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Home New locking solutions for the switch cabinet and railway industry

New locking solutions for the switch cabinet and railway industry

Multi point locking for railways from EMKA

To prevent the deformation of the enclosure and cabinet doors during closing, EMKA makes use of a multi-point latching design. This new system ensures even more efficient operation with rod controls and several locking cams now available. They are particularly aimed at the railway industry where the benefits of multi-point latching enhance the compression function to secure up to five locking points with one movement of the hand.

A switch cabinet normally requires a locking system with multi-point latching to guarantee an adequate IP rating. This solution with rod control helps specialist cabinet manufacturers to achieve this goal – it operates around an active locking point which is actuated from the outside to open and close the cabinet. This point actuates a connecting rod within the gasketing area. The remaining locking points in the shape of metal cams are mounted on bearing bushes with shafts and are connected with the rod. When a user operates the active locking point from outside, all the other cams move synchronously with the drive cam. The length of the connection rod is variable for the user, the system can be designed flexibly and adjusted to the respective switch cabinet.

This multi-point locking system with compression function is especially suited to the railway industry as the operation ensures optimum gasket compression and thus an especially high tightness of doors and flaps. All components of this system are made of stainless steel and therefore comply with all the relevant fire protection standards.

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