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Home Comprehensive locking systems for your cabinet

Comprehensive locking systems for your cabinet

EMKA locking systems

One of the mainstays of EMKA design is our commitment to modularity which enables us to develop ranges of systems with common components while sharing successful design and production technologies adapted to varying applications. This is especially true of our locking systems program which includes many different Swinghandles and Lifthandles. Applications cover the traditional type fitted inside of the sealing gasket and the newer location outside of the gasket where it can release additional space on the cabinet door or increase available door aperture.

Modularity permits us to offer a selection of escutcheons, locking sets, profile half cylinders, rod controls, rod guides and locking cams so that specialist electrical or electronic enclosure or cabinet manufacturers should always be able to find a solution to their particular blend of design parameters including environmental sealing, vandal resistance, spacial concerns etc.

Of course if you can’t find what you want or just need help making a selection please contact us – we will be happy to help.