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EMKA Locking Solutions for Telecommunication and Outdoor Cabinets

EMKA Telecommunications and Outdoor Cabinet hardware

Multifunctional enclosures or cable distributor cabinets can be found on almost every street corner, serving the community by bringing telephone, internet and TV signals into nearby houses. The water supply, traffic management (traffic light systems etc.) electricity suppliers and 5G providers also locate their infrastructure in such cabinets. These facilities are highly sensitive and have become a popular target for vandals for a variety of reasons from senseless destruction, to theft of copper wiring. Here at EMKA we have included new cabinet hardware guidance on our website for the benefit of design and production engineers, , in order to facilitate highly secure locking systems as protection for these sensitive units.

As a long-term partner in the telecommunications industry, we have been a market leader for many years, developing products that meet the extraordinary requirements for outdoor locking solutions. Products for highly resistant and weatherproof network and telecommunications cabinets must meet special requirements for outdoor applications. Therefore, this EMKA guide directs users to locking solutions and hinges with appropriate temperature resistance, vandalism security – with resistance class RC2 DIN EN 1630 or with special graffiti protection. It also describes a broad range of locks and hinges for simpler installation areas in less exposed areas as well.

For opening and closing of the cabinets where electronic connectivity is required then EMKA guidance allows customers to choose between networked electronic solutions including remote monitoring and locking solutions with double profile half cylinder according to DIN EN 18252-BZ or DIN EN 1303 with attack resistance class 2 and drilling and pulling protection.