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Home Small 1/4 turn IP65 Locks for Small Cabinets

Small 1/4 turn IP65 Locks for Small Cabinets

EMKA 1/4 turn mini locks

Our 1022 program quarter-turn locks – popularly known as “mini-locks” have the style and capability of their big brothers in a miniature package suitable for smaller cabinets, wall mount enclosures, access panels or other housings. They are very useful where space and design limitations demand easy operation as well as a good level of rugged serviceability. The 1022 program locking latches are also available with additional sealing rings for applications where protection to IP65 is important – and for heavy dust environments a special dust cap can further improve sealing capability.

This 1022 program of 1/4 turn “mini-locks” are quick to fit and feature either a standard 14mm square hole for nut fixing, or a 15x18mm double D hole suitable for spring fix lock bodies and so enabling extra quick installation in production situations (not to IP65).

In order to cover a wide range of operational needs the 1022 program can be supplied with cylinder locks/inserts to take square or triangular keys, or slotted for screwdriver opening. Often the wing knob design is preferred since it enables a greater turning/closure force for improved gasket pull-down and enhanced sealing. In addition, the wing knob style offers easier operation, e.g. for gloved hands.

The many lock types are complemented by a wide selection of standard cams, which allow installers to adapt to varying door/frame depths and gasket thicknesses ranging from 7.55mm up to 19.5mm total depth.

Since these quarter turn locks are expected to be used in many variable applications, we offer the 1022 program in zinc die with black powder coat or chrome finish, as well as in  stainless steel, or in reinforced polyamide.