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Enclosure gasket sealing profiles

Extruded EMKA gasket profile with integral spine

EMKA now has three different profile production centres – one here in the UK, one in Arnedo in Spain and another in Mionica in Serbia.

EMKA Profiles Ltd in Birmingham  specialise in the manufacture of Steel inserted profiles which are a combination of an edge protector with bonded sponge. These rubber profiles are a co-extrusion of solid and sponge rubber, which allows them a dual function as they cover sharp or unfinished edges and also offer a sealing function. The sponge rubber tubes are extremely flexible and are suitable for sealing doors, hatches and numerous other applications.

EMKA edge protection strip with spring spine

EMKA Sealing Systems at Arnedo and Mionica produce a wide variety of cross-section formats for the industrial, railway, and air-conditioning sectors. Besides self-clamping sealing profiles, these also include clamping channel profiles, profiles with adhesive surfaces, and window rubber profiles. In addition, various manufacturing processes, such as UHF and salt bath, enable production accuracy that is optimally tailored to customer requirements.

Among other things, the factories produce elastomer profiles in compliance with fire protection (EN 45545-2) and hygiene requirements (VDI 6022). During the production process, bonded coating or flocking can be applied. Furthermore, direct processing into rings or frames is possible, using various joining processes such as PE and EPDM film vulcanisation and injection moulding.