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1110 Deep Door Hinge Speeds Assembly on Larger Cabinets

Emka 1100 180 degree polyamide hinge

Our program 1110 180º hinge in polyamide was developed especially for fast assembly of cabinet doors with 25mm deep returns and we believe that it’s simple, low cost fitment will be appreciated by installers of larger doors and access panels where 25mm return edges are required to enhance rigidity, e.g. electrical control cabinets, heating and ventilating and machine access.

The 1110 hinge  is fitted to the cabinet or equipment frame with M6 screws and then cleverly interlocks with the door panel using the pivot pin as locator. Thus security of fixing and quick door demounting are addressed in the same conjunction of components for either right or left hand hinging and full 180º opening. Finishes are also available in chrome or black powder zinc die.