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Multi-point rod locking – a complete system for specialist panel builders

Multi-point rod locking program from EMKA includes round rods, square rods and flat rods

As the “everything but the enclosure” company we have developed our modular locking program to include round rods, square rods and flat rods with extensive fittings and accessories such as push-on rod guides to make the package easy to use for specialist panel builders.

Complementing the rod sets in many standard lengths and with various end designs, is a selection of rod control units for operation of these 2 and 3 point systems. Screw-on rod controls for one-off units are matched with weld-on items for production line quantities. These, coupled with swinghandles or T/L type handles, provide a secure closure system with excellent gasket pull down to suit up to IP65 specifications.

Cams to match the rod sets are available with varying offsets to allow adjustment for different door/frame depths – when fitted with frame mounted polyamide ramps smooth closure is enhanced and gasket clamping increased by 4mm.