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Home Standard program swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets

Standard program swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets

Standard program swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets from EMKA

We have recently issued an update on our standard program of low profile swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets covering the benefits of this design technology, these include smooth doors with no marked protrusions offering increased safety as there is no danger of snagging on clothes as people pass by. Also, in the production/installation stages they do not create transit damage as swinghandles remain within the packaging – plus they are comfortable to use and enable a high degree of different locking options – inserts, keys, digital combination, padlock, dual locks and electro-mechanical locking.

For example, the EMKA 1325 program is cited as having the most flexible specification and performance. The 1325 modular design offers interchangeable locking sets with cylinders, internal mechanisms, and a special low friction/low noise rod box in polyamide. The series is suitable for installation on flush doors and protruding doors, either inside or outside the seal. These standard swinghandles are available ex-stock with added components to suit different hole cut-out formats e.g., 150mm, 50/50/50 all of 25mm width – plus a simple a hook-in version. Most importantly options are offered to increase or decrease sealing to suit IP40 to IP65.

The companion 1150 program (IP 44 to IP 65) has variants with combination locking or padlockable facility, it also comes with built-in key locking and universal fixing. This is achieved with the same multiple punched hole fixing as the 1325 i.e., 50/50/50 and 150 x 25mm mounting. The program also offers a small version swinghandle and a small compression version. The 1150 program is upgradable to electronic/electro-mechanical release.