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Quarter-turn locks from EMKA for specialist cabinets and enclosures

Is there a company on the planet that is not considering it’s survival strategy – perhaps with a six month recovery plan? Here at EMKA our strategy is to help our customers survive and recover so we are focusing on our traditional values of stock availability, excellent service and flexibility. We know that specialist panel Read more

EMKA stainless steel series locks, handles, hinges, swinghandles

The present lockdown and its associated lifting to enable a recovery phase is reflected in an increased need for stainless steel hardware such as our ex-stock locks, handles, hinges and swinghandles. These are required for new and upgrade installations of air conditioning plant, offshore controls, food processing and other washdown areas where enclosures or cabinets Read more

Coronavirus equipment hardware components from EMKA

The current measures in dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic have given rise to many expanded applications in the healthcare sector which call for hardware such as quarter turn locks. These adaptations are calling for large numbers of components for devices previously only seen in quite small quantities. Examples include foot operated sanitisers, closure mechanisms Read more

EMKA quarter turn locks for new enclosure ranges

In order to set up control and switchgear systems as quickly as possible and to operate them safely, system engineers need a wide range of electro-technical components that must meet a variety of requirements in order to interact. This means that Enclosure OEMs require flexible design and reliable application which includes locking technology, which should not only Read more

EMKA lightweight rod lock system for cabinets

The latest EMKA rod locking system in high tech plastic and stainless steel, is lightweight, cost effective, corrosion resistant and easy to adjust – with a choice of lock types to suit cabinets with door height of up to two metres with optimum IP protection.   Read more

EMKA edge protection profiles

Our extruded edge protectors are now offered in a wide range of sizes using spring steel spines within PVC or EPDM sheaths, so ensuring a firm grip. We are also pleased to announce sections in fire grade EPDM. Self-locking “U” sections are ideal for covering of potentially sharp metal or glass fibre edges which may Read more

EMKA gasket sealing profiles

With a manufacturing site here in the UK – in Birmingham – EMKA (UK) are well placed to offer excellent delivery of high-quality EPDM gasket profiles. A quick Google search confirms – with more than 3 page one reports – we can see that our specialist approach is appreciated, whether for self-adhesive cellular foam or Read more

EMKA cabinet and enclosure hardware developments

Coming out of the Covid 19 lock down and possibly headed into a recession it is fair to say that sourcing basic industrial components may be a problem from some manufacturers – but not from EMKA! We have experienced a significantly enhanced level of RFQs in recent weeks and are pleased to say that both Read more

EMKA window gasket profiles

EMKA offer effective ex-stock gasket solutions for glazing of inspection panels on equipment and windows on vehicles. Based on traditional well proven designs, these EPDM glazing profiles come in an “H” section clamping style with separate locking strip to ensure a secure fixing of glass/acrylic/polycarbonate/aluminium, or similar panels of up to 6mm thickness in up Read more

EMKA stainless steel hinge for prominent doors

Greatly aiding the quick and straight forward fitment of doors to specialist enclosures this high quality cast hinge is a robust solution to easy assembly of specialist enclosures especially where future door removal may be foreseen. The  Program 1110 lift-off hinge is made of stainless steel precision casting with an opening angle of 180°. It Read more