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Compact-T Handle Program 1000

EMKA Compact-T handles

For panel builders who need small T Handles to suit divided doors on Motor Control Centres or to match larger T Handles used on adjacent full sized doors – we are delighted to offer the Program 1000 Compact-T Handle in black polyamide. This is complimentary to the standard range of T Handles and provides both ergonomic lock operation and visual balance across different doors and panels, while featuring the simplicity of fitment and operation that has made T style handles popular for so long.

The 1000 Compact-T Handle is offered in locking and non-locking formats, with a dimension of 60mm across the T grip itself to suit areas with limited space. It features the standard 20mm square door cut-out of our 1000 series locks and the popular 18mm length housing to suit the full range of existing modular components, such as locking Cams. 1000 program Compact-T Handle will accept any of the more than 26 Cams in the range, to suit door depths from 4mm to 50mm.