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EMKA hardware packages for specialist industries – railway and related

The arduous nature of railway carriage and lineside applications ensures a high degree of overlap with other industries such as agriculture, commercial vehicles and marine, which call for similar product characteristics.

As a long-time system-partner of these industries, we now offer a comprehensive range of innovative locking solutions – which is also of value to all these industries. This range of ​locking/hinging​ systems​ are compliant ​with​ the​ special ​requirements​ of ​the​ railroad sector ​and ​meet ​the​ relevant ​standards. ​In ​addition,​ we can provide individual special product solutions in consultation with our customers.

Standard rail and related products include a compression latch with protective dust cap/flap and optical opening indicator​ clearly visible due to this 90° flap which closes automatically and incorporates a flat seal to cushion the flap and prevent damage to the door​. Andy Billingham – MD here at EMKA UK – points out that our quarter turn railway locks are in conformity with RIC and mount outside the gasket, and match a standard 25 mm door return with cam and catch available in zinc die or AISI 316.

We are pleased to inform that for the same applications our 90° 3D Hinge is a space-optimized, solid concealed hinge for vehicle ramps and flaps, with Integrated 3D adjustment and low mounted height which is suitable for commercial vehicles where an opening angle of 90°is required.

Our engineers at EMKA are likewise justly proud of their compact and concealed Gear hinge which provides a 180° opening angle for doors and flaps of up to 40 kg (4 hinges), when mounting into wall and door panels, and the companion IP65 Safety latch lock with red-green marking which is both tamper and vibration proof in a flush mounted assembly.

A further useful accessory in the rail related range is the Stainless steel IP66 protective escutcheon with cover made of stainless steel AISI 316 – resistant to non-oxidizing acids and to pitting corrosion. It has foam gasket seals and is particularly suitable for outer panelling – IP66 is achieved by firm closure of the flap.

EMKA panel accessories

As market leaders in the field of industrial panel hardware our focus is naturally on the locks, handles, hinges, gasket and swinghandles – the primary components needed by specialist enclosure manufacturers – but it is worth remembering the accessories needed when the panel is built and installed.

Our range includes the following essentials:

3D unit connectors – for joining of panels

Bow handles for doors and draws, also lifting handles for instruments and crates

Keys in various alternative styles to suit the required access/security needs

Escutcheons with hinged cover for lock protection in arduous environments

Panel mounting devices

Drawing pockets

Viewing windows in aluminium and polycarbonate

Supports and stops for flaps, panels and doors

Fixing materials and cable management devices

Safety hammers and miscellaneous devices

EMKA custom product sampling

Drawing on many years of experience in the production of standard enclosure hardware we are also able to meet individual customer requirements from the development of custom designs to the series production of a finalised product. This includes working to controlled standards according to ISO 9001: 2008 and a continuous improvement process guarantee at a very high-quality level.

Highly-qualified long-standing employees ensure our customers can rely on comprehensive know-how to provide a corporate culture of process stability and developed over many years of experience in the field of manufacturing. We manufacture for the machine-building and automotive, electrical and telecommunications industries as well as for the HVAC sector. We export to Europe, Asia and the US from many manufacturing centres to ensure supply chain reliability.

EMKA Air conditioning hardware

The EMKA range of Air Conditioning HVAC specialist panel hardware now comprises a full program of heavy-duty vibration resistant latches, lift and turn latches, pull handles, pull with quarter turn and 180° hinges and P type gasket profiles which may be provided in continuous sealed rings. The sealed ring configuration ensures unbroken sealing, which permits over pressure systems with minimal leaks. Accessories include panel connectors and dual skin sealed portholes for easy inspection.

In particular the EMKA Compression Latch-Hinge is designed to meet the special needs of the HVAC industry with features that provide ease of assembly, adjustability, pressure differential accommodation, and flexibility for the end user. Once assembled to the door the EMKA compression latch can be adjusted to properly mate to the cabinet by moving both vertically and horizontally. Then after installation the alignment of the latch can be adjusted to eliminate leaks. The latch will then prevent the door from opening fully until pressure has been equalised.

The EMKA HVAC solution covers a package of program 1000 compression T handle latch/lock, or similar L handle or wing handle. These offer convenient quarter-turn operation with cylinder key lock, plus a full 6mm compression of the gasket, so guarding against spurious door opening under vibration conditions.

Heavy duty program 1046 weld-on or bolt-on hinges with concealed fittings and removable hinge pins accommodate both the weight of large doors and the need to remove them quickly – factors which can also call for adjustable hinges. Frequently the 1054 3D hinge is required to deal with this situation. Sealing of these doors is often best facilitated by use of the 1011-09 right angle clip-on EPDM profile strip with integral D section to prevent ingress of liquids and solids.

EMKA freezer hinges

An interesting variant in our hinge range is this design of spring counterbalanced units for easing the operation of heavy lids on fridges or freezers, control desks, and storage lockers. These novel hinges with 80° opening are available to accommodate loads up to 23kg with a pair which of course can be increased with multiple Read more

EMKA Street cabinet hardware

Our engineers here at EMKA have noted the growth of social and industrial dependence on internet cable connectivity, while at the same time, it seems that there has been an increase in the scope of “street culture” which sees these cabinets as naturally vulnerable features of the public environment. This has led us to focus Read more

EMKA retractable handles

Our New IP65 retractable “chest” handle represents a breakthrough for the EMKA standard hardware program, especially in terms of the haptic characteristics for closing comfort, with modern design details, which feature an optical opening indicator for greater convenience. This new retractable handle has a modular design, so customers can choose between several locking devices and Read more

EMKA is continuously developing its product range to serve specialist sectors such as the railway industry and has become a leader in the field of industrial hardware components. such as locks, latches, handles, hinges, swinghandles, and gaskets. The EMKA solutions created are in perfect harmony with the development philosophy of many customers, creating new projects Read more

EMKA sealing profiles

By Andy Billingham – Managing Director EMKA(UK)Ltd Extruded rubber profiles are used for sealing doors and panels in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, lighting, appliance, electronic, construction, marine, medical and general industrial applications. This section can be quite simple, i.e. circular, annular, rectangular profiles, or very complex (window profile, rubber car seal). Some Read more

EMKA Plugin gasket section

Plugin or insertable profiles are the ones that may be pushed quickly into a channel where they self retain and seal in the channel by virtue of their tooth section design, leaving the bubble or other section protruding to seal against the frame or door depending on the configuration of the cabinet or enclosure. These Read more

New EMKA 2021 main catalogue covers Ingenious Locking Technology

For specialist panel builders and installers, our latest must-have 2021 main catalogue covers the broad program of ingenious locking technology hardware for industrial cabinets and enclosures. It is available online and as hardcopy and gives an overview of the EMKA standard locks, handles, hinges, gaskets, and swinghandles – in fact pretty much “everything but the Read more

Custom special capability at EMKA thumbnail

We are generally best known for our modular approach to the production of standard hardware components for industrial enclosures and cabinets – as market leaders in the specialist panel building industry however we often come across a need for something non-standard and this is something that we have grown to accommodate especially in OEM quantities Read more

EMKA Single-factor, Multi-factor – front door, rear door linked data cabinet security

EMKA UK has a record of providing data centre security solutions based on our approach of locating biometrics at the cabinet door – an approach that enables multi-factor authentication and bulletproof security, with an indisputable audit trail. With the recent launch of our Biolock demonstration kit, customers can now “try before you buy” so enabling Read more