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Home Cabinet Sentry – physical access control solutions for mission critical IT server cabinets

Cabinet Sentry – physical access control solutions for mission critical IT server cabinets

EMKA Cabinet Sentry server security

Cabinet Sentry, developed with our sales partners Digitus Biometrics,  combines the electronic and hardware technologies of our two companies, it is designed for data centres with a structured cabling scheme and is a very compact, cost effective and energy efficient means of securing server cabinets. It is also extremely versatile and can be deployed in networked or standalone environments, where it can be powered via power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or from an external power supply. Cabinet Sentry does more than secure server cabinets: it supports up to 6 environmental sensors to monitor things like temperature, humidity, air flow and air pressure.

  • In a networked configuration a Cabinet Sentry system can take full advantage of a DAS-SQL Software Platform. The solution provides feature-rich management of every element of the access control platform, including device configuration, user enrollment, receiving alerts, monitoring and reporting.
  • In a standalone configuration Cabinet Sentry is managed through a smartphone app built specifically for the Cabinet Sentry access control system. This app doesn’t offer the full functionality of the DAS-SQL software platform, but does allow for device configuration, user enrollment and reporting.

EMKA Cabinet Sentry server securityIt is especially to address the large number of vulnerable standalone cabinets that the EMKA/Digitus Cabinet Sentry security locking system has been developed, using BioLock technology, to provide an extremely effective and efficient way of securing access to server cabinets using biometrics, iClass cards or proximity cards. The big advantage to Data Centre managers is the way that Cabinet Sentry brings biometric security to stand-alone data and control cabinets, also including vending machines, single cabinet data systems, vulnerable industrial controls, and especially for niche cabinets within larger establishments.

As described Cabinet Sentry can be used as a part of a networked system, or as a standalone product and is deliberately priced as a low cost solution since EMKA/Digitus believe that Data Centre Security is too important to be expensive.

This simple device of only 256 components in a compact 101.42mm x 51.46mm x 29.00mm package secures both front and back cabinet doors, offering a wide range of lock options working with EMKA based locks in networked or stand-alone configurations.

Contact us to discuss your specific physical security needs for your servers.