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Home New 1325 Cabinet Locking System to IP65 – Launched at Hannover

New 1325 Cabinet Locking System to IP65 – Launched at Hannover

The 1325 modular lock and swinghandle from EMKA UK

We are very proud of this innovative new IP65 swinghandle system for cabinets and enclosures – paired with the recently launched 1121 precision rod control module – the 1325 swinghandle takes modular flexibility to a new level in this market. Designed specifically for electrical/electronic cabinets the stylish 1325 enables lock selection even after installation with a complete range of inserts to match common industry requirements.

A significant feature of the 1325 is this ability to swap the lock mechanism at any stage thus enabling flexibility at production and installation stages – even post installation. Along with the 1121 rod controls, the complete system provides a quiet and robust operation resulting from optimal use of modern engineering plastics and manufacturing techniques.

Sealing possibilities include IP40 and IP65 as desired, dependent on mounting options, which includes hook type quick fit insertion and bridge clamp for improved performance. A padlockable version and colour options are available on request – as is a matching escutcheon for ¼ turn without swinghandle.