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Keep it simple – low cost hinges from the EMKA program

EMKA fixed pin hinges

Many specialist enclosures are special because of size, shape, material gauge or some other factor that cannot be adequately accommodated from ex-stock suppliers. Nonetheless, special need not be complex or sophisticated and there are many virtues in the simple low cost and robust approach. This is exemplified in the selection of our enclosure hinges offered under the heading “fixed” which covers all those with fixed hinge pins where door removal is not required. High quality, high strength engineering ensures that they carry out a frequently arduous function at optimum cost.

This program of “fixed” hinges for cabinets and enclosures feature a selection of styles, for example there are flush types, screw-on or bolt-on ones, butt hinges or three part types with a floating pivot pin. These latter offer internal fixing for lay-on prominent doors and there are similar versions for flush doors with 180º opening.

There is even an adjustable hinge which allows variances in manufacture to be accommodated, of value for instance where multiple hinges on large unwieldy panels lead to tolerances accumulating over unusual lengths.

Clearly for specialist enclosures many size variations are offered to suit everything from the smallest wall mounted housing through to the largest cabinet or even acoustic cabin.

Materials offered vary also with a black or chrome zinc die being most popular. Alternatively stainless steel is available for many styles where ultimate strength or corrosion resistance is crucial.