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Home Enclosure Security and Vehicle Components – EMKA production technologies revealed in new whitepaper

Enclosure Security and Vehicle Components – EMKA production technologies revealed in new whitepaper

New 3500 program biometric locking system from EMKA offers greater personnel and data protection

A recent whitepaper by Andy Billingham, our MD here at EMKA UK, discusses how a range of advanced technologies have come together under the EMKA umbrella to meet the needs of applications as diverse as Data Security and vehicle manufacturers – which nonetheless share many common areas of background expertise.

Advances in locking technology may often appear difficult to spot since their rate of development can be quite slow by the standards of the computer technologies which they frequently protect. However, among the most recent rapid developments for locking systems are a number of high end electronic lock technologies specifically aimed at the Data Centre or co-location environments where data security is a quickly increasing concern. At the very top end of these security systems is the latest in fingerprint technology – a system developed by EMKA in conjunction with Digitus-Biometrics to lift modular mechanical locking systems to the level of a fully networked access and monitoring system. This high level security matches with slave units for linked panels plus PIN pad and RFID swipe card modules for three levels of data guarding under the oversight of a remote operator with a networked Cockpit dashboard display. High strength aluminium forged component from EMKA UK

Such advanced electronics are part of the rapid developments taking place in the enclosure security market, but it is also important to recognise that gradually over many years, away from the hubbub surrounding revolutionary internet and telecoms technologies, we have seen the quiet development of more diverse technologies in established traditional industries. Evolutionary changes in these long cycle time technologies often go unnoticed but can have very significant implications for our day to day working lives – ranging from ease of use, to reduction in waste and emissions.

The full whitepaper may be downloaded at www.emkablog.co.uk/whitepapers/.