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Swinghandles, lifthandles, escutcheons from EMKA

Specialist cabinet and enclosure panel builders are frequently in the position of asking “which locking system should I use?” Well as market leaders here at EMKA we have accumulated an extensive portfolio of modular design swinghandles, lifthandles and escutcheons for enclosures, cabinets, access panels and general industrial use to make life easier for specialist panel builders.

With over 30 designs in our 1100, 1200, 1300, 2000 and 3000 series we have all the options covered from IP40 to IP65 and in sizes from small (finger operated) up to large – full hand operation with substantial torque capability for closure of multi-point systems on large doors with significant gasket pull down.

There are a number of variants with electronic locks, remote locking and combination digit manual locks in-built to specific handles, which enable the specialist panel builder or installer to choose a suitable locking handle and internal cam + rods configuration.

Dual locking versions enable 2 person opening with either 2 separate keys or key + manual combination, whereas electronic locking of course permits key fob radio operation or remote unlocking via networked computer managed control.

Standard industry cut-outs are employed to ensure accurate and robust fitment quickly and without incurring extensive labour costs.

EMKA new bridge pull handle

This new bridge type pull handle with cover can be installed easily, is shaped ergonomically, is available in various colours and can even be adapted to the corporate identity of the company using it.

It consists of two parts: the actual grab handle and a cover which can be clipped on by the fitter without using tools. The choice of colour is individual – depending on the taste and requirement of the customer who can also order the handle with the logo or slogan of his company, if required. The cover presents a smooth easy to clean surface –  as an option, this surface is also available as an antibacterial version, for example for the use in sensitive environments such as in medical or food applications. Due to its modern waisted design the new handle is ergonomically optimised with a clean style since the cover disguises the screws and mounting parts. Construction is of glass fibre reinforced plastic.

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Customers can now use the extended search on our website as an advanced product finder. Well-arranged categories and filters for technical product features make it easy to quickly find the correct quarter turn, the perfect hinge and the ideal gasketing. Discover the broad product portfolio of the EMKA catalogue in a comfortably user friendly way.

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Vandal resistant 1317 swinghandle from EMKA for outdoor use

Exposure to the elements all year round, vibrations on the roadside or vandalism – outdoor switch cabinets are exposed to increased stresses. To protect theses boxes EMKA has developed the outdoor program 1317.

With this robust range of IP65  swinghandles we can provide a wide range of solutions: from the cost-efficient plastic variation up to the high-quality electromechanical lock of zinc die cast. The whole range was developed at our in-house technology centre. With regard to the design the focus was put on the special tightness and increased vandalism protection of the locks. The clearances between handle and dish have been made so small that no screwdriver fits in. In addition, the surfaces are as smooth as possible so that no dirt can accumulate or graffiti adhere to them.

EMKA heavy duty latches for 3 point cabinet locking systems

Our EMKA heavy duty range of latches for cabinets provide robust 3 point locking for heavy or large format cabinet doors, such as used for machine controls or power distribution in industrial/engineering environments. These heavy duty latch mechanisms are available for screw-on or weld-on fitment with roller ended round rods running in either weld-on or – Read more …

EMKA sealing profiles catalogue

The EMKA Sealing Profile Catalogue is a comprehensive source of information on the standard sections available from EMKA UK for sealing and protecting of apertures such as doors on electrical or electronic enclosures and cabinets, for specialist motor vehicle doors and access panels, for HVAC panels and for the the general spread of industrial applications – Read more …

EMKA 1500 clip fix quarter-turn locking program for pressured assembly areas

Our 1500 clip fix quarter-turn locking program is specifically designed for time saving in pressured assembly areas – to ensure high levels of enclosure sealing and presentation with minimum effort. IP65 sealing performance is offered with push and click fitting technology, including industry standard insert and cylinder profile locks. Simple round bezel locks are complimented – Read more …

Slide shoe for cams

EMKA slide shoe for cam

Our new slide shoe for all common steel and stainless steel cams protects the cabinet or enclosure frame from damage caused by steel-to-steel contact of cam to frame, where it offers the following benefits: Tool-free assembly and disassembly on all common cams (steel / stainless steel) The slide shoe prevents scratches on the cabinet, therefore – Read more …

Quarter-turn locks from EMKA – important accessories complete installations

Our market leading range of industrial quarter-turn latches and locks offer a quick, simple and affordable solution to a huge variety of closure situations with a practical modular design concept – now enhanced with a wide range of important accessories to ensure proper fitment and performance. Latching cams are a general requirement in a multitude – Read more …

Biometrical access control system Here at EMKA we work on the basis that access control to valuable or sensitive data must not end at the entrance door to the data centre! So we have “at the cabinet” Biometrical access control, combined with our own proven and tested electromechanical swing handles which result in significantly increased – Read more …

Small and medium quarter-turn latches/locks in the new EMKA catalogue

In our new EMKA 2017/2018 catalogue we describe the Program 1012 and 1022 quarter-turn latches and locks in the small to medium size range, for use on small cabinets, wall mounted enclosures, control desks, machine controls, boxes and instrument cases. In these applications simple insert keys, uniform profile cylinder locks and wing knob options will – Read more …

HVAC hinge lock video

Our new HVAC  hinge lock meets all the criteria for securing big air-conditioning units.  By using a height-adjustable hinge bracket, it also makes a precisely adjustable gasket compression possible. https://youtu.be/EOuXWlpFb7A As this video demonstrates, when opening the EMKA HVAC lock, decompression is effected in two steps: First the door is caught by an integrated, patented impact – Read more …

EMKA IP40/IP65 cabinet swinghandle system with swappable cylinders and internal/external rods

Our 1325 swinghandle system is an IP40/IP65 modular design which readily facilitates resetting of lock formats at any stage – from profile half cylinder to electromechanical round cylinder or insert lock. There is also a padlockable version available. This 1325 program includes a simple escutcheon, a swinghandle with rod lock capability within the multi-point door – Read more …

EMKA best-of-manufacturing

Earlier this year we put together a video showing some of our manufacturing processes which we thought that customers would be interested to see – so here it is: Not only does it show the breadth of capability for our modular standard enclosure hardware of locks, handles, swinghandles, hinges and gaskets – but it it – Read more …