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EMKA collaborates on Green project locks and hardware

EMKA Green_collaboration

In the field of train technology, EMKA has sought collaboration on a number of successful projects: whether in the Munich Underground, the Bangkok Metro, or the London Tube. And the next project has long been in the pipeline. EMKA locking systems will be used again by Siemens in the new Mireo Plus H (hydrogen-powered) and Mireo Plus B (battery-powered) trains, the next generation of trains with green and intelligent drive technology.

For many years, Siemens Mobility has been working with our experts for their locking technology on numerous projects in order to close the housings of the converters safely and in accordance with fire protection requirements. As a result, EMKA locking systems are used worldwide in vehicles for metro systems, for trams and light rail vehicles, for local and regional transport, in passenger coaches and also for intercity and high-speed transport.

Green_collaboration hybrid lock

The product range required includes locks and quarter turns for both the exterior and interior of rail vehicle construction. This means that they can be used for all positions of the converters on and in the train. An important requirement is that the user must be able to open and close the covers of the converters as quickly as possible.  The decisive factor is usually the design of the EMKA quarter turns and the possibility of combining different cams. This allows adaptation to Siemens Mobility‘s geometry requirements whereby the internal cam can also be adjusted in depth. Read more……..