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Home 3000 Program ELM RMS 490 Plug + Play Electronic Locking in a 1U Package

3000 Program ELM RMS 490 Plug + Play Electronic Locking in a 1U Package

EMKA's RMS 490 19" rack monitoring system

Our established CAN-BUS ELM cabinet locking and monitoring system is even simpler with the 3000 Program 19” RMS 490. This takes advantage of the ELM system modularity to provide a complete cabinet system in a compact 1U housing for quick and easy installation.

Featuring a fully factory configured system, the 3000 Program 19” RMS 490 comes with communication module, control module for 8 cabinet handles, a sensor module (e.g. for temperature or vibration monitoring) and unit power supply ready to fit in plug and play mode. The standard ELM 1U rack module is quickly installed and connected to the sensors, cabinet handles and to other cabinets, so speeding up the whole process of enhancing cabinet security.

The Program 3000 ELM system is designed to meet the needs of modern security systems both in terms of personnel access, control/logging procedures and to handle increasing needs for internal cabinet environmental monitoring/control. It is based on proven industrial CAN-BUS technology and the popular EMKA Swinghandle program.

The ELM Modular Network System can be used for monitoring, controlling and reporting of all relevant cabinet events on the network. The system can be used as a simple monitoring system (e.g. individual access, temperature, humidity, smoke) and extended up to a complex system, including message sending and activation of control functions suitable for on-line server cabinets or to provide server room security. Within its own function every module is re-programmable. The exchange of sensitive data is made via an encrypted code.

The ELM system consists of different functional units connected via bus only. Up to 64 modules can be connected to the bus within a maximum 1000m length. The modules can have the same or different functions. A record of the last data status during a power shutdown is made inside the module and it is possible to make a software update or programme the modules via the bus.