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New EMKA Catalogue - Ingenious Locking Technology 2018/2019

This new 2018/2019 catalogue covers our comprehensive range of over 15,000 ingenious locking technology products – in fact “everything but the enclosure” certified to ISO 9001.

EMKA is the world market leader for locking systems, hinges and gasketing for switch and control cabinets and in the sectors of HVACR, food technology and transport – we rank among the leading manufacturers of locking technology as we can see from this new catalogue and accompanying specialist brochures.

Also covered are details of general product notes, IP protection categories, UL/NEMA protection categories, with information regarding REACH, RoHS conformity and the WEEE directive. Further information is provided on gasket tolerances, compressions, resistances and fire protection information, as well as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification.

The new EMKA 2018/2019 catalogue and companion specialist brochures can be downloaded at www.emkablog.co.uk/2018-2019-catalogue or requested by email or phone to sales@emka.co.uk, telephone 024 7661 6505.


EMKA stainless steel compression latch for hygiene areas and washdown

Our quarter turn for hygienic areas meets hygiene standard acc. to DIN EN 1672- and DIN EN 14159. This item is completely IP 65, not only from outside to inside (common Standard), but also within the application. It is also tamper and vibration-proof – 
the compression latch is designed to be vibration-proof as such but depending on the installation location and the operating conditions specific tests may required and/or supplementary measures for fixing found necessary.

EMKA Gasket tooling capability

As most people know we have a truly extensive range of standard gasket profiles in materials such as EPDM, neoprene, PVC, black nitrile, natural rubber, and silicone, but as engineers often find there can be advantages to a custom design. So, we are delighted that our manufacturing division have taken the step of adding further investment toward in-house tooling capability for custom profiles to suit specialist enclosures, automotive applications, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, railside housings and similar.

This custom capability includes custom materials for medical use, fire protection and HVACR (e.g. VDI 6022 covering hygiene standards including biological protection, for example against Legionnaires disease).

Custom profiles cover hollow sections, expanded foam, solid sections, filling sections, multi-component designs, multi-materials for complex gaskets, seamless production with steel spines and vulcanised pre-assembled frames for quick-fit installation.

These extruded sections provide a simple and effective means of aiding customers in sealing to common IP ratings such as IP44, IP55, IP65, IP66 protecting against ingress of dust or liquids when installed face-to-face between a door and cabinet frame. Other sections install edge-to-face and yet others seal inspection windows or provide a wiping action. Paint protection and compensation of varying gap thicknesses are further important uses for gasket sections.

For your custom gasket requirements contact us here.

New 2018 Electronic and Biometric Locking Catalogue from EMKA

Because threats to data security are internal to organisations as well as external, securing physical access to server cabinets is essential. That’s why corporations, military units and intelligence communities rely on EMKA-Digitus Biometrics, and stemming from this partnership there is now a full and free catalogue on the EMKA-Digitus range of Electronic and Biometric locking systems. This includes the world’s most flexible solution set for server-cabinet access control, with options for biometrics, proximity cards, smartcards, and PINs, including single- and dual-factor authentication.

Featuring built-in audit trails, these lock systems automatically document every event – including which cabinets have been accessed, when they were accessed and which individual gained access. They feature multi-factor authentication capable of combining keycard, biometric, RFID smartcard and PIN inputs, seamless enterprise access control integration and freedom to manage the system through a central software platform. This ensures convenience for both system administrators and end-users, built-in audit trail to meet regulatory compliance standards for physical access control and minimal hardware footprint within server cabinets.

Also covered is the db Bus access control system which saves costs by eliminating the need for a controller, network point and power supply at each cabinet. A sophisticated bus architecture distributes fail-safe signals and electrical power from a single controller to up to 64 cabinet door locks. The unit offers multiple options for authentication.

The EMKA 2018 Electronic and Biometric Locking Catalogue is available online at www.emkablog.co.uk/2018-locking-catalogue, or by email or phone request to sales@emka.co.uk, telephone 024 7661 6505.

EMKA Aluminium PROflex window kits for quicker self-assembly

Our modular PROflex aluminium window system enables users to fabricate what they want, when they want it, off the shelf for use as windows or mounting panels with or without depth frame for clearance of door mounted instrumentation. This DIY approach enables panels to be outsourced in non-standard materials to non-standard sizes. It also allows – Read more …

EMKA hollow section enclosure gasket to fit door channel

Our program 1003 hollow gasket is a mainstay for sealing of enclosure doors where they can easily be fitted into a channel around the periphery of the door giving a face to face contact on the enclosure frame. These rectangular sealing profile sections offer a relatively soft compression for exclusion of dust and water, while – Read more …

EMKA toggle and hook latches – quick and convenient spring closure

Toggle latches, over-centre catches, wire toggles, spring catches and so on are a common quick action method of closure for packing of equipment or temporary fitting of masks/jigs etc. So we are pleased that as market leader in enclosure hardware we here at EMKA UK have a comprehensive range for specialist OEMs, installers, manufacturers and – Read more …

EMKA high performance stainless steel hinges for specialist enclosures

Stainless steel is of course known for its robust strength under arduous corrosive conditions and that is exactly why we chose it for our program of specialist cabinet/enclosure hinges. Our range of internal/external screw-on/weld-on designs are specifically developed to complement stainless steel or non-metallic enclosures in frequent wash-down areas or in marine environments. Users of – Read more …

Specialist stainless steel cabinet and enclosure latch/locks from EMKA

Two well-known factors come together – the well understood benefits of stainless steel and the proven design/engineering technologies of EMKA in our range of specialist latches and locks for industrial cabinets and enclosures. EMKA expertise enables the corrosion-resistance and ultimate strength of stainless steel to be developed into the robust longevity of these locking products – Read more …

As innovators and market leaders from our very beginning EMKA seized on the swinghandle concept for it’s many benefits over traditional handle solutions – such as eliminating clothing hazards, reducing space in narrow corridors, reduced transit damage, improved aesthetics, – all good reasons why the swinghandle has become the handle of choice for many specialist – Read more …

EMKA 1200 program Aluminium Windows for vision, for mounting, for protection

Our 1200 program aluminium windows provide visibility, mounting space and protection when used in conjunction with electrical enclosures or cabinets where instrumentation, push buttons or other control equipment requires secondary visibility, mounting or protection. They may be used as a window or as a primary door. The 1200 and 1210 Proflex series come as low – Read more …

Toggle Latches from EMKA UK for commercial vehicle applications

EMKA Toggle Latches are ideal for quick action closure for boxes, cases, cabinets, luggage, and equipment and are available in steel and stainless steel to suit the environment anticipated in transit or onboard a specialist vehicle. Program 6000 toggle latches come in wire loop and rigid loop formats also spring loaded types and special variants – Read more …

Chest handles from EMKA – robust and functional

Making life easier for manual handlers of packing cases, equipment and other transport packaging, this range of chest handles offer a strong and robust grip. Their low profile of only 10mm to 15mm with spring retention to keep the handle in place, ensures a clean installation with ease of use – coupled with comfortable handle – Read more …

EMKA stainless steel hinge for prominent doors

This Program 1110 lift-off hinge made of stainless steel precision casting with an opening angle of 180° is designed for application with framework constructions for prominent doors with an edge return of 20 mm. The hinge is available for door gauges (Ts) of 1.5 or 2.0 mm – Read more …