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EMKA 1500 clip fix quarter-turn locking program for pressured assembly areas

Our 1500 clip fix quarter-turn locking program is specifically designed for time saving in pressured assembly areas – to ensure high levels of enclosure sealing and presentation with minimum effort. IP65 sealing performance is offered with push and click fitting technology, including industry standard insert and cylinder profile locks.

Simple round bezel locks are complimented with wing locks, mini T and large T handles, as well as the traditional L handle design. Each mechanism accepts a variety of cams to accommodate specific door to frame depths. Units are then supplied assembled ready for insertion, requiring only a slide-in clip for secure fitting and complete installation.

Slide shoe for cams

EMKA slide shoe for cam

Our new slide shoe for all common steel and stainless steel cams protects the cabinet or enclosure frame from damage caused by steel-to-steel contact of cam to frame, where it offers the following benefits:

  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly on all common cams (steel / stainless steel)
  • The slide shoe prevents scratches on the cabinet, therefore no paint or material abrasion
  • Improved closing behavior and lower closing torque due to its good sliding characteristics

EMKA slide shoe for cam fitmentThe slide shoe is easily attachable to all common steel and stainless steel cams. Please note: The shoe increases the height dimension (H) of the cam by 2 mm. A similar result can be achieved by using the ramp 1000-U858 (Online catalogue page 1C-170).

See our Online catalogue page 1C-135

Quarter-turn locks from EMKA - important accessories complete installations

Our market leading range of industrial quarter-turn latches and locks offer a quick, simple and affordable solution to a huge variety of closure situations with a practical modular design concept – now enhanced with a wide range of important accessories to ensure proper fitment and performance.

Latching cams are a general requirement in a multitude of sizes to suit door and frame dimensions – likewise for larger cabinets round and flat rod systems with compatible guides and rod controls are an essential fastener in many cases.

Options include specialist hooked cams and slam cam designs – even a combined hook/lever assembly and an internal handle to meet health and safety requirements for walk-in cabinets.

Smaller but extremely useful accessories are covered with a finger-pull to aid opening, dust caps for additional protection and a rotation prevention device for thick/insulated doors with a door mounting dish to allow use of standard lock bodies/cams on extra deep insulated doors.

Biometrical access control system

Here at EMKA we work on the basis that access control to valuable or sensitive data must not end at the entrace door to the data centre!

So we have “at the cabinet” Biometrical access control, combined with our own proven and tested electromechanical swing handles which result in significantly increased physical security with regard to access for racks in data centres.

Product advantages include:

  • Indisputable Audit Trail
  • Authentication at cabinet level
  • Tamper proof event log
  • Remote monitoring via network
  • For new applications and retrofit
  • Quick installation in standard cutouts

Whether for a single server rack or a complete data centre, with single, double or triple authentification or the four-eyes principle – this system stands for ultimate security to protect assets and data.

Contact us in Coventry for further information.

Small and medium quarter-turn latches/locks in the new EMKA catalogue

In our new EMKA 2017/2018 catalogue we describe the Program 1012 and 1022 quarter-turn latches and locks in the small to medium size range, for use on small cabinets, wall mounted enclosures, control desks, machine controls, boxes and instrument cases. In these applications simple insert keys, uniform profile cylinder locks and wing knob options will – Read more …

HVAC hinge lock video

Our new HVAC  hinge lock meets all the criteria for securing big air-conditioning units.  By using a height-adjustable hinge bracket, it also makes a precisely adjustable gasket compression possible. https://youtu.be/EOuXWlpFb7A As this video demonstrates, when opening the EMKA HVAC lock, decompression is effected in two steps: First the door is caught by an integrated, patented impact – Read more …

EMKA IP40/IP65 cabinet swinghandle system with swappable cylinders and internal/external rods

Our 1325 swinghandle system is an IP40/IP65 modular design which readily facilitates resetting of lock formats at any stage – from profile half cylinder to electromechanical round cylinder or insert lock. There is also a padlockable version available. This 1325 program includes a simple escutcheon, a swinghandle with rod lock capability within the multi-point door – Read more …

EMKA best-of-manufacturing

Earlier this year we put together a video showing some of our manufacturing processes which we thought that customers would be interested to see – so here it is: Not only does it show the breadth of capability for our modular standard enclosure hardware of locks, handles, swinghandles, hinges and gaskets – but it it – Read more …

EMKA catalogue Caravans and Mobile Homes

We have served the specialist vehicle industry for many years with a wide range of automotive and caravan based products – and are delighted to have a stand soon at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf Germany where builders of caravans, mobile homes and related leisure vehicles can see these products. We know that our colleagues – Read more …

Large format Quarter-Turn locks for specialist cabinets and enclosures thumbnail

Our Program 1000 range is designed to meet the needs of specialist cabinet and enclosure manufacturers for reliable door closure in industrial and outdoor situations. They are derived from EMKA’s market leading engineering expertise in modular hardware. Program 1000 Large Quarter-Turn latches and locks offer IP65 protection against ingress of dust and water across a – Read more …

Stainless steel casting from EMKA

Our new website makes it clear that we have a superb range of standard enclosure hardware products for Industry, Transport and Electronics which for most customers forms the backbone of their requirements – but of course in order to produce these high quality locks, handles, swinghandles, hinges and sealing profiles we have had to develop – Read more …

EMKA_Catalogue_Railroad Industry

In addition to our general industrial catalogue covering all the locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles, sealing profiles and accessories for enclosures and cabinets we also have a range of downloadable catalogues dealing with products for specialist areas: Electronic Locking Systems for Cabinets and Housings EMKA Rack Management  Software Control Cockpit Agent E Wireless and Wired Railroad – Read more …

EMKA CAD for locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles, gasket.

For panel builders and design engineers our EMKA website offers a special, time saving service to make design and production of enclosures and cabinets simpler, quicker and more accurate : Design data is available for online download in the internationally used exchange formats, STEP and IGES. Search functions are available according to part numbers or product groups – Read more …

New locks, handles, hinges and gasket website at EMKA UK

Once again in keeping with our motto “Everything but the Enclosure”, as market leader we here at EMKA have relaunched our website covering enclosure and cabinet hardware – from locks and swinghandles to hinges, handles and gasket sealing profiles. The fresh new design website at www.emka.com is technically state-of-the-art with search engine optimisation and presentation – Read more …