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Home Exterior Recessed Motorhome and Personal Door Lock

Exterior Recessed Motorhome and Personal Door Lock

Exterior recessed motorhome and personal door lock from EMKA UK

Part of our new Commercial Vehicles catalogue covers what is referred to as the Motorhome Lock – a recessed hand operated lock suited to access doors in motorhomes, caravans and similar, as well as toilet doors, bath/shower rooms, changing rooms in portable cabins and railway carriages etc. The recessed outer part is installed with various options for the latch and interior handle where a simple L handle or wing knob may be selected or an ingenious variant of the L handle which incorporates a further door bar design to resist more forceful entry. Door thicknesses of 24-29mm, 32-36mm and 36-40mm may be accommodated with standard GX cylinder lock where required. A zinc die striker plate is available to suit all options – contact us for more information on your specialist motor vehicle accessory requirements.