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Home Standard hinges for prominent cabinet doors

Standard hinges for prominent cabinet doors

EMKA hinges for prominent cabinet doors

The team at here at EMKA explained recently that our program of hinges for prominent enclosure doors includes the facility for up to 180 degree opening when adjacent to another door – so affording full access without needing to remove the door. Fitment is by screw fixing, also studs or welding for use on visible or concealed installations for added security.

Where required door removal or hinge demounting may be facilitated by using a design with easy pin removal or lift-off capability e.g., visible hinges are available with quick removal pin fixings to dismount the whole hinge – also with fixed or lift off options for quick door installation or removal.

Stainless steel, zinc die and reinforced polyamide construction are included in the program as are 2D and 3D adjustable hinges for detailed alignment at assembly or onsite for correction e.g., when heavy door-mounted equipment is used.