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Happy New Year – new products update

EMKA 1000 wing knob compression latch

We try to pick out the most interesting new products for our blog posts and this means that we do not cover all new items – a comprehensive update can be viewed at our website http://www.emka.com/uk_en/products/product-news/ – at present we can see:

  • our new wing compression latch – shown above as discussed before Christmas
  • new locking hinge
  • Program 1022 Quick locking system
  • New clip-in hinge
  • New rod guide for round rods
  • rod guide for flat rods
  • Double Red compression latch

and many more – some more specialist and others of general interest. So remember whatever your specialist enclosure hardware needs we aim to supply “everything but the enclosure!

So if you don’t see what you need and it is intended for use on a cabinet or enclosure of some kind then please contact us – if we don’t have it as a standard item then we can pretty certainly make it.