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EMKA HVAC locking systems – to custom requirements

EMKA custom HVAC locking system

Ventilation and air-conditioning installations have an important task in hospitals, in food processing and in manufacturing industries, for example, they make an essential contribution to the quality of the environment. At the same time, they are required to run efficiently and to withstand high stresses. Sometimes, therefore, it is important that a custom design be developed to match the OEM equipment – something which EMKA is well used to doing in our many customer partnerships.

EMKA HVAC locking installation


A good example can be seen here where the EMKA locking technology seals off the doors and control elements especially well due to its high compression. The door lock with an integrated stepped cam makes it possible to gradually increase the compression pressure. The door is pulled tightly into the gasketing of the door frame. The lock with a catch of zinc die-cast is outside the door and enables a precise adjustment of the gasket compression. Moreover, the tolerances within the door are offset. The locking system is opened and closed by the lock housing which is pleasant to touch. Locking options include, triangular or square inserts or L-handles with or without lock from the modular EMKA system. Even under extreme stress, these can be opened and closed reliably with little effort over a long operating life.

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