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EMKA HVACR catalogue 2020

The HVAC sector is one of the most important target groups for EMKA so naturally we continue to develop our portfolio and optimise our stock range to meet customer requirements.

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A new roller cam handle, a self aligning module connector, a locking hinge with optional compression relief in two sizes and a bridge clamp with integrated spring to take up unevenness in panel alignment.

EMKA Compression Latches offer special performance for standard applications

As a long established market leader we are delighted to announce that our compression latch technology continues to be applied to standard products, so increasing the performance available for standard applications in arduous environments – e.g. to IP69 where needed.

Compression latches are available ex-stock for external installations such as railways, street furniture, oil and gas facilities, specialist vehicles – e.g. motor homes, mobile caravans, static caravans, also for HVAC. They are becoming increasingly in demand for ordinary commercial/industrial situations where complete certainty of performance is required, e.g. in areas subject to wash-down or where a lock-and-forget operation is needed.

Materials include zinc-die, stainless steel and polyamide in “quarter-turn” style – 90°+90° operation (90° to close, 90° to compress), as well as swinghandle designs where operation of the lever handle creates the compression action.

EMKA Group Corvid 19 notice (Last updated on 24-Mar-2020) – it is worth noting that out of 19 national subsidiaries worldwide 17 are working normally – including the UK – with only two who are operating with limited staff. Please do contact us if you have any concerns – and excuse the irony of a handshake graphic on our link page!

The COVID-19 situation poses enormous challenges for the whole world. Both the economic activity of every company as well as public institutions and events are highly affected. Every single one of us feels the effects both professionally and privately.

The business activities of the EMKA Group are currently ensured at our production sites in Europe as well as in our international sales offices. Our measures to keep our employees healthy and to keep the business running have been effective to date. We produce our locking solutions in Europe. Our supply chains are working.

Nevertheless, we are monitoring the situation closely and we are in deep contact with the local authorities to exchange information and react just in time if necessary.

At all times, the health and well-being of our employees is our main concern. We meet this duty of care to the highest degree and we take appropriate preventive measures.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your EMKA contact person by phone or e-mail. We are at your disposal for technical product advice as well as for answering your requests and preparing offers.

At this point we will keep you informed about the current situation at EMKA.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy!

EMKA Single-factor, Multi-factor - front door, rear door linked data cabinet security

EMKA are global market leaders in ex-stock and custom provision of specialist enclosure and cabinet hardware for the electrical, electronic, data centre, HVACR and transport industries. Here in the UK we have built on that global offering in order to meet specific UK requirements in particular with Biometric locking, vehicle components and UK manufactured sealing profiles. EMKA sealing profilesIn addition we are also pro-active in provision of custom solutions from the EMKA world wide manufacturing base.

So check out our product pages on this UK site or contact us to discuss your specialist UK needs.

EMKA Round Rod Systems offer multi-point closure in 2020

The needs of our specialist panel building industry have been met by EMKA for many years and in the centre of that is our comprehensive round rod system for multi-point cabinet door closure. Generally used on larger cabinets for electrical or electronic equipment, round rods are installed with quarter-turn locks, e.g. T or L handles Read more

EMKA ePush-Lock invisible locking system

https://youtu.be/agWULTkk4I0 The discrete clean design of our ePush electro-mechanical lock makes it invisible and comfortable to use – this flat handleless design is the current trend for mobile homes. As an innovation driver, we at EMKA developed this invisible electronic push  lock for specialist vehicles. The ePush Lock is a solution without visible components on Read more

EMKA latch locks for special sectors

The EMKA 2020 catalogue and online offering expresses renewed emphasis on hardware for niche industries where locks and latches are required to meet particular criteria appropriate to sectors These sectors frequently call for higher degrees of IP sealing, e.g. IP69K, and for special hygiene-compatible designs involving especially smooth finished stainless steel without crevices and with Read more


TAILOR-MADE LOCKING TECHNOLOGY FOR THE DUBAI EYE Dubai tourists have never seen Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and Co. like this before: With the ­Dubai Eye (Ain Dubai), a new star will enrich the Persian Gulf skyline starting mid-2020. By July at the latest, the first visitors are to turn their rounds on what will Read more

EMKA compression latches – all the convenience of a quarter-turn with the benefit of extra compression

We are delighted to stock a wide range of compression locks and latches for immediate delivery and for installation to an ever-widening range of applications. Typically, modular compression latches/locks fit the same format as quarter-turns, but with the addition of another 90 degree turn they offer a substantial extra pull-down on the gasket (usually 6mm) Read more

UK PPMA exhibition with UK gasket profiles

EMKA are global market leaders in ex-stock and custom provision of specialist enclosure and cabinet hardware for the electrical, electronic, data centre, HVACR and transport industries. This is covered here in the UK by our philosophy to provide “everything but the enclosure” including locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles, gasket from stock in depth at our Coventry Read more

EMKA quarter-turns – simple latches through to keylocks requiring just a quarter-turn to operate

EMKA ex-stock quarter-turns are quick to fit and quick to operate latch locks which suit factory to office, computer room to laboratory where quarter-turns are a simple and low-cost latching and locking system – some with spring clip fixing, others with back nut and an increasing focus on push/clip fit or other ultra-quick fit designs Read more

HVAC safety lever from EMKA

Our new concept locking hinge offers HVAC manufacturers with a full multi-function hinge/latch/lock for securing of big air conditioning units and similar – now we can also offer an interior emergency release lever for personnel safety assurance. This pull to release lever provides added safety for large walk-in cabinets. The EMKA Compression Latch-Hinge is designed to Read more

Rod lock system from EMKA

To prevent the deformation of the enclosure and cabinet doors during closing, EMKA makes use of a multi-point latching design. This new system ensures even more efficient operation with rod controls and several locking cams now available. They are particularly aimed at the railway industry where the benefits of multi-point latching enhance the compression function Read more

Hardware consequences

EMKA Mould Making

https://youtu.be/BuU-fahxby0 As a consequence of our long standing investments in the dual aspects of tooling and production expertise, while seeking to manufacture ever better standard modular products, ever more efficiently, our factory facilities have become very good at responding to requests for “specials”. Over many years this has developed across many industries where custom casting Read more