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EMKA UK – supporting the hardware needs of British industry

EMKA customer support

In these days of automatic internet searching, engineers can find almost any product at the press of a few buttons and here at EMKA UK this has become vital to our business. However we also take customer support seriously in a very traditional way and believe the personal approach is just as important. To this end we continue to maintain a full team of “field based” sales engineers with the knowledge and experience to provide guidance on applications, where their understanding can save money and optimise solutions in conjunction with our engineering department, the sales admin team, manufacturing facilities and warehouse. Their role further encompasses the early and speedy resolution of difficulties where an onsite presence can be invaluable.

This traditional face to face approach is part of our sales support because it works to the benefit of our customers who can be confident of our commitment to their business.

Call us now if you think that contact with our team would save you time and money.