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Home Over 70 types of external hinge for specialist enclosures

Over 70 types of external hinge for specialist enclosures

EMKA external hinges for cabinets and enclosures

We have a complete system of external hinges comprising over 70 types specifically designed for the specialist enclosure and panel manufacturer. Availability is on an ex-stock 24-hour delivery basis, covering standard finishes in black or chrome, with variants in stainless steel for corrosive/biohazard situations.

Virtually all imaginable hinge styles are offered, to suit design requirements of individual cabinets. Thus there are slim hinges for flush and prominent doors, with fixed or removable operation. Similarly there are pin hinges and butt types, also self aligning lift off versions which save struggling with awkward heavy doors to align hinge pins.

Each type is available in a range of sizes to accommodate visual and mechanical loading criteria. Studded, countersunk and weld-on fixing styles are offered dependant upon the type of pivot system required and intended placement. With over 70 separate types in the EMKA catalogue most requirements can be met from stock to meet specific aesthetic, structural or material considerations, however where this is not possible a custom design service is operated to supply specialist items.