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Home Speed of installation and maintenance with EMKA hinges

Speed of installation and maintenance with EMKA hinges

EMKA fixed pin hinges

Ease of working and accessibility are major factors in the installation of electrical systems in enclosures. Consequently as the UK’s premier supplier of enclosure furniture to specialist manufacturers we have made a point of featuring simple door removal in the design and fitment of our many ranges of hinge styles.

The comprehensive EMKA hinge program covers many standard types for prominent (lay-on) doors or flush fit doors. For example concealed hinges are available to suit both door types with a selection of lift off features. Similarly with external hinges for traditional prominent doors.

Door removal by simple lift off or pin removal is a great advantage in the workshop when instrument holes have to be punched in doors or the ability to lay a door face down can speed wiring of graphics panels, meters, push-buttons etc.

Hinges which come apart in this way are available in many styles – for example weld-in with lift out pin or external torpedo type either for weld-on or bolt-on fitment. Yet others have the added security of removable circlips on the hinge pin.

Responding as we do, to customer demand, we now provide many fixing options with each half screwed on, one half screwed/one half welded, both halves welded or perhaps most cleverly of all a simple drop-in concealed pin fix so that no tools are required to fit or remove the hinge at all, even further reducing assembly time.

Materials of these clever designs are predominately zinc die (finished in black or chrome) with increasing interest in moulded black polyamide. Stainless steel – especially specified for food industry or unusually corrosive applications, is also an option for many lift-off hinge types.