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EMKA join the Data Centre Alliance as Corporate Partners

Data Cabinet Security from EMKA UK

As a world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealing technologies used in cabinets and control cabinets for electronics and electrical engineering with a  product range that comprises 15,000 products developed, manufactured, processed and assembled at nine production sites in Germany, France, England, Spain, Bosnia, USA and China – we are delighted to have joined the Data Centre Alliance as Corporate Partners.

Andy Billingham, our Managing Director here at EMKA UK said: “I can tell you that in the first instance the Data Centre Alliance was pointed out to us by one of our good customers and DCA Members, Data Racks – Jeremy Hartley.

This made me look at who and what is involved with the Data Centre world. EMKA has been working with rack manufacturers for many, many years and the realisation that the actual Data Centre people are not really aware of EMKA although we supply probably the largest number of swinghandles to the industry in the market but usually through the rack companies. With the introduction of the Biometric Access system we felt that we needed to get more involved with the market and Data Centre Alliance looked like an ideal way to highlight who we are and what we do as well as having the opportunity to get directly involved through some of the steering committees as well as pass on our knowledge with our expertise in the locking industry especially relating to the securing of cabinets.”

EMKA has 1,400 employees in 46 countries worldwide so an experienced team of designers, developers and engineers is available at EMKA technology centres for the creation of individual customer solutions. We continue to set standards in quality, depth of production and delivery performance.

Simon Campbell-Whyte, Executive Director of Data Centre Alliance (www.datacentrealliance.org/) commented: “It is astounding the range of expertise and skills that goes into a data centre. As all citizens of the digitally connected world rely on data centres as mission critical integrated systems, it’s important to understand that data centres, just like any complex system, are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. We are delighted that EMKA are bringing their vast knowledge and experience to the community by joining the DCA, as we work together to further improve the data centre’s efficiency, security and reliability.”