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Home Cabinet hardware for multi-compartment control panels

Cabinet hardware for multi-compartment control panels

Cabinet hardware from EMKA for multi-compartment control panels

Production of multi-compartment control panels is a specialist manufacturing job and requires simple standardised door locks, hinges and sealing strip, so it is fortunate that we have exactly such a package of easy to install modular hardware.

This modular packaging makes it simple to select suitable locks, cams and hinge sizes with required fitting types.

Our program 1000 T Handle in polyamide is exactly such a lock; it comes standard to IP65 sealing with or without EK333 keyed locks and varying body lengths and cams of from 18mm up to 60mm to allow for varying depth combinations of doors and frames.

This traditional T handle is often matched with an 180° zinc die lift-off hinge such as the program 1110 which offers a variety of fixing methods including hex screw, countersunk screw, threaded pin and push tightening locating pins, so that doors may be both fitted and removed simply if required and adjacent doors do not interfere when opened.

As may be expected we also offer closed cell self-adhesive sealing strip to complete the package – supplied in 3mm up to 40mm thicknesses this EPDM or CR strip provides a simple solution to sealing against dust and water in the environments generally encountered with such installations. Non-elastic self-adhesive backing also helps to eliminate shrinkage which can often otherwise result in gaps at joints.