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EMKA Swinghandles – continuous development

EMKA Swinghandles in diecast and stainless steel

Our 1100 program of Swing Handles is under continuous development to meet the needs of specialist panel builders in the UK. This widely configurable range provides a structured set of key options, a small number of fixing hole formats and is designed to facilitate the interchange of most application components between different models, e.g. rod systems, cams, cylinders and key options, to suit the needs of equipment manufacturers and installers.

1100 program handles have also now been developed for operation as part of EMKA’s innovative electronic lock system. In addition we have seen the introduction of the 1154 type as a vandal-resistant handle in both die-cast and stainless steel. Both with the handles recessed into the cabinet for additional security.

The 1100 series has been developed over many decades to give a broad coverage of customer needs – based initially on “the right sized handle to suit the door”. There are now five visually different groupings to suit varying cabinet styles.

Swing Handles were originally designed by EMKA for improved safety, looks and ergonomics, recently progress has been with a focus even more on safety, by further reducing the front protrusion when closed – such that now only a total 9mm is normal.

Long term evolution of this dynamic product range has encouraged the production of many specialist variants, e.g. push button, non-keyed, padlockables, combination locks, electronic lock and now more than 16 different cylinder variants – as well as the ability to accept other manufacturers cylinders, a requirement often found where large national users need to meet specific security policies or for national/international organisations who wish to standardise their security arrangements.

Naturally customised developments incorporate the standard modules wherever possible, e.g. by use of standard components in a special body to meet unusual design criteria, thus enabling customers to use differentiated body styles to provide brand recognition, customer logos and corporate colours for mouldings or paint finishes.

Present designs of 1100 Swing Handles utilise PUR polyurethane injected foam gasket for enhanced sealing and longevity – it also greatly aids speed of installation.