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Specialist locks and handles for specialist enclosures

EMKA 1225 series swinghandles and rod locks

Our 1225 Series is a range of specialist Locks and Handles designed especially for electrical cabinets, 19″ racks, roadside cabinets, wall boxes, cabinet suites, Motor Control Centres and related applications. They offer extremely simple fitment with screw-in assembly, IP65 protection or alternatively quick hook-in fixing, giving IP54. Customer logos can be presented on all escutcheons.

1225 program units can be non-locking or locking with various key combinations, including EMKA keys and other generic key lock types. The range covers swing handle options with a variety of locking solutions, some with fixed barrels, profile cylinders, padlock variants or special security options, such as KABA and ASSA. Different types of lock inserts may be selected from an extensive list, e.g. double-bit, square, triangular, also profile cylinder options include standard key, inserts, push button release, radial pin and radial pin push.

The whole 1225 series has polyurethane (PUR) injected foam gaskets on escutcheons for optimal sealing and performance up to IP65. An important feature of our offering in general is its modular interchangeability of components – the 1225 program exemplifies this in the flexibility of its configuration, where single, double, 3 and 5-point closure is possible. This is achieved with a standard 3-point cam and round rod system, giving single, double and 3-point options with shoot bolt rods, straight rods, roller ends (for smoother compression) and special variants to suit unusual applications. This is further extended with our standard multi-point flat rod system which greatly adds to customer choice options with various catching methodologies to complement different gasket compression requirements, e.g. twisted rods, roller rods, hooked rods and leading edge slides.

Flat rod systems may also be fitted inside or outside the gasketed sealing area (which maximises the useable door area) and they have the ability to lock around 90º corners – providing up to 5-point locking on doors from 800mm up to 2200mm high.