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Hardware consequences

As a consequence of our long standing investments in the dual aspects of tooling and production expertise, while seeking to manufacture ever better standard modular products, ever more efficiently, our factory facilities have become very good at responding to requests for “specials”. Over many years this has developed across many industries where custom casting, moulding or related fabrication are required.

Consequently EMKA have become expert in the casting of stainless steel, spraying of zinc and high-performance plastics as well as in the extrusion of rubber and plastic profiles. Punching, bending, turning, milling, surface coating or powder coating as well as the final assembly of the modular product program ensure a unique vertical integration. The result is that an experienced team of designers, developers and engineers is available at EMKA for the creation and manufacture of individual customer solutions – an area where the company sets standards in quality, depth of production and delivery performance.