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Stainless Steel Padlockable L Handles

Stainless Steel padlockable handles from EMKA UK

Our new Program 1000 padlockable stainless steel L handles offer strength in security with style and simplicity. Both are designed to suit rugged outdoor applications such as rail-side cabinets or street furniture, but take a radically different approach to this in terms of design and functionality.

The U842 L handle is smoothly styled with IP65 sealing and incorporates a padlocking facility on the shaft next to the bezel where the padlock can hang behind the handle itself. Its companion, the U857, on the other hand, incorporates a hoop and staple type of design which bridges across the cabinet door and its frame – so integrating the handle into this extra level of security. The material is AISI 316 stainless but a black powder coated version of the hoop/staple U842 is also available in steel – reference U857.

More information here.