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New specification all EPDM integral gasket and spine from EMKA

A spring steel spine on a P section gasket is a simple, effective way to provide an excellent gasket function for enclosure and vehicle doors. To date this has been achieved with an EPDM bubble sealing profile attached to a PVC spring carrier, however now EMKA have developed an integral section which combines both in one EPDM moulding.

This integration provides many advantages – EPDM is itself a more dynamic material than PVC making it easier to fit while conforming to door contours and providing good temperature, UV and ozone resistance in service. At the same time, a unified moulding shows a cost benefit to installers, plus it is less hazardous in fire situations.

New integral EPDM gasket is available ex-stock from our Coventry sales warehouse where custom sections can also be discussed.

As a specialist hardware company we are pleased to carry extensive stock of standard gasket profiles for enclosures, cabinets, vehicles, HVAC and similar. These extruded sections provide a simple and effective means of sealing to common IP ratings such as IP44, IP55, IP65, IP66 protecting against ingress of dust or liquids when installed face-to-face between a door and cabinet frame. Other sections install edge-to-face and yet others seal inspection windows or provide a wiping action. Paint protection and compensation of varying gap thicknesses are further important uses for gasket sections.

Profiles in EPDM, neoprene, PVC, black nitrate and natural rubber cover traditional expanded closed cell (self-adhesive) foam, through wiping blade and bubble or P type sections, with self-grip (clip-on), channel fixing and window type (with expansion insert), to more complex multi-functional and custom designs perhaps with fillers or flocked weather strips and supported sections with internal or flange structural support.

EMKA electronic locking for Tecnolimit roadside cabinets

EMKA help Tecnolimit make roadside data traffic safe in the Netherlands – 

The necessary infrastructure for high speed fibre based internet across Holland has long been under construction and flows into several hundred telecommunications enclosures, which are distributed all over the country along the roadside. The Dutch company Tecnolimit from Heusden is responsible for design, assembly and installation.

Their specification was that first, the handle should be mechanically robust, then secondly that the closures should be electronically monitored with an alarm received in the respective control centre in case of an unauthorised opening.

The schedule for this entire project was extremely tight so that our design and production engineers had only a few months to optimise and manufacture the swivel handle, based on these requirements. However, the process functioned smoothly, so that the installation of the circa 500 control cabinets with approximately 1500 EMKA swivel handles could be started by Tecnolimit. The goal is to have all enclosures installed by 2021 all across the Netherlands. Read the whole story here

EMKA eCam retro-fit electronic locking mechanism

We are now offering a retro-fit eCam system as an upgrade for mechanical locks and latches

The eCam facilitates electronic locking for quarter-turns and other latching without the need to change doors or panels on machine controls, machine guards, control and data housings, so ensuring major time and cost savings over the alternative of re-installing new cabinets. eCam is UL and DIN certified.

Other applications for eCam include trailers, mobile homes and RVs where it enables multiple locking/unlocking from a remote central point.

Each door latch/lock may be selected to suit the individual door so that it engages into the eCam. Variants of eCam include no-status-indicator, status-indicator-included or with-status-indicator-and-automatic-unlock in case of power failure. Supply voltage required is in the range 9V – 32V and emergency opening is facilitated by means of a bowden cable mounting kit if required. A video of the eCam operation can be viewed at www.emkablog.co.uk/videos/.

The “safety” version in particular opens up completely new applications in machine and switchboard cabinet construction. Due to the type approval according to EN ISO 14119 as “position switch, design type 1” (Machinery Directive) and EN ISO 13449 as “monitoring device with performance level d”, eCam can be used as a monitoring element for machine housings or switchboard cabinet doors. eCam signals an open door to a higher-level control system, which ensures that a machine is taken out of service or a cabinet is powered off.

EMKA Single-factor, Multi-factor – front door, rear door linked data cabinet security

We are all used to “chip and pin” and increasingly we use our fingerprint to gain access to our computer or smartphone. EMKA/Digitus technology enables us to combine these at the last point of entry – the final point of defense. For our purposes, in a secure data centre we can employ pin, card, fingerprint Read more

EMKA enclosure accessories

EMKA’s theme of “everything but the enclosure” is certainly an excellent aspiration and for many applications seems to be a practical offering. So, when it comes to enclosure component hardware, we have expanded into the space of the enclosure/equipment interface. A place where useful items such as a protective escutcheon, panel mounting brackets, cable shunting Read more

EMKA 3D CAD downloads for locks, hinges, handles, wingknobs, spanner locks, swinghandles

For the convenience of our design engineer customers and to ensure you save time on each project we provide a special, practice-oriented service of design data downloads available in the internationally accepted exchange formats, STEP and IGES. This includes search functions available according to part numbers or product groups. All 3D formats generated by Creo Parametric Read more

EMKA cover stay and door stop solution to wind and gravity problems

We are aware that the generic problem with many doors and access panels is often that they have a large surface area – easily caught by wind and able to generate a lot of force. This makes maintenance or installation/updates a difficult problem and potentially a painful one. Similar problems exist where a door/panel is Read more

Ingenious locking and hinge technology from EMKA

EMKA are market leaders in ex-stock and custom provision of specialist enclosure and cabinet hardware for the electrical, electronic, data centre, HVACR and transport industries. This is covered by our philosophy to provide “everything but the enclosure” including locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles, gasket from stock in depth at our Coventry warehouse. “Everything but the enclosure” grew Read more

This new range of stainless steel quarter-turn catches now includes the Program 1000 System incorporating a sealed cover. This is especially valuable for railway applications or other situations where a floor mounted latch is required and there is a need to exclude the infiltration of dirt and moisture into the latch mechanism.The threaded cover may Read more

Our capacity for high quality mould making to suit a range of material technologies enables us to make high-precision tooling for EMKA group standard products while also  facilitating special designs in series products for external customers –  particularly from sectors such as:Automotive industryElectrical industrySports and leisureFor the production of initial samples and series following the Read more

EMKA offers extra stock of general hardware for doors everywhere

We are delighted that our extensive stock of general door hardware is available to help  customers maintain a continuous supply of components for the production of specialist enclosures/cabinets and vehicles at all times – saving time and worry over possible delays.The EMKA product program includes chest handles, compression handles, surface mounted locks, cam locks, button Read more

EMKA HVACR Air Control

Here at EMKA we seek to not only provides every kind of gasket but also locking systems and hinges for HVACR door installations from a single ex-stock source. From the beginning we at EMKA have sought to meet the needs of the HVACR industry – a process which has culminated in availability of this complete program Read more

IP66 and IP65 sealing from EMKA

We and our local sister company  EMKA Profiles Ltd, – both based in the Coventry-Birmingham area – are looking forward to promoting UK manufactured products at the RICOH Arena, Coventry on 20th June 2019 as part of the “Made in the Midlands Exhibition”.EMKA Profiles Ltd specialise in the manufacture of spring steel inserted profiles which Read more