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EMKA vehicle components

For many years EMKA has been a major partner of the specialist vehicle industries in both road and rail environments. In our in-house technology center, we have developed standard product solutions and customized components and systems for furnishing commercial and specialist vehicles, and railway rolling stock. This product range is also used in vehicle bodies as well as in motor homes and caravans.

Product ranges specifically for the rail industry are characterized by modular design, versatility and high quality meeting the specific requirements of the industry and corresponding to the relevant standards of the branch such as EN 45545 „Railway applications – Fire protection of railway vehicles“.

Whether locks, handles, hinges or gaskets, for various mobile applications these EMKA products always stand for maximum safety and reliability.

For an overview of “Vehicle Accessories from EMKA UK” please see here

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EMKA Plug in gaskets

Our plug in sealing profiles are probably the quickest and easiest way of installing a gasket to an enclosure or cabinet door – no peeling off backing, no cutting corners, no stiff spine to manipulate – just simply push into a channel and trim at the end. We have EPDM in many styles and a selection of silicone based fire protection sections – predominantly these are rectangular sections to fit “U” channels of various sizes offering substantial compression  – but there are others of round form which protrude rather less from the channel and so offer a more compact seal.

EMKA hygiene compression latch

EMKA stainless steel hygiene compression latches now come with both rounded/double flat key insert and a new triangular key insert latch for improved security, which makes this quarter turn program for hygienic areas more secure against unauthorised access. The compression latch program meets hygiene standard DIN EN 1672- and DIN EN 14159 to protection level IP 65 with gaskets that meet the requirements of the FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and VO 1395/2004.

It is notable that the compression design of these latches offers tamper and vibration resistance for most industrial installations and brings together two well-known factors – the well understood benefits of stainless steel, and the proven design/engineering technologies of EMKA, in our range of specialist latches and locks for industrial cabinets and enclosures.

This technical expertise enables the corrosion-resistance and ultimate strength of stainless steel to be developed into the robust longevity of these locking products which therefore enable engineers to “fit-and-forget” confident that designed-for-purpose high quality designs mean that these products save time and replacements costs over their lifetime of service in hygiene, corrosion and washdown areas.

The stainless steel locks and latches program includes quarter-turns, hygiene/wash-down locks, conventional L and T handles, space-saving swinghandles and rod mechanisms, compression locks, safety locks (vibration proof with built-in cover to exclude dirt), ring handle, wing knobs, padlockable handles and heavy-duty latches.


It was brilliant to meet existing and new customers at the first very busy day of PPMA Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham and are looking forward to the next two days. We have a new display incorporating much of our traditional range of locks, handles and hinges especially focused on packaging related machinery – with the addition of a large gasket presentation which attracted a lot of interest. As ever meeting engineers face to face is a great opportunity to add to our understanding of customer needs and market trends – so if you are interested in enclosure hardware then do come and talk we will probably have an ex stock solution – if not then our team of experienced engineers will help establish the parameters for a custom special derivative.

EMKA bow handles with clip fit cover

Our best selling bow-type handle with hexagon polyamide GF black 1095-35 is now available with cover to provide an attractive appearance and an added level of security. The easy fit clip cover is especially useful in public areas where colour options may be required eg for drawers or cupboards Read more

EMKA custom gaskets

While many installations of sealing gasket profiles fit the pattern of a common design, e.g. enclosure door seals, we can readily see from a quick glance at typical applications that often new sections are needed to fit new equipment designs. While being generally of a common concept, e.g. a “P” profile form, the detail design Read more

EMKA specialist gasket profiles for enclosures, cabinets, vehicles, HVAC

EMKA (UK) Ltd and EMKA Profiles Ltd, are looking forward to demonstrating our UK manufactured products at the PPMA Exhibition on 1st – 3rd October at the NEC on stand number G96. EMKA Profiles Ltd specialise in the manufacture of spring steel inserted profiles which are a combination of edge protector with bonded sponge. These Read more

https://youtu.be/agWULTkk4I0 Invisible, comfortable, without handle – a flat design style of locking handle is the trend for mobile homes and many other applications. As an innovation driver, EMKA have developed a new, electronic and invisible electronic ePush Lock for exactly this situation. The user simply opens and closes the door or flap by pressing the Read more

EMKA Gaskets – flame retardant, low smoke, low tox for the rail industry

We are delighted to offer specialist gasket profile sections in flame retardant, low smoke, low tox materials which are primarily aimed at railway applications such as mobile units, coaches, rolling stock, enclosures, station installations and related equipment operating in elevated risk areas. Especially for customers of the railway industry, our engineers have developed a product Read more

New specification all EPDM integral gasket and spine from EMKA

A spring steel spine on a P section gasket is a simple, effective way to provide an excellent gasket function for enclosure and vehicle doors. To date this has been achieved with an EPDM bubble sealing profile attached to a PVC spring carrier, however now EMKA have developed an integral section which combines both in Read more

EMKA help Tecnolimit make roadside data traffic safe in the Netherlands –  The necessary infrastructure for high speed fibre based internet across Holland has long been under construction and flows into several hundred telecommunications enclosures, which are distributed all over the country along the roadside. The Dutch company Tecnolimit from Heusden is responsible for design, assembly Read more

EMKA eCam retro-fit electronic locking mechanism

We are now offering a retro-fit eCam system as an upgrade for mechanical locks and latches The eCam facilitates electronic locking for quarter-turns and other latching without the need to change doors or panels on machine controls, machine guards, control and data housings, so ensuring major time and cost savings over the alternative of re-installing Read more

EMKA Single-factor, Multi-factor – front door, rear door linked data cabinet security

We are all used to “chip and pin” and increasingly we use our fingerprint to gain access to our computer or smartphone. EMKA/Digitus technology enables us to combine these at the last point of entry – the final point of defense. For our purposes, in a secure data centre we can employ pin, card, fingerprint Read more