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Home Panel Building Hardware for Road and Rail specialist vehicles

Panel Building Hardware for Road and Rail specialist vehicles

EMKA Panel Building Hardware for Road and Rail specialist vehicles

In specifying panel building hardware for road and rail specialist vehicles the team here at EMKA recognise that customers frequently require higher performance than might be available from other generic components. To this end we have developed application focussed products such as the Double-Red, ePush and eCam lock mechanisms which are coupled with various stainless steel quarter turn locks and hinges, plus the concealed fitting 180° Gear hinge.

Generally, for these specialist areas high levels of sealing (IP rating) are required, plus robust strength, corrosion resistance, anti-vandal design (e.g., narrow gaps to resist tools), and a non-interference design (flush or very low profile to enable use in small spaces and not present a hazard which catches on clothing). The EMKA panel building hardware program takes care of these issues by offering availability in materials such as high strength industrial plastics, precision diecast components and use of stainless steel.

The Double Red compression latch handle offers dual level security and more comfortable operation for cabinets, door and covers. This innovative locking solution is especially tailored to the numerous storage boxes in caravans for example where luggage and safety equipment is stowed. Thanks to clever closure technology it is also suitable for applications in wider sectors of industry and transport such as specialist vehicles where it is often a 1-to-1 replacement for existing industry standard systems. As both opening mechanisms are marked by a red ring visual indicator, the new lock is called the Double Red – it is classified shock proof and vibration proof, as well as offering IP65 protection.

Externally invisible locking is offered by the EMKA ePush-Lock, meeting the need for a comfortable non-handle locking system. This flat design style of internal locking handle is the trend for mobile homes and many other applications where it is advantageous to disguise opening panels.

The eCam facilitates electronic locking for quarter-turns and other latching without the need to change doors or panels on machine controls, machine guards, control and data housings, so ensuring major time and cost savings over the alternative of re-installing new cabinets. eCam is UL and DIN certified. Applications for eCam include trailers, mobile homes and RVs where it enables multiple locking/unlocking from a remote central point.