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Home Standalone Electronic Security for Data Centre Racks

Standalone Electronic Security for Data Centre Racks

Standalone electronic security from EMKA UK for data centre

We are delighted to offer base level standalone electronic cabinet security with our 1150 electromechanical swinghandle. This provides digital PIN pass code protection for a main lock, plus one other, e.g. a rear door or possibly a neighbouring rack. In a day-to-day data centre or co-location environment the digital keypad can operate two doors together or separately with mechanical cylinder key locks retained for use in case of power failure.

The electromechanical 1150 features an activation window when the correct code is entered on the pin pad then the lock is pre-energised and a green LED is illuminated on the handle. The handle lever then needs to be depressed briefly and released within a live window. After this the window closes and the lock resets – a correct PIN must then be re-entered. Five different PIN codes are available per handle. The administration of the code numbers is carried out directly at the keypad and requires authorisation via special master code number.

The 1150 electromechanical swinghandle is suitable for multi-point flat or round rod systems as well as using industry standard cut-outs, so is a simple retro-fit to upgrade existing equipment with single point or multi-point rod lock installations.