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EMKA precision casting of hinges

As market leader in standard modular locks, handles, and hinges we at EMKA are well aware of the need for custom design solutions and therefore custom manufactured components – in support of this we have within the EMKA group a world-class, specialist precision casting division.  This division has 192 employees who are responsible for producing Read more

EMKA Hygienic Locking Systems for Food Industry and Medical Engineering

We have extended our online Guidance notes for locks, handles, hinges and gaskets into the specialist areas of Food and Medical/Pharmaceuticals where hardware has to offer a high degree of sealing to cope with high-pressure wash-down cycles. The products covered all display detailed attention to the requirements of maintaining laboratory-style working conditions in large scale Read more

EMKA handle on robotics enclosure

Industrial robots are used in the automotive, electronics, and medical technology industries to perform tasks such as palletising, cutting, and welding – all areas where EMKA cabinet hardware is often called for. One such company is KUKA who are developing modular control cabinets for their robot controller and the central power supply. These modular control Read more

EMKA fittings program for the Building Industry

We are pleased to announce availability of our handles, hinges, spring latches, wing knobs, locks, door bolts, hinges and window locks, for the booming construction industry to install on windows and doors, meeting even the highest demands of the most challenging buildings or the more common requirements of residential projects. Because building hardware such as bolts Read more

EMKA hardware for enclosures

We are hearing predictions of rapid growth in 2021 – which will put a whole different pressure on everybody’s supply chain. Here at EMKA we have historically subscribed to the maxim that ” you can’t sell from an empty basket”. We make it a policy to hold high stocks of standard enclosure hardware to ensure Read more

EMKA Telecommunications and Outdoor Cabinet hardware

Multifunctional enclosures or cable distributor cabinets can be found on almost every street corner, serving the community by bringing telephone, internet and TV signals into nearby houses. The water supply, traffic management (traffic light systems etc.) electricity suppliers and 5G providers also locate their infrastructure in such cabinets. These facilities are highly sensitive and have Read more

EMKA locking for Data Centres

New guidance on our website focuses on Data centres which are required to secure their server racks against unwanted access to an exceptional degree, often demanding a maximum of physical security. To secure these server rack doors, a combination of electromechanical handle, software and radio technology is considered the best choice. We already have such Read more

EMKA 1185 swinghandle

Our extensive swinghandle program is complemented with this elegant 1185 push button swinghandle which has a flat design in robust zinc die offering a low profile for use in confined indoor or for outdoor areas. It offers protection to IP65 and is suitable for use with a cam or a rod door closure. Its low profile Read more

EMKA locks and latches

The basic concept of our modular system of locks and latches is so universal that we are constantly finding demand for new types and sizes – this means that we are always expanding our standard catalogue range. Part of this process is the development of specialist niche products to meet the needs of varying industries Read more

New EMKA locking solutions for Commercial vehicles

EMKA have long seen ourselves market leaders in the field of specialist enclosure and cabinet hardware for both innovation and quality of engineering, so we are now delighted to announce updated guidance at the www.emka.co.uk website for design and production engineers working in the Commercial Vehicle industry. EMKA locking solutions are of value for applications Read more