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Custom Design and Production

EMKA custom production casting

With our history of design and manufacture in many materials and technologies we are able to offer not only an extensive range of 15000  standard products – we also have a very substantial division carrying out custom design – as well as manufacturing to customer drawings for the specialist industries of controls, automotive, rail and general engineering. This is frequently seen in our ability to adapt standard designs or to design from concept using proven techniques.

The Production business unit deals in casting of steel, injection moulding of aluminium, zinc and high-performance plastics and in the extrusion of rubber and plastic profiles. Further manufacturing technologies are: friction welding, stamping, bending, turning, milling, coating and the final assembly of modular product solutions.

Extruded gasket profile from EMKAStainless steel casting from EMKAZinc Die castings from EMKAFriction welding at EMKASteel pressing and forming at EMKAZinc Diecast component from EMKA Aluminium stamping from EMKA Aluminium casting from EMKA