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EMKA folding T recessed handles

Following our announcement of the newly upgraded retractable handle, we should also mention the recent new variants of this folding T handle now available.  These locks are extremely robust and dedicated for use on heavy or oversized doors or flaps with a thickness of up to 4 mm. Therefore, we have also designed these systems Read more

EMKA – standard enclosure hardware to suit specialist engineering sectors

Our team here at EMKA have noted that the market for standard enclosure hardware has blossomed into multiple sectors, so ensuring that housings of all types can be fitted with the most appropriate, up to date and cost-effective components to directly suit the application. For example, in addition to offering protection against the ingress of Read more

EMKA custom product sampling

As a global leading supplier of standard hardware, we are also acutely aware that much of our customer needs are for custom items – whether slightly modified or completely original. This means that a very quick turnaround development track is required which parallels our normal processes from concept to production/delivery. Key to this is that Read more

EMKA – hardware for specialist high speed water shuttle

When thinking of French luxury brands, Chanel or Louis Vuitton come to mind. But what about EMKA? Well yes, when it comes to our partnership with Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels, a manufacturer of catamarans for passenger transport. EMKA hardware components reliably close the entrance doors, flaps, and entrances to the engine compartment – among other things Read more

EMKA silicone gasket – FDA compliant

We now have standard sealing profiles in FDA compliant blue silicone for gasketing enclosure doors and for locating inspection windows.  The enclosure gasket is a self-clamping “P” design while the window seal has a clamping action fixed in place with a locking profile Read more

The EMKA integrated system

We are well known as manufacturers of enclosure hardware – hence our slogan of  “everything but the enclosure”, in fact we pride ourselves on our position as an international market leader for locks, latches, hinges and seals used in switch and control cabinets. So it is interesting to realise that behind the huge range of Read more

EMKA Outdoor lock management intelligent control

Fast Internet and interference-free telephony is the purpose of many outdoor control cabinets or telecommunications enclosures. Their outdoor installation at the roadside sometimes makes them a target for vandals and hackers. In order to protect the sensitive electronics and only allow access to authorised persons, EMKA has developed an outdoor lock solution: Our Low Power Read more

EMKA retractable handle on power generator

                New developments on the retractable handle that we reviewed in November – our website now lists a range of new variants and updates. This handle style finds wide-ranging applications on flaps, lids and doors. They are to be found on trucks, dump trucks, cranes, excavators, special vehicles Read more

Clip-on style gasket profiles for specialist enclosures and vehicles

As manufacturers of “everything but the enclosure” here at EMKA we focus carefully on each aspect of industrial enclosure design – nowhere more so than in the production of gasket sections which are absolutely vital in the provision of effective door seals. Exclusion of fingers, tools, dust and water are essential features for all electrical Read more

EMKA mould and tool making

We are really proud that our in-house operations include all the factors that are needed to initialise and produce a component from your drawing to your workshop door. In particular, EMKA manufactures our own tooling and moulds for  custom products in:     Plastics Zinc Aluminium Stainless steel and sees this very much as a Read more