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Home 1150 IP65 swinghandle with universal fitting

1150 IP65 swinghandle with universal fitting

1150 IP65 swinghandle from EMKA UK with universal fitting

1150 program swinghandle offers panel builders a selection of security modes and variety of fitting options all with IP65 sealing. This is expected to save money at specification and assembly stages where specialist enclosure and cabinet installers can stock or order from one simple product range to suit the majority of their needs and select the fitting kit required for the particular job – making life simple, saving time, saving cost.

The 1150 program seals to IP65, it accepts either a cam for round rods or a flat rod control mechanism and can be fitted with all standard cylinder profile and insert options. In addition, a padlockable unit is available so providing a dual level locking facility. The swinghandle design options include a “push to lock” function enabling keyless locking – there is also a combination lock variant with cylinder lock whereby either the 3 digit combination or the keyed cylinder can operate the swinghandle.

Truly universal fixing is provided with hook and single fastening for the quickest assembly, alternatively a double fixing bar system can be used. For full clamping and earth continuity there is a zinc plated central fastening plate with 2 point fixing. Door thicknesses of 1mm up to 3mm may be accommodated depending on the fixing system chosen.