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Saltspray testing equipment at EMKA

In house accredited testing is vital to our custom and standard product development programs – it underpins quality throughout the creation cycle – so we are delighted that our newly relocated and expanded laboratory has recently been upgraded with new equipment.

This upgrade allows an even stronger focus on customer applications, i.e. to define product requirements in direct discussion with the customer and to test the product hand in hand with the EMKA Design Department.

Saltspray test chamber at EMKA

The aim is to offer a wider range of tests since nowadays the requirements for quality and reliability are constantly increasing. This is achieved by upgrading the laboratory equipment: A new, state-of-the-art salt spray testing facility was integrated into the new premises. A new test procedure from the field of environmental simulation, a vibration test facility, will also be added shortly. This procedure is used to test the resistance of products in the installed state and during transport to prevent shock and vibration stresses. Test parameters for railroad applications can also be examined. Last but not least, the test range of the durability test is also extended.

EMKA silicone gasket - FDA compliant

These four new gasket sealing profiles are produced in FDA compliant silicone to suit food and pharmaceutical applications for panel doors and window inserts.

EMKA FDA compliant window gasketEMKA filler profileEMKA Silicone P gasket
EMKA manufacturing capability

Our engineering team at EMKA pride themselves on their flexibility when catering for individual custom specifications – made possible by our uniquely high level of in-house production whereby we are in control of the entire production flow from the concept to the finished product.

It is important to us that our large standard component production also supports a major capability to meet customer hardware needs beyond the standard. This is possible because of the expertise gained in the casting of stainless steel, injection-moulding of zinc and high-performance plastics as well as in extruding of rubber and plastic profiles. Additional manufacturing technologies are punching, bending, lathe machining, milling and coating of modular product solutions.

During the entire manufacturing process, a high level of product quality and reliability is guaranteed by having our own tool and mould-making department as well as state-of-the-art design, development and testing processes.

Contact us to discuss your non-standard hardware requirements.



EMKA multi point twist-clamp-closure

Users of twist-clamp closures know that as soon as an enclosure or cabinet door or HVAC access flap is needs closing at several points, then a number of simultaneous manual operations are often necessary to secure it properly. With our new adaptive EMKA turn-clamp-lock system this usually tedious process is a thing of the past. Our engineers have greatly simplified the closing procedure by means of an innovative multipoint locking system in modular format.

EMKA – Mechanical Engineering enclosure hardware

In our latest website guidance upgrade we are delighted to address the closure issues of control cabinets and enclosures in mechanical engineering, where they must meet the most diverse requirements, primarily of course the criteria of safety, locking and operating convenience as well as durability even under demanding conditions. Specialist panel builders serving this industry Read more

We have recently enhanced our online guidance for varying industrial sectors as an aid to specialist enclosure manufacturers. We recognise that the demand for high performing locking solutions is growing as the protection of data and equipment, in general, has become more and more important. Therefore, we are pleased to offer robust mechanical and advanced Read more

EMKA switch and control cabinet hardware

Our new locking systems guide by industry sector helps to show typical packages for your industry sector – matching locks, swinghandles, locking mechanisms, hinges and gasket to suit door requirements and to optimise your cabinet installation while saving costs Read more

Locking, hinging and sealing options for electrical and electronic cabinets – and for commercial and rail vehicles – and for caravans and motorhomes

A difficult and challenging year lies behind us – but now we are looking ahead, and we are starting the new year 2021 again committed to supporting our customers to the best of our ability and with due recognition of the present difficulties. We continue to maintain our philosophy to provide “everything but the enclosure” Read more

EMKA Happy New Year

We have all been away over the Christmas holiday and return to a different world with a Covid vaccine and Brexit finally done – we hope all our customers had a lovely break and have a prosperous 2021. We have stocked up and prepared so that we can continue to support the UK enclosure industry Read more

EMKA accessories can sometimes be overlooked but may be the perfect answer to a problem – like these IP65 double skin clear polycarbonate windows for thick insulated doors – so valuable on refrigeration systems and HVAC pressure installations where visual checks have to be done without opening the door.   These 200mm round porthole style Read more

New Anti-microbial bow handle from EMKA – for domestic, public, industrial use

Our new 1095-36-WI bow handle with the optional cover is designed to meet increasing hygiene regulations which require anti-microbial characteristics for use in highly frequented environments. These are situations where particular attention must be paid to potential exposure and include areas of public access, also in medical technology settings or in the food industry. Other Read more

EMKA specialist brochures

EMKA hardware covers a wide range of specialist niches – so we have assembled our products into easy to reference groups which match common requirements for some important industrial sectors where we are able to match our technology with the specific needs and practices of our customers applications. These can be viewed and downloaded here Read more

EMKA self-adhesive gaskets now certified for hygiene applications – also as punched sheet gaskets

Our Gasket Sealing Profiles for enclosures and other purposes are available in many thicknesses and widths of self-adhesive closed cell EPDM or Chloroprene rubber (CR) backed with non-stretch self-adhesive tape. We are pleased that now, as part of our ongoing development program, these self-adhesive gaskets have recently received certification to hygiene standard VDI 6022. These Read more