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New 2020/2021 Main Catalogue of specialist hardware is now available as download

New Main EMKA Catalogue

Our new main catalogue is a “must-have” reference for any specialist panel builder or custom vehicle manufacturer – this new 2020/2021 version is now available to download online from the website at https://www.emka.com/uk_en/services/download/industry/.

This new edition includes the extensive range of EMKA locks, handles, hinges, gasket, swinghandles and accessories – demonstrating a wide selection of Ingenious Locking Technology for Cabinets and Enclosures – in fact, “everything but the enclosure” all in one place.

New EMKA products are detailed, building on the extensive historic portfolio that switch and control cabinet makers have become familiar with and which has in recent years expanded into associated industry sectors. These sectors cover mechanical engineering, server racks, telecommunications, railroad, commercial vehicles, HVACR, clean/hygienic working areas, and the building industry – each with its own high quality “designed for application” hardware products developed to meet market requirements together with customers and users.