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Home 1011 Series standard gaskets for non-standard housings

1011 Series standard gaskets for non-standard housings

Emka 1211 gasket sealing profiles

Our 1011 series of standard profiles offers some 30 different types to suit all sorts of cabinet and housing applications for OEMs and specialist manufacturers. Sealing levels up to IP65 are possible and there are EMC variants with protective shield coatings that further enable manufacturers to achieve levels of EMC compliance in sensitive areas.

The 1011 series gasket construction often comprises mixed materials to ensure best performance, e.g. by using the durability of PVC with the flexibility of EPDM or the oil resistance of perbunan. Increasingly many sections are UL listed, e.g. to UL50 which defines them as suitable for outdoor applications while others are to UL94HB which refers to their self-extinguishing characteristics.

Simple manual fitment onto a door edge is quickly and easily achieved by using a spring steel core within the carrier section. This is complimented with solid, hollow, bubble and finger sealing sections, thus permitting either compression or wiping seals as required by the application.

The differences in requirement for compression are accommodated by sections with compression compliance of 2.5mm up to 11mm and even up to 30mm, dependant upon installation parameters.