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Ex-stock hinges for flush enclosure doors

EMKA hinges for flush enclosure doors

We are delighted to offer our program of visible and non-visible hinges for flush enclosure doors. Flush doors often require hinges which are hidden or have hidden fixings for greater security so as to eliminate or conceal an obvious target area. Flush door design is inherently security conscious as it naturally calls for narrow door-to-frame gaps which can resist the insertion of screwdrivers or other levers. Applications include HVACR packages and similar, e.g., industrial production lines, warehousing etc.

With these hinges door removal is convenient when required by virtue of removable pins or lift-off designs. Variable door returns are envisaged from up to 20 mm and up to 26 mm industry standards. Torque hinges with integral adjustment are available to control door opening against gravity or wind forces.

Materials include zinc die, reinforced polyamide, stainless steel and steel zinc plated or raw for welding. 2D and 3D adjustable hinges are available to enable custom adjustment at assembly or on-site installation stages.