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Programme 1110 – Speed and Strength in a 180 Degree Hinge

EMKA 1110 pin hinge - 180 degree opening

Our quick fixing pin system for hinge installation forms part of the 1110 Hinge Programme, together with a cut-out profile which minimises material removal from the cabinet door flange, so maintaining door strength with flanges down to 28mm or even 20mm.

A simple cut out and tool-less one-step fixing offer tremendous time savings in installation of enclosure doors at manufacture or in removal/refitting on site. This ingenious system is becoming a favourite with specialist panel builders/installers who see real benefits in speed, strength and simplicity.

The 1110 Programme features full 180° opening for adjacent doors in suite style runs where cabinets are joined together side by side. The 50mm 1110 is a zinc die unit finished in matt black powder coat. Other fixing systems are also available.