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Protector Vandal Resistant Swinghandles – mechanical implementation

Vandal resistant swinghandles from EMKA UK for outdoor use

Our new IP65 Protector series vandal resistant swinghandles  are designed for the streets – with WK2 certification (to DIN V ENV 1630) and anti-graffiti coating. They are intended specifically for outdoor service and supply cabinets, from street furniture to railways, parks and industrial developments.

The IP65 Protector swinghandle range features EMKA’s innovative new interchangeable barrel system for 40mm and 45mm profile half cylinders which allows barrels to be swapped out and replaced at any stage. The handle will accept both cylindrical and EMKA keyhole style barrels. Construction is in rugged zinc die or reinforced polyamide with robust sliding lock cover in large and small swinghandle sizes to suit 130mm or 105mm panel cut-outs.