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Home Intelligent locking solutions for Data Centres

Intelligent locking solutions for Data Centres

EMKA Intelligent locking solutions for Data Centres

New guidance on our website focuses on Data centres which are required to secure their server racks against unwanted access to an exceptional degree, often demanding a maximum of physical security.

To secure these server rack doors, a combination of electromechanical handle, software and radio technology is considered the best choice. We already have such a system in use with the “Agent E” at numerous customers (among others large banks) – including personalised access to the cabinet as well as permanent monitoring and control of the opening and closing processes.

The Rack Management Systems offered by EMKA guarantee unambiguous logging and backtracking due to personalised access control down to cabinet level. Moreover, the systems monitor all physical parameters in the rack and thus increase the operational reliability of the entire installation. These systems consist of database-driven control software, high-capacity modules and electro-mechanical handles.

These high-level Rack Management Systems are installed worldwide in data centres and server parks of banks and co-location centres where they employ synchronised hardware and software components to ensure a maximum of security and transparency for access control. The database-driven Control Cockpit takes care of the central operation, monitoring and configuration while a high-capacity wireless network enables direct access to a virtually unlimited number of server racks. The complete logging documents all access-relevant information and ensure unambiguous backtracking of the events. In case of irregularities, alerts are automatically transmitted.

Onsite guidance points to Stand-alone systems configured as electronic locks, each with their own inbuilt intelligence for accessing up to two electromechanical locks. They are suitable for access control of individual racks not requiring central monitoring. Depending on the chosen lock the opening is either effected by RFID cards or by entering a PIN code on a keypad. Systems with RFID cards are especially easy to install as no further wiring in the rack is required.

Other new products for switch and control cabinets are also indicated, including many locks, handles, hinges and gaskets for a multitude of data security applications.