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New from EMKA - stainless steel tamper-proof compression latch for railway use

Vibration and tampering are both addressed with our new Program 1000 stainless steel compression latch for use in railway applications.

This IP65 latch offers a high degree of vandal-resistance by virtue of its tube key mechanism requiring a special internally profiled key to open/close and to operate the 6mm gasket compression featured by turning the key 90° – once to close the latch and then again to compress the gasket.

For clear visual indication the lock has red/green markings and a status arrow on the activating insert which shows the full 180° of movement so as to confirm that the lock is secure. Appropriate tube keys are also supplied.

EMKA HVACR cabinet handles - specialist hardware - specialist installations

As a world-wide market leader in enclosure and cabinet hardware under the banner “Everything but the Enclosure”, we are used to producing high quality niche components from our EMKA engineers. These ingenious locking technology products for HVACR systems fulfil our expectations in this respect.

We are delighted to offer in particular the advanced crossover compression latch/hinge which manages to combine both functions on the one product – so enabling L or R opening or complete panel removal, with the added safety of pressure relief and the added performance of a 5mm gasket compression feature. Designed especially for positive/negative pressure systems, the 1091 latch hinge is a primary example of a specific need being met with ingenious technology.

Our wider HVACR handle range now includes many L handles for inward or outward opening doors – with internal emergency opening and long latch shafts to suit extra-thick insulated doors. Extra-long handles for use with gloved hands and surface mounted cam latches compliment the package to ensure the highest specification compliance of HVACR systems

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at EMKA (UK)
EMKA 1110 polyamide hinge for prominent doors

Reinforced polyamide is an excellent material for specialist hinges to suit wall mounted enclosures and similar – it is light weight, tough and low cost with the ability to be injection moulded precisely into attractive hinges that include simple fixing mechanisms.EMKA 1079 polyamide hinge for prominent doors






In particular our Program 1110 provides a quick and effective installation which enables rapid door removal by means of a single concealed pin. In similar vein our Program 1079 lift off butt style hinges follow a traditional external fit screw on design.


New EMKA eCam electromechanical lock for cam latches offers convenient vehicle security

Our new eCam provides a secure electromechanical locking system to prevent opening of a manually operated latch/lock even when forced from the outside. The EMKA eCam is designed especially for trailers, mobile homes and RVs where it enables multiple locking/unlocking from a remote central point. Each door latch/lock may be selected to suit the individual – Read more …

Most comprehensive swinghandle system from EMKA for cabinets large or small

EMKA enclosure and cabinet locking Systems include both round and flat Rod Controls – with both screw on and weld on possibilities, multiple length options and quick installation designs. Rod systems enable multi-point door closure together with the full range of EMKA swinghandles as well as T and L handles if required. Rods may be – Read more …

New stainless steel railway catch from EMKA

Our new Program 1000 stainless steel quarter-turn latch uses an externally mounted C shaped catch and insert type spanner lock in conformity with RIC for Railway use outside the sealing gasket on enclosures and cabinets. By mounting outside the cabinet frame and outside the gasketing area, panel builders may be confident that the lock installation – Read more …

Edge protection profiles

EMKA edge protection profiles

Edge protection profile sections serve the multiple purposes of protecting personnel from potentially sharp edges, providing a seal to keep out ingress of material objects, protecting the paint finish, sound deadening, aesthetic enhancement and so on. All these roles reflect the function of enclosures or other protective panels – so as you would expect EMKA – Read more …

EMKA quarter turn locks

Largely under the grouping of quarter turn locks we find spanner locks, insert locks and key locks – often also referred to as latches – although strictly speaking of course “latch” refers to the cam action itself which may not involve a key of any sort. The term spanner locks describes a latch designed to – Read more …

Rail vehicle hardware

New EMKA Catalogue – Ingenious Locking Technology 2018/2019

Solutions for the railways EMKA product ranges specifically for the rail industry are characterized by their modular design, versatility and high quality. They meet the specific requirements of the industry and correspond to the relevant national and international standards such as EN 45545 “Railway applications – Fire protection of railway vehicles”. Besides some 15,000 standard – Read more …

New EMKA Catalogue – Ingenious Locking Technology 2018/2019

This new 2018/2019 catalogue covers our comprehensive range of over 15,000 ingenious locking technology products – in fact “everything but the enclosure” certified to ISO 9001. EMKA is the world market leader for locking systems, hinges and gasketing for switch and control cabinets and in the sectors of HVACR, food technology and transport – we – Read more …

EMKA stainless steel compression latch for hygiene areas and washdown

Our quarter turn for hygienic areas meets hygiene standard acc. to DIN EN 1672- and DIN EN 14159. This item is completely IP 65, not only from outside to inside (common Standard), but also within the application. It is also tamper and vibration-proof –  the compression latch is designed to be vibration-proof as such but – Read more …

EMKA Gasket tooling capability

As most people know we have a truly extensive range of standard gasket profiles in materials such as EPDM, neoprene, PVC, black nitrile, natural rubber, and silicone, but as engineers often find there can be advantages to a custom design. So, we are delighted that our manufacturing division have taken the step of adding further – Read more …

New 2018 Electronic and Biometric Locking Catalogue from EMKA

Because threats to data security are internal to organisations as well as external, securing physical access to server cabinets is essential. That’s why corporations, military units and intelligence communities rely on EMKA-Digitus Biometrics, and stemming from this partnership there is now a full and free catalogue on the EMKA-Digitus range of Electronic and Biometric locking – Read more …