our favor Read more

EMKA locking technology suits international enclosure OEM

Flexible design and reliable application are essential features of hardware components for large enclosure OEMs such as Rittal. In order to set up control and switchgear systems as quickly as possible and to operate them safely, system engineers need a wide range of electro-technical components that must meet a variety of requirements in order to Read more

Locks and latches for special sectors

The history of EMKA is built on customer responsiveness achieved with high-quality innovative engineering to establish a range of standard modular products that can serve many industries – originally this was focused entirely on the enclosure and cabinet market for electrical controls – but this has evolved into a much wider profile of special industry Read more

Toggle latches

EMKA toggle latches

  Our comprehensive range of toggle latches can be used wherever flaps, lids or detachable components need to be fixed and reliably closed. Examples of applications include boxes for trade fair construction and the transport industry. Special adjustable toggle latches with additional springs are also suitable for high tensile loads of several tonnes. These in Read more

EMKA standard enclosure & panel products to suit specialist engineering sectors

Our MD Andy Billingham here at EMKA (UK) recently described how we have historically developed industrial hardware for customer applications with high-quality standard and custom products in an application responsive process that has led us to take ownership of many technologies in-house. This, and the greatly varying environments and operating practices which they are called Read more

EMKA hinge without a hinge pin

This new product is a clever addition to our hinge portfolio – a screw-on hinge from the 1056 program without a separate hinge pin . On the one hand, this results in significant cost advantages compared to conventional screw-on hinges with hinge pins. On the other hand, the design enables tool-free assembly within a few seconds. To Read more

EMKA Smart lock management for outdoor cabinets

SICHERT is a company that produces outdoor and multifunctional enclosures as part of a secure system for complex infrastructures. They focus on development of intelligent enclosures that are individually tailored to their customers, and are specialists for Serving Area Interface (SAI) cabinets. That is to say multifunctional cabinets (MFC), pop systems and fibre optic network Read more