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Vandal Resistant Swinghandles Now With Double Cylinder locks and Padlockable Options.

Protector vandal resistant swinghandles from EMKA UK with double cylinder lock and padlockable options

Our Protector series of vandal resistant swinghandles now includes a special double cylinder version for dual access installations, as well as a padlockable version with integral cylinder lock.

The double cylinder Protector in zinc die and glass reinforced polyamide offers separate access to differing users of street furniture or industrial control cabinets such that two users can have individual access using standard 40/45mm profile half cylinders, e.g. shared utilities or service companies involved in telecoms, electrical supply, electronics, gas, water and similar.

The alternative padlockable option enables two level access control with padlock and integral cylinder, ensuring that both parties need to be present for the cabinet to be opened.