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Quick-Fix 1/4 Turn Lock

EMKA !/4 turn quick fit lock

We are proud to be known as a company who make installer needs a priority, so we think this integrated ¼ turn lock offering IP65 protection is a real star. It is ideal for closure and locking of wall mounting enclosures, small free-standing cabinets or for use on equipment boxes in arduous environments. The ¼ turn mechanism includes the lock body and a suitable cam, together with internal sealing components. Installers therefore cannot lose the sealing elements – there are no fiddly items, just the assembled lock, which offers IP65 protection, and a backnut with which to hold it in place.

Speed of fitment and security in operation are vital, so our TPE sealing system and well proven modular design in polyamide both ensure that performance is guaranteed. A single operation is all that is required for installation and the TPE sealing system protects against water, alcohol, antifreeze, saline, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and soda.

As one would expect this ¼ turn lock is offered with a wide range of key possibilities to match a user’s security needs, e.g. square, triangular, double-bar etc.