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The World of EMKA

By Andy Billingham, Managing Director – EMKA (UK) Ltd

The World of EMKA is constantly advancing to meet the needs of specialist panel builders and the gradual trend toward integration of security functions from simple ¼ turn locks and IP capable sealing strips to non-conductive safety-conscious components and complete access/environmental management systems.

EMKA standard products

For many years EMKA – known to enclosure builders as offering “Everything but the Enclosure” have led the way in cabinet fastenings and components to speed assembly for this competitive industry. From the start, some 20 years ago, EMKA UK has sought to offer components and the availability to minimise assembly time with minimal stocking requirements. This philosophy has led to features such as single operation lock installation and a massive service commitment at their Coventry warehouse.

In recent years EMKA have become known for their “Intelligent Cabinet Components”, reflecting the thought, care, experience and expertise that goes into their design/manufacture as well as the move to electronic monitoring/control of cabinet security issues such as entry logging and temperature/humidity/vibration where Plug and Play electronics again makes the assembly role easier, so minimising production/ installation times while maximising performance.

These philosophies are also illustrated by the new 1120 program of lock rods and clamps, which integrate, with EMKA’s extensive range of swing handles, providing a non-conductive multi-point mechanism as an added safety feature. It is of especial value for medium to large cabinets, and the 1120 program is lower cost than its steel equivalent, while providing additional internal closure points for an improved gasket pull-down.

As with all EMKA systems, the 1120 are modular in concept and quickly fitted by specialist or OEM cabinet builders looking for high quality detailing in their accessories. Polyamide slides and clamps operate especially smoothly, and provision of pull-down points at 150mm intervals ensures a solid quality feel to the mechanism for doors from 800mm to 2.2m high.

Plug and Play has always been a feature of EMKA mechanical components, so we are pleased that the same is true of the innovative EMKA CAN-BUS ELM 19” RMU electronic cabinet locking and monitoring system, which takes advantage of the ELM system modularity to provide a complete cabinet system in a compact 1U housing for quick and easy installation.

The ELM Modular Network System can be used for monitoring, controlling and reporting of all relevant cabinet events on the network. The system can be used as a simple monitoring system (e.g. individual access, temperature, humidity, smoke) and extended up to a complex system, including message sending and activation of control functions suitable for on-line server cabinets or to provide server room security. Within its own function every module is re-programmable. The exchange of sensitive data is made via an encrypted code.

The ELM system consists of different functional units connected via bus only. Up to 64 modules can be connected to the bus within a maximum 1000m length. The modules can have the same or different functions. A record of the last data status during a power shutdown is made inside the module and it is possible to make a software update or programme the modules via the bus.

For those dedicated to fastening and assembly of cabinets but not in a position to use off-the-shelf components, EMKA have established a Custom Program with access to all their modular technology and resources to package them in a customised package with rapid prototyping and manufacturing techniques. Current examples include double hinge bodies for cabinets with restricted frame access, parallelogram style linkage systems for wide opening doors, large handles with built-in cylinder and rod mechanisms, multi-function handle and lock escutcheon and a very smart Swinghandle with built-in electronic keypad. The Custom Program offers customers the opportunity to have specialist designed cabinet hardware quickly and at low cost – so that designs, features or functions previously thought impractical can now be brought into the realms of possibility – thus enhancing the completed cabinet.

EMKA custom productsMany of these technologies are fully automated and integrated into the lean manufacturing process, which ensures flexibility of production to accommodate custom projects. These also often involve stock profiling to achieve the best in cost and supply chain efficiencies, thus for very large or on-going projects, stock can be established at a main warehouse against defined delivery schedules. Individual custom products are exclusive solutions and not for general sale.